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No Input: A Brand New Brand

Hello Everyone!

Yes, it’s Feather here once more! I’m just popping by to say hi! Oh and if you have time, check out the new platform I’m on! And that’s right, you finally get to hear my voice!

Ok, so you probably already heard it before (if you watched the Graduation Video I posted up…way back when…) but you hear it on full blast here. I’m not the guy by the way, I’m the solo female voice you hear on these videos!

What’s No Input, you say?

No Input is a brand new YouTube channel my friends and I have started up. No, I won’t be neglecting my own one. Yes, there will be new content (soon), but this channel is for the whole group. We’ve actually got stuff lined up for it, and once we settle on what we want, we will be giving you a taste of it! For now, here’s our preliminary videos, I’m sure you’ll find them hilarious!

We’re Not Pros…

This video is our “trailer” if you like. We may not be pros, but at least we have fun, and we hope you have fun with us!

Let’s Call Him Einstein

This is what you’d probably call our first “official” video. It’s longer than the trailer, admittedly, but that’s because it’s official. Oh and as you can probably tell, one of us got a little too into Supernatural *cough* I love Destiel! *cough*!

Stay Tuned!

Yes, that’s right stay tuned for more videos! Recently we’ve paired up with another YouTube channel, and hopefully their productions will be added onto ours very soon, so you’ll get not just only game videos but film videos too! Look out for us! We’re taking the world by storm!

Well that’s it from me, I’ll see ya’ll when I see ya!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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