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Hello Everyone! I’m Back From My Hiatus!

Hello Everyone!

Yes, I’m back from my hiatus! Finally! Ya’ll are probably wondering what kept me away for so long…well let’s just say…Uni…uni kept me away from this blog, not to mention…I GOT A JOB!!!! Yes, I am currently a Sales Assistant at Ryman Stationery (not to be mistaken for stationAry…there is a difference) and my time has been really tight, so I haven’t had the chance to start writing these posts again!



So yes, look out for new stuff!

I’ll be reviewing my all time favourite film Labyrinth, which I will look at with a critical eye. Don’t worry, there won’t be too much bias…if I can help it!



New video uploads! I’ve recently started up a YouTube channel will a few good friends of mine, and we’ll be uploading many gaming videos…for the time being…before we head into film!



More travel posts! I’ve not had the chance to do one for the last vacation my family and I went on (FYI we went to Portugal! It was amazing!) but I should really get back into the swing of things, so you’ll hear from us in the near future…FROM SWITZERLAND!



New craft posts! Yes, I’ve finally decided to work on that page…the one that’s sitting there with nothing on it…Look out for pictures of recipes, craft ideas I’ve tried over the next few months! Not to mention, I may upload a story I’ve been working on for the last…3 years…whoops!

Why am I suddenly back, you say?

I’ve just recently graduated (well I say graduated…I no longer have any commitments to university assignments anymore) from Uni! Now I’m a free woman…technically…

You see, yes I still have work (literal work), I’m working on a few projects…which does keep me busy, but I know that if I continue with those projects, and not take any breaks, I’ll kill myself! So, I’ve decided to come back! That way, I can break up all the projects I’ve given myself…which is a lot!

So there is a lot yet to come! Stay tuned and you’ll find out!

For now this is Feather, signing out!


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