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Feather’s Reviews: One Confident Album

Hello everyone!

Feather’s first review is underway! Today I will be talking about an artist’s piece of work. No I’m not talking about art like paintings and sculptures, I’m talking about music. Alright so not many think this musician is an artist but she is to me!

Her work has inspired and comforted me since I first watched her on Disney Channel (or unconsciously, Barney and Friends). Yes I’m talking about Demi Lovato and her newest album…




I know it’s late but hey, always better late than never. First off you should know I am a Lovatic and I really don’t care (no pun intended), I grew up with her on my TV and I am proud to be a fan, even if I’m 21 (going on 22).

So let’s start this review shall we?

Confident is exactly as it says it is. It exudes confidence. After watching and reading articles about the album, I learned that Demi wrote this album because she was in a stage of her life where she wanted to show the world she could be badass, without going overboard and still be a great role model too!

The album has 13 songs (Oh! My lucky number!):

1. Confident (Obviously!)

2. Cool For The Summer

3. Old Ways

4. For You

5. Stone Cold

6. Kingdom Come (Ft. Iggy Azalea)

7. Waitin’ For Ya’ (Ft. Sirah)

8. Wildfire

9. Lionheart

10. Yes

11. Father

12. Stars

13. Mr Hughes

Each one is different in its own way. Most of them do as the album’s namesake. The are confidence boosters! IT’s actually the reason why I love the album. There are, I would say , 4 songs that I would listen to to pump up, or before I do anything that would be out of my comfort zone. They are:


Cool For The Summer

Kingdom Come

Waitin’ For Ya

I love listening to them, they really get my blood pumping, and I daresay I may even use them to work out to. They’re just so…there are no words to describe it!

As for the others, they’re rather uplifting (to a certain extent). Most of them are love songs, like For You, Lionheart, and Wildfire. And the rest? They’re the ballads Demi is known to sing, like Stone Cold, and Father. Oh! And as for Stars, Yes, Mr Hughes and Old Ways…I’d say they’re songs about the potential heartbreaks that you narrowly avoided. Although I don’t really know what heartbreak is like, songs like this sort of makes me glad I’ve never experienced them!

It’s not all peachy!



Now my reviews won’t just be me gushing over the thing I’m reviewing, there are some things that I would like to improve…and even this album has some adjustments that I hope will be made in the next album…Sorry Demi!

Ok, so for the album I would say that the songs are simply pop or hip hop, rather than the pop/rock she initially said they were meant to be. I think somewhere along the way her vision changed but nonetheless it was not what was expected.

So when I first listened to the songs, I thought “ok, so pop”. To be honest some of her songs aren’t unique. She does have the motif of singing “oh” during the chorus. For example, in Kingdom Come, Waitin’ For Ya, and Mr. Hughes. I mean they’re great additions, but they just make the songs too similar to one another. Maybe change the tune of the songs or have some lyrics to go there (I know it may be difficult for such a tune).

Speaking of similar songs, Kingdom Come, Stars, Yes and Wildfire seem rather similar to those that are already on the charts…I mean, Yes reminds me of Take Me To Church, Kingdom Come reminds me of Black Widow (which coincidentally also has Iggy Azalea rapping her way through), and Wildfire reminds me of a song that’s been on the radio, but I’ve not found out the name…it’s not something I really pay attention to. Although these songs are unique in their own way, they’re just not that unique. I mean, you could say any song nowadays are no longer that unique, but in all honesty, these songs just sound too similar to each other. I know you’ve found your sound Demi, and I love it…but it’s just not as unique as you’d like it to be.

So the final verdict?



Regardless of what I think needs improvement, I still like this album. It’s great for working out to, or as I said before, a great confidence booster…and right now, I sorta need it (thank you Directing Fiction -_-). However, if you don’t want to get too tired of the songs, I suggest, listening back to her older albums, like Unbroken or even Demi because those songs are still awesome!

Well that’s it for now! I’ll see you guys in my next review, I’ll be talking about headphones that I “recently” bought!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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