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Feather’s Games Episode 4 – The Jane Lowell Mansion

Hello Everyone!

I’ve finally plucked up the balls to spend an entire day creating a house in The Sims 2! Yes, I’ve created another monstrosity of a house.

This one is sort of based off the old New England type of homes you see in America. Initially it was meant to be based off a Victorian manor in the Moorish countryside of Britain, but I couldn’t quite find the right items that suggested “spooky old manor in the country” in the game. So, I went with a whole different vibe!

The Inspiration

As I mentioned before, the style reflected the old mansions in America, like in the Midwest or in the Central States. I sort of found my inspiration from none other than Supernatural there was an episode in the recent seasons…I think it was in season 9 or season 10…where the Winchester brothers find themselves in an old abandoned mansion, and the two feral twins that hid in the walls of the mansion tried to kill the adults and “play” with the children. That one was as spooky as hell! I remember, it reminded me so much of the very first episode I’d watched!

(Ahh…good times…)

Anyway…I decided to look up these sorts of houses and see what I could do, and well, this is what I ended up with.

100_1477 215c2d6126ff61b432eb35a0965bdca8

991b7cf283e0d66c20472ab496c80ee0 facade

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Back to the House

So, if you’ve watched the video, you can see I had already created the house, before recording it. I wanted to show you the process of how I built it from the ground, but there was so many glitches in the game, I just had to start from the furnishings. Seriously, it’s not fit for the new Windows 10 computers, I think I’m going to have to find a way to make it compatible…Anyway, here are the floor plans to the build. If you’d like to, you could always try to recreate the build yourself, and try making it to your imagination. I’d like to see what you make!


Moving on…As you can see, the house has the old Victorian feel to it. As I said, I wanted to make it in the old British style, but I just couldn’t find the right items. I also tried to keep is as less high tech as I could, so there are no TVs (although there are a few computers – but you can always chalk that up to the “new tenants” who wanted to spruce up the place), very few electrical appliances and what looks like lavish luxury, like the ones you’d expect in places like these.

attic-floor-plan first-floor-floor-plans


Now for the features! This house has:

4 Bedrooms (including the Master Suite)

2 Bathrooms

A Reception Lounge

The Family Room

2 Lounge Areas

A Large Kitchen (with Breakfast Bar)

A Dining Room

A Library (with an attached Office)

A Moroccan Room

A Patio

A Garden Grotto

An Art Studio

A Game Bar

A Roof Terrace

The Bedrooms

The Master Suite

master-bedroom-first-view master-bedroom-second-view

master-closet-first-view master-closet-second-view

So like most mansions, manors and B&B hotels, the Master Suite usually has its own bathroom, and that’s exactly what I’ve given the “parents” of the estate. Initially I had wanted to make the bedroom at the front of the house the Master Suite, but it didn’t make sense for the smallest room to be the most luxurious, so I made the three biggest rooms the Master Suite. On one side is the bathroom, and on the other is the walk-in closet. Of course, you can always convert the closet into a nursery, but that’s up to the residents of the place (who knows if I’ll be using it to play The Sims 2 properly one day). This room was inspired by my love of Labyrinth (and its many fanfictions) and I just had to make it as luxurious as I could, so the dark wood and red furniture just had to be in this room, and I love it!

The Scholar’s Room

bedroom-1-balcony bedroom-1-first-view


I decided to call this one the Scholar’s room because of the antique globe that is sitting in the corner. I imagined the eldest daughter (because yes the eldest child of the house is a female) was a bookworm, and she loved her books so much she decided a bookshelf and a globe were much better than having a computer in her room. If I ever decide to put this up onto the Sims website you guys can do whatever you like to it, and change things around, but the concept is there anyway. I liked this room. It’s yellow theme sort of reminds me of old parchment and that old library smell!

The Little Prince’s Room

bedroom-3-first-view bedroom-3-second-view

Now this one is not exactly meant for a child. I call him the little prince, because I imagined the owner of this room to be the youngest child of the family. So it makes sense he’s called their prince. I created this room with a familiar obsession in mind. I imagined if the “little prince” was the Goblin King, Jareth, from Labyrinth, and I have to say, the room was fit for him. Not to mention, if he wanted to hide any “guests” from his parents, he could always use the secret bookcase for help.

The Little Princess’ Room

bedroom-2-balcony bedroom-2-first-view


Just like the “little prince” I thought that this bedroom would be perfect for a “little princess”. Ok, so it doesn’t have the pink Barbie castle or dollhouse, and it’s more suited for if the little princess grew up, but you could always redecorate. Remember, this is meant to reflect the style of houses that would have been found in the 19th Century, so it does makes sense that it’s not completely decorated with children’s toys (excluding the computer).

