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Guest Post: Bioshock and Addiction

Hello Everyone!

Feather here, but this time you won’t be hearing from me! Yes, that’s right! I’ve recruited more people! Today you’ll be hearing from a very good friend of mine, who knows his video games and films. So, every two weeks he’ll be letting his voice out here on Feather’s Charm, to talk to you a bit more about the gaming and filming industries, as well as a few random topics that you might have listened to on YouTube.

That’s right, you’ll be hearing from the man himself…SBK (or Second Base Knight as some may call him)!



He is part of the CSR channel (Chat S**t Randomly) and he is part of the No Input channel too! So you’ll be hearing a lot from him, when I’m not around! Enjoy!

The BioShock franchise is one of those franchises that if you have not heard of, then you have clearly been living under a rock, or in the case of BioShock: under the sea with live spliced crack heads, live zombies, or perhaps you have had your heads in the clouds, but you seem to have lost oxygen and have no idea what’s happening. The point is Ken Levine and 2K Boston created a world, which is filled with both horror and beauty; a true masterpiece.



With the release of the BioShock collection I had the chance to play all three games, including BioShock 2 (my personal favorite due to the fact you play as a walking tank, with a massive drill, aka the big daddy). However, playing through all three games, I began to realize something strange. The protagonist of each game carries some sort of addiction?

Addiction: Why?

In BioShock (21/07/07) Jack, the main protagonist, arrives in Rapture, a city created by Andrew Ryan, who wanted to create a utopia for the society elites, (such as the greatest scientist, doctors and artists of the world) where they could do whatever they wanted with no man telling them what to do. Through this freedom, the scientists were able to create Adam, which was a substance created by “sea slugs” …bear with me…this was done, by modifying genetic code, allowing “Adam” to use powers, or as the game calls it plasmids. Sounds amazing, but the only problem is people have become addicted to it, because it seems to have the ability to also give them a high, but most importantly it gives them superpowers.



However, what interested me was the way you would receive these powers and that’s injecting it into your arm. It reminds me a lot of a class A drug called heroin…Yet, when we go through the game, we cannot finish it without constantly searching for EVE, to maintain that power, which happens to be in the shape of a massive needle. Not to mention you are encouraged to kill these walking tanks called big daddies in order to take the “Little sisters” for their Adam, in fact you could even kill them to make sure you get as much as possible…all that for power, or could it be a giant metaphor for another fix for a high?

Daddy Stay Close

BioShock 2 (09/02/10) is the best one in my opinion, due to the fact it had more stuff to it, plus it feels a lot smoother. For example, you could fire your weapon and shoot plasmids at the same time, and they added some extra elements to the game which gave me some heart stopping moments. Also, did I mention, you play as a big daddy? In this game you play as Delta, but this time the story is set ten years after the first one and your goal is to find your “little sister”.

How does BioShock 2 represent addiction?



This one was a lot harder to discover, due to the fact he also uses Adam and EVE, like Jack from the first one, but if you look closer and listen to what the other characters say about Delta, it seems he has withdrawal symptoms with the little sister, when Delta was apart from his little sister he entered a coma and if he is not with her he shuts down. With that in mind this could also explain why he is always adopting other little sisters and even killing other big daddies, because if he doesn’t, he could go into shock and shut down.

BioShock: I’m So Drunk In The Sky

BioShock Infinite (26/03/2013) is, by far, one of the best story games in recent years, and one of the most fan favorites, in terms of the story they delivery, especially when it comes to the ending. But lets talk about addiction, in fact why don’t you pass me some salt?



Salt is the new EVE of the game and plasmids have been replaced by Vigors, which are all scattered around Columbia. Vigors are the equivalent of BioShock‘s Plasmids, this grants booker Dewitt his activated powers, such as creating bolts of electricity and shockwaves, plus machine/human possession…don’t know how in the 1912 steam age that such a power could exist, but in the realm of video games anything possible…anyway, these Vigors require Salt, or BioShock‘s EVE, for powering booker abilities, and that leads us on to the next addiction.

Chug It All Down

Strangely enough everything in the world of Columbian, is in the form of a drink. Also, looking at booker Dewitt he seems to have some issue with drinking, due to his troubled past and his debt, that the other characters seems to always be mentioning. So could the world of Columbia be a metaphor for having a drink, showing the good and the dark side of drinking?

BioShock: One Helluva Trip

To me, BioShock is an experience of true class and character, but when we try to understand it’s eccentric world, we find ourselves discovering a mess of what the human mind could become if we unleashed the horror within.

So when you play a BioShock game, try to play through it with these ideas in mind, they may just show you a new way to experience the game.

Well, what did you guys think? Something unusual and different? Maybe you’d like to play BioShock now that you’ve read a rather eye opening theory? Or have you played it before? Let us know in the comments below what you think, and don’t forget to like and share this post to all your gaming friends out there. They might have some ideas too!

If you’d like to see more of SBK’s work, click the links below. I guarantee you’ll find them interesting, and perhaps a little bit hilarious!

No Input

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Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to his channels, they’re worth a watch!

That’s it from us today, join us next time where SBK will be talking about a very interesting topic about the gaming industry itself! Are story games better than multiplayer games? We’ll see you again in…

Games: Story vs. Multiplayer

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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