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Migraines, Uselessness and the Hope for Tomorrow

Hello Everyone!

Feather here with another post! This one is a bit more of a rant, but nonetheless, I hope I can give you a little more insight into someone with a personality like mine!



As you can garner from the title this post is all about the frequent affliction that seems to affect many people, especially if they’re rather creative or clever…


Well, I say it happens in creative or clever people, but in actuality, it really just happens to anyone. As for me, depending on what I’d been doing the day before, I usually get a migraine, the next day. So if I’d been working particularly hard into the night, I find that I develop a migraine or a headache the next morning. Sometimes, I just get migraines for no reason, and it is painfully annoying, especially when I’m on holiday!



That’s right! I get migraines even on holiday, and it just ruins our plans to the point where everyone gets cranky because I’m the one responsible. I wish that these migraines never happened, purely because when I do my family have to tiptoe around me because I’m that highly charged!

So What Do You Do!

There really isn’t much that can prevent the onset, when you feel it coming on, you know your day’s doomed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to lessen its effects. From my experiences, I find that there are some ways you can push through it, until you get home to really sleep it off.

1.    Drink Plenty of Water

Sometimes, when it’s really bad, this tip doesn’t exactly help, because you feel that dizzy to the point you can’t even swallow anything, but on those days where your migraines may be bearable, drinking plenty of water can help you feel better. It might not make it go away, but at least you feel like the water is at least helping.



2.   Find a Quiet Place and Meditate

When drinking water doesn’t help, I find sitting somewhere quiet, and closing my eyes for a few minutes really helps. If I don’t feel particularly well, because of the migraine I would sometimes just spend a few minutes clearing my mind, so that the painful throbbing could go away, and even if it doesn’t fully cure the migraine, by the time I have to go back to work, at least it’s brought it to the back of my mind so that I can worry about it later and not have it affect what I do for the rest of the day.



3.   Massage your Pressure Points

Sometimes, when I need a quick fix, I apply a few acupuncture techniques that helps relieve the pain for a while. Usually my migraines are the result of bright light that my eyes weren’t ready for, or simply because of the stress of the day, so the pain eventually migrates to the back of my head, and settles near the connection between my spine and skull, and because of that pain, I tend to apply pressure to the hollow there, for a few seconds to relieve the pain, and if I’m particularly impatient, I simply massage the area, so that the relief spreads quicker.



4.   Desperate Measures? Medicine

I usually don’t take medicines like aspirin or paracetamol because I’d rather not depend on synthesised chemicals to treat me. Natural remedies are always the best in my opinion, but in desperate cases, like if I know I won’t have time to allow my brain to rest, then I would resort to medicine. It is only in desperate times do I actually use medicine, I don’t usually recommend using it, since it could cause dependency, and having too much in one go could make the migraine worse, the next time round.



5.  Good Old Fashioned Beauty Sleep

This is the last and one of the best remedies to migraines, that I can guarantee will work…well…in most cases. I know there are some people that can have migraines for days on end, in which case, I recommend going to the doctors. However, in most cases, a good night’s rest should be able to take care of the migraine for you. After all your brain is no longer working on any conscious thoughts, and is simply working to keep your body going. Sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep with the relentless pounding in your head, but eventually you will sleep, and when you wake in the morning, you should be as right as rain!



So there are your top five tips from a migraine sufferer! Of course, I’m no doctor, nor am I a health expert, but I know that from experience, these techniques can help relieve pain, at least temporarily, so give them a go!



If you find this post useful, please leave a comment below, and any suggestions that you might have for your fellow migraine sufferers!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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