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The Christmas Fever

Hello Everyone!

So, Halloween has passed (sorry for not writing a post for it), most of the leaves are now on ground and withering away and shops are decorating themselves with Christmas promotions. It is that time of year where we discover the “joys” of buying and making presents for family and friends.



Of course you’ll need some time for yourself, thanks to the stress of shopping. So how do I cope? Well, I have five tips to keep up the Christmas spirit as well as de-stress from the manic shopping sprees.

1.          Watch Children’s Movies



I don’t mean just watch Disney movies, I mean watch as much children’s movies as you can! I myself watch Barbie movies around this time (if you haven’t read my previous post Have A Barbie Christmas, have you been living under a rock?) and it simply reminds me that being a child isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes, in an adult world, being a child is a good thing. After all, there’s no point in worrying about things that can’t be helped.

2.        Bake To Your Heart’s Content



Ok, I’m not a Great British Bake Off fan, despite the fact that I watch the Comic Relief version of it, but when it comes to Christmas, I love baking. I don’t bake as much as I’d like, but usually around this time I like to bake cookies, biscuits and cupcakes. I love the homely scents and heat, and this is one of the things that make me really feel like it’s Christmas.

3.        Listen To Music



I don’t mean the radio where there are new beats and everything else. I mean listen to the oldies, like Nat King Cole, Andy Williams and the slow jazzy songs. When I was a kid, my parents used to play these songs every Christmas and to this day I listen to these songs, even on my phone. They’re literally the essence of Christmas for me.

4.        Watch Old Home Videos



This one is only if you have a VCR, or if you have copies of them, on your computer or on a DVD. Watching old home videos are like a warm hug. As you watch yourself interact as a child, with your friends and family, you realize how simple life was and how wonderful the world could be. It reminds you that, even though you are an adult, you still have potential.

5.       Have Hot Coco and Cookies



No Christmas holiday is Christmas without hot chocolate and cookies. This is literally every Christmas tradition everyone need to learn. Hot chocolate is the best when you’ve woken up at midnight, just to open up your presents. When it’s time to sleep and everyone has cleared up the mess, there’s nothing like good old hot chocolate to get you right back into bed.

Bonus Tip!



If you’re the adventurous type, then I suggest going to your local Christmas market and wandering around the stalls there. You never know, you’ll find your next Christmas present or just treat yourself to a bratwurst or a pretzel. Drink mulled wine with your loved ones and watching the snow, or playing in the nearby ice rinks, because skating on ice is cool!

Let’s Talk About Christmas

So those are my best tips to keep the Christmas spirit, unwind and relax. For an introvert like me, doing these things are the best! It means I’m not so claustrophobic with the crowd of bodies that barge into you to get to the till, and the only people I have to speak to are my family and friends, which is perfect, when you don’t feel like talking to strangers!

Well, what are your Christmas tips? Have you got your advent calendars at the ready? Or are you still buying your presents? I’d like to hear what your traditions and memories of Christmas