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Feather’s Games Episode 3 – The Green Residence

 Hello everyone,

Yes! Feather’s back! And I have some new content for you! So look out! Here’s the next episode of my “House Builds”. This one, as you can tell is called “The Green Residence”.

I was inspired by very futuristic/modern/green houses. Basically, the pictures below. I really wanted to build an indoor garden, although in the Sims 2 the garden is technically inside, so I had to mock-up the garden. Of course, this house isn’t suitable or playable for any of the Sims, it’s purely for the architect/interior designer in me.

 The Details

3579996abb806fd44b7e86c9bbf6ca51 garden

 night-view-of-Contemporary-House-with-Classic-Victorian-Character Small-House-with-a-Unique-Indoor-Garden-l-Nice-Garden


So I have been inspired by these particular house for a while. So I decided to do something like it. I did actually plan out this house, of course I wanted to leave the build a little free so I kept the plans rather basic (and because my printer is on the fritz I can’t scan them, so you won’t be getting any proof I did…but I did do them!).

So here’s the actual house! I’m actually rather proud about this house. It has been a while since I created such a complicated house. I mean, I did try making a beach house a very long time ago, but it has been a long time since I’d made it and to be honest, I could have done so much better.

The Green Residence

Anyway, here’s what this house has:

4 Bedrooms

A Bathroom

2 En-suites

3 Walk-in Closets

2 Indoor Gardens

Open Plan Kitchen and Dining

A TV/Living Room

A Study

A Patio

A Pool with Dance Floor and Hot Tub

The Bedrooms

The Master Bedroom – The Kardashian Room

The Kardashian Room The Kardashian Room 2

It took me a while to decide which one I wanted the master bedroom to be, but because I liked this room the most I chose the one at the very back of the house. This one, I actually called the Kardashian room. The reason why I chose that name? Well…I have a certain reality TV show guilty pleasure (don’t get me wrong, I don’t watch it all the time, my sister does, and I kind of watch it with her). Anyway, I took inspiration for this room from them. They do love their black and white rooms, so I made the walls similar to that. If you look closely at the black walls, there is a velvet-like texture patterned on top of it. I love this texture; it makes the room rather detailed. Another reason this room has textured walls is because I worked at “The Codpast” (as you all know) and my favourite room at its headquarters is the edit room. One side of the room had a textured wallpaper, which I actually found funky and ever since I’d been in that room, I am determined to have a room with that sort of texture.

The Walk-in Wardrobe and En-Suite

K Room Dressing Room

K Room En Suite 2 K Room En Suite

Originally I wanted to have the walk-in wardrobe lead into the bathroom, but I ended up changing this layout. The reason? I wanted the Sims (or owners) have easy access to both, so they have a walk-in wardrobe separate to their bathroom. If I had wanted this mansion to be bigger, I would have actually added a hot tub in the bathroom, it would have made it a lot more luxurious, but it would have crashed my computer…

The Beach Room

The Beach Room 2 The Beach Room

So, I think you can understand why I called this “The Beach Room” I have had a craving for beach styles, and I was determined to have a beach theme here, because…you know…if you have a pool, you have to include the beach! So because it’s not a beach house, I decided to include a beach theme. So this room has a wardrobe, a stand-alone mirror and a vanity (for the lady). I like the blue and pastel colours of the room, and it does make me feel like I really am at the beach!

The Safari Room

Safari Room 2 Safari Room

The reason why I call this room “The Safari Room” is the earthy tones of the walls and the funky ceiling. At first I was going to make it another dark room…you know appeal to the boys of the house, but I thought, they could be cultured, they’d probably want something luxurious, so let’s make it a little interesting, et voila! The Safari Room. I actually drew some inspiration for this room from the custom content I used to own on The Sims 2. Of course, once I have the time, I will re-add it, but for now, I think let’s keep to the original base game and expansion/stuff packs. Oh, and on a side note, yes there is a door to the bathroom. Why not! It’s right next to it and it makes it a lot easier for them to simply go through that door than go through the hallway!

