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The Adventures Of A Busy Bee

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while since I actually wrote something of substance here on Feather’s Charm, so here I go!

There are many things that I do as a “Busy Bee”: I own this blog, another one on Blogger (which is basically a journal), two YouTube channels, one for this blog, and another one made with a couple of friends (Random Gaming – I will link this once we start actually uploading videos), I’m also working on a novel series, which will probably take years before I can actually publish it, my university work and my actual work as a Sales Assistant.

I guess there’s a reason I don’t upload much content on this blog because I’m so busy! So what’s it like being a Busy Bee?

Well…let’s see…

There’s no time for your own thoughts



There really is no time for your own thoughts to overwhelm you. If you’ve read “Updates Abducted Whatnots” you’ll understand I’ve had some pretty dark times. So I decided to work on a proper website like this to keep my mind busy. Not only that, I wanted to keep my creative juices flowing, so I decided to write a novel, just for the sake of it (Don’t worry, you’ll get to see it soon…hopefully). Although, there are times when it’s alright to have these thoughts, it means you get to see the bigger picture just briefly, if you know how to look.

Your hands are always busy

Image of female hands on the keys typing documents


It’s just as they say “idle hands make for the devil’s work”. I don’t know who made up that phrase, but it’s actually very true. I mean, there are times when I am idle but now most times I’m doing something. For example, I’m currently working as a Sales Assistant and I’m always busy putting stock out, facing up, working the till and helping customers, and because of it, my hands are always doing something. I think if your hands are busy, they can’t do things that may make you do something you’ll regret later.

You can see how many things you’ve done



Ok so this is saved for later on in life. I mean even now I’m reflecting on the things I’ve done. It’s not just a matter of gloating to myself I’ve done a lot of things, but more of a character building experience. It’s like looking at old photos and reminiscing on what you used to be. For example, I’m always looking back on the time I used to be very obsessed with anime and I always think…thank god I became obsessed with it! I mean it was different, and at least it kept me out of trouble!

It’ll look great on your CV (Resume for you Americans)

Job interview. Businesswoman having a job interview. [url=][img][/img][/url]


So this is basically for those who would like to show a little more gung-ho on their CVs. If you show you’ve got a little initiative and creativity, on your CV, people will most likely be attracted to you! Alright so here’s the “inner tutor” in me. Let’s put it this way…imagine you’re a musician, and you approached a record label, to get your music out, you wouldn’t show up with just one demo or a really shoddy recording of you. You’d show up with a whole slew of work, hoping they’d like what they hear. It’s like that! As you all know I’m in the media industry (or hoping to be) and I’m working on building my portfolio, and you can bet I’m adding this blog and all the other projects I’ve got onto that portfolio!

So what’s it like being a Busy Bee?

Young tired businesswoman with tons of documents calling phone


Well…it’s busy, I can tell you that. It’s really up to you whether or not you want to be one. In my case, it really wasn’t a choice. I had to get away from the dark thoughts creeping around in my mind, and this is the only way I could. It is stressful at times, but hey that’s the way with everything. A little stress never hurt anyone, and it’s not going to hurt me now.

So I say, if you want to be a Busy Bee go ahead! Just make sure you have a few good people to help you. Sometimes it’s not a good thing to be a Busy Bee. You get so obsessed with something and then the only thing you can see are the little imperfections. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to take a breather. I know I’ve had some of those times, and I am so grateful I have someone to tell me to chill!

Well, that’s it for now. Of course it’s not much in terms of wisdom, but hey! I’m still young, still learning. It’s just a matter of time before I can give you guys the advice you deserve!

Let me know what you think about this post, in the comments below and I’ll see you all very soon!

This is Feather signing out!

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