The Bathrooms

The Master En-Suite

master-en-suite-first-view master-en-suite-fourth-view

master-en-suite-second-view master-en-suite-third-view

Ok, so this should really be a part of the Master Suite description, but I thought that it was big enough to handle a description for itself. I wanted to do something a little different from the smaller bathrooms that are dotted all over the place. The Master En-Suite has a hot tub! Yes, a hot tub, it is for the sole use of the owners of the house, so when mom and dad are tired from handling the kids and their guests, they can always retreat to their special place and have a quiet and relaxing bath in this gigantic tub! It also has a small area for mom and dad to get ready before facing the day.

The Scholar’s En-Suite

ensuite-1-first-view ensuite-1-second-view

I think, if mom and dad aren’t around to handle the kids, the eldest is the next to shoulder that responsibility, and of course, she wants to continue studying, but after looking after her two younger siblings, it can be tough to do whatever she wants, so she deserves to have a bathroom to herself.

The Family Bathroom

family-bathroom-second-view family-bathroom

This bathroom is for the two younger siblings, and they won’t have to worry about slipping out in nothing but a robe or towel, because they can always hang their clothes in the wardrobe, and get ready for the day with the mirror next to it.

The Guest Bathroom


As the name suggests, this bathroom is mostly for any guest who need to take some time away, to do any unsavoury business. It even has a bathtub so if anything went wrong during the party, they can always freshen up and make themselves pretty again.

The Lounges

The Main Reception Lounge

main-lounge-first-view main-lounge-second-view

Alright, back to the ground floor. The Main Reception Lounge is the one on the right, the Green Room, if you like. I would have left it empty, and if I did ever package the house, you can always convert it to a ballroom, but it’s a wooden house, so it wouldn’t make sense to have something so grand inside. I chose to have a piano in there, in case the family’s guests are bored, while they wait, or if they’re holding a big party, they wanted to show off their skills. I also added a “shrine” area in the corner of the room. The picture could change, it could be a self-portrait of the founder of the property, or whatever you’d like, and yes there is a bottle of champagne in the room!

The Family Room

family-room-first-view family-room-second-view

This is a smaller room, and it’s a little more intimate, that’s why there are three chairs facing the fireplace, it’s where they could gather, share war stories or whatever, and it’s a great place for them to get together. Of course, there may be a few feuds over the years, but there is nothing like a little bit of music that could bring a family together, or perhaps a good game of chess by the window. There is also a bar in this room, so that the adults can discuss business, while they can keep an eye on the kids.

The First Floor Lounge Area

first-floor-hall-first-view first-floor-hall-second-view


So this is less of a room, and more of an open space, for the family, or their “special” guests could wait, while they get ready for an event, or perhaps, if their guests decide to stay over, they could always while away the time with a good game of poker, while someone plays the piano (yeah, the family love their music.

The Attic Lounge

attic-lounge-first-view attic-lounge-second-view


Like the area on the first floor, the lounge area in the “attic” is a quieter place. So if guests and family members, simply wish to hang out with each other, play a game of poker, and see the stars, this is the place to go. Not only do you have the bar just down the hallway, but if you’d like to get some fresh air, away from the party, this is the place to be.

The Kitchen (With Breakfast Bar)

kitchen-first-view kitchen-second-view

Welcome to the largest kitchen I have built so far. I am rather proud of this room because I can so imagine servants running around, getting meals ready for dinner or for the party, and breaking out the wine kegs, and afterwards, they can sit around have a nice cup of well-deserved tea by the window or at the bar. It’s the perfect place for those who weren’t “invited” but must be present. I would have loved to make it a little dingy-er but I’m thinking about this house as if it was newly built.

The Dining Room

dining-room-first-view dining-room-second-view

Alright, I wanted this room to be as grand as I could. I imagined the old Agatha Christie’s Poirot episodes I’d watched, and tried to mimic the settings as best I could, but with the game’s limited number of items, it was just too hard to find any good chairs to go with the tables I’d set out. So I had to settle for these large overly gaudy chairs. Maybe one day I’ll download some custom content, so that I could find furniture and build tools that could suit my need. Anyway, just as a dining room should, there is a bar, for the servants to serve wine after the food, a buffet table, in case of parties and what should be a china cabinet, but since The Sims 2 only has wardrobes and drawers, I settled for the set of drawers, it looked much better in the room than a wardrobe.