The Little Lady’s Room

Little Lady Room 2 Little Lady Room

LL Ensuite 2 LL Ensuite

LL Wardrobe

Ok, so I know this is rather stereotypical, but boys can inhabit this room too! It’s actually the artist’s room (you know since I do like creative sims a lot). This room is intentionally romantic, because the person who owns this room is rather romantic too. S/He likes the idea of passion and romance, and that’s why they have a couch in the corner. So whenever they have a model over, they simply go to their room and play (you know what I mean). So this one has their own walk-in wardrobe and bathroom. I decided this because I didn’t want too many people using the same bathroom at the same time. I mean there are three bedrooms that have two double beds. My guess is they’ll be having guests over, so there will be more than four people in this house, so I gave the “Little Lady’s Room” her own bathroom. Plus, if these people are rich and have a lot of time, they’ll probably take their time in the bathroom!

The Bathroom

Bathroom 2 Bathroom

So this is the only “public” bathroom in the place, so it has to be the biggest! That’s why there’s a set of drawers here, it’s the source of all the towels, robes, toiletries, etc. It provides for the whole house! So it’s pretty self-explanatory. I tried to include the hot tub in here, but it was just too big, so instead I sent it down to the backyard. Now this bathroom is a little more decorated than the others, because I want their day guests to think “huh, very nice” while they’re stuck to the porcelain god.

The Indoor Gardens

The Main Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden Second Floor

So I wanted to have an indoor garden, because I was inspired by a certain Simmer that I’m subscribed to (*cough* The Sims Supply *cough*) and there was one build he did in The Sims 4 that I thought could be done in the Sims 2 and I had to make it. So using both my inspiration and his build, I created this Indoor Garden. Of course I’ll recreate it in The Sims 4 when I do decide to actually use the game, but for now I’m pretty happy I made it here.

The Under-the-stairs Garden

Entrance Under-the-stairs Garden

Again I was inspired by many actual houses, and I realised they also did gardens under the stairs. I actually liked the small feature, and because I wanted this house to seem environmentally friendly, I decided to add one in. It’s not much, compared to the one’s I’ve seen, but it does add a nice futuristic look to the house.

Open Plan Kitchen/Dining

Dining Area Kitchen

So keeping to the “indoor garden, open-plan” scheme, the kitchen and the dining room are semi open-plan. There is a half wall that sort of separates the kitchen, and adding a futuristic or nautical theme to the kitchen, it now looks really sleek. As for the dining room, it’s a bit more glamorous (in part to the Luxury Stuff Pack). I must say, I do love this house. If I were rich, I would live in such a house!

The View/Breakfast Area

The View

You know, no house would be my house if I didn’t include a view. Yes, here’s a little “breakfast area” if you like. It overlooks the backyard. Yes, the outdoor furniture is blocking it, but regardless, it’s still something to look at…like watching a play at the theatre, or a film at the cinema!

A TV Room/Living Room

TV Room 2 TV Room

A house isn’t a home unless there’s a TV Room, or a family room, really. Now this room is mainly for entertainment. My guess the family living here doesn’t really care about TV, and would like to spend more time in their own rooms. However, sometimes they’d probably want to gather together and watch TV. So here it is. It’s basically a “backup” room and is walled off the open-plan area.

A Study

Study 2 Study

I actually like this study. It’s dad’s area, or mom’s if the mom’s the head of the family. I really like the colour scheme here, and I wanted to make it a feature. So it’s a sort of cabin plus an academic kind of study, since one wall is covered in bookcases. It’s also where mom or dad meet clients who would like to meet them at home. Oh and yes, the wall is blocking the view, but you can still see into the garden (somewhat), the wooden wall sort of creates a privacy screen, while still giving the room a bright and airy feel.

A Patio

Patio 2 Patio

So this is the barbeque area. It’s for the summer times when the parents want to eat outside, and watch the kids play in the pool. Or it could be used for those wild parties the teens wanted! It’s simple, it’s the main source of entertainment out in the backyard.

A Pool with Dance Floor and Hot Tub

Hot Tub and Dance Floor Pool

Now this is for the younger members of the household (namely the kids). They will have their wild parties here, since there’s a bar at the patio. Basically, I had teens in mind when I made this pool. Obviously this house would belong to either the “popular” girl, or the girl trying to be popular. I can see the teen movie stories now! The main character invites over everyone from school and tries to get with their love interest. The party gets out of hand and the parents arrive and the kid is busted! It’s so classic!

Well that’s it! Hope you had fun here at The Green Residence! It’s not up for download, but one day I will learn to package it (when I get a proper gaming computer) and send it out for everyone to enjoy!

Anyway, that’s it from me, and I’ll see you guys soon. Let me know what you think about this house, and/or the post, in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and my website. New stuff comes out every week (at least that’s the dream) and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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