The Library and Attached Office

library-first-view library-second-view

office-first-view office-second-view

I love this room. If I ever slept or lived in a house like this, I would make sure it had a library. I love books! I love reading them, writing them and just looking at them, especially the hard back, leather bound ones that look like they could be part of an Encyclopaedia set! They’re just beautiful, and if I ever owned my own house, I would make sure I had a library somewhere, even if it’s just a corner of the room. Anyway, back to the house…I decided to attach the office to the end of the room, so that if anyone wanted to speak to whoever was in charge, they would have to go through the quietest room in the entire ground floor. They would have to know by the time they set foot in that sacred room, the person in the office, does not want to be disturbed. I can just imagine mom or dad going through the accounts or dealing with business documents, while their servants timidly tell them that dinner is ready or they have a guest!

The Moroccan Room

moroccan-room-first-view moroccan-room-second-view

Originally this was meant to be a greenhouse, but I miscalculated how much foundation I needed for it. So I decided to call it the Moroccan Room. I thought, that if this family was wealthy enough to own their own piece of land, and have a business run from their own home, or whatever, they could afford to fly to Europe for some much needed vacation time, and that’s why they built the room. Of course, it’s meant to lead out onto the patio outside, but it could also be a cool place to hang out for the kids and their friends, so they could have their own space, while the adults have their parties and social gatherings.

The Patio

patio-first-view patio-second-view

I had wanted to extend the patio further, but there’s only so much room you are given on a lot in The Sims, I even wanted to create the surrounding forest, but I had to dial it down, because I would have run out of garden space. So, the patio, I imagine will just be for family occasions or small social gatherings. Everyone would probably prefer being indoors, while the servants grill the food outdoors.

The Garden Grotto

garden-grotto-first-view garden-grotto-second-view

This is a jewel of a place! I love the small grotto I made for the family. Of course, I would have made it bigger, and probably added rocks, if The Sims 2 had rock features available. Again, if I ever uploaded this onto ModTheSims or even the Sims website itself, you could always add a small fountain and a few stone features, but I wanted to keep it simple, after all, I imagine anyone who bought this place would be more interested in the inside, rather than the outside.

The Art Studio

attic-art-studio-first-view attic-art-studio-second-view

You can use this room however you like. I chose an art studio because it seemed fitting, for its location. I mean, either mom or dad could be the artist, and spend their days painting or sculpting in here, or they could have hired a painter to paint the family portrait, and if need be, the kids could learn how to create art up here! I don’t know what it is, but I just love my art studios. I’m not an artist myself, but in spirit I am. I just love the rustic and cluttered look!

The Game Bar

attic-bar-first-view attic-bar-second-view

Now this place is for the “little prince” and his pals, or better yet for mom and dad, when they want to get away from the kids, and just have fun with their friends. This game bar is basically what the family needs, after a very tiring day, either at school or work, and just want to chill out and have fun. The adults could make up their cocktails at the bar, or the kids can have some juice and sodas. They could play pool at the pool table and maybe just sit around and talk. Either way, it’s a great place to just get away from the stresses of being socialites!

The Roof Terrace

roof-terrace-first-view roof-terrace-second-view


Ok, so I went a bit overboard with this, but I didn’t want to leave the patio as a plain expanse of floor. So, I imagined that maybe one day, this mansion could be used as a hotel. The story could be that the descendants of the family decided to move out and only one of them saw it as a beautiful home, but they couldn’t afford to own it, by themselves, so they rent out the rooms and make a hotel out of it. They could add a few more features to the bar in the attic, and change out the studio to a spa room, and so they would need a few tables on the roof and a few benches for guests to relax and watch the stars above. So yeah, that’s what I had in mind when I made the terrace so detail, but I guess, the family would leave it blank, and just use picnic blankets to see the stars.

Wow! That was long winded, well done to you guys, if you read through all of that! You deserve a cookie…of course I don’t have any, but I might just have a recipe for it on my crafts page…one of these days…we’ll see.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the tour! If you ever want to download the house, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. I’d love to see what you guys do with it! Just don’t forget to credit me and I’ll do the same back to you if I ever use your creations.

Well, that’s it from me today! Join me next time, when I create…

The Queen Anne Hotel

It’s going to be another monstrous build, but I do love making them complicated and big! Maybe one day, I’ll be able to create a smaller house!

Please don’t forget to visit, like and subscribe to my blog and channel, if you haven’t already. I promise you, there will be loads of content for you guys, maybe it could inspire you and give you some ideas for any projects you might like to create!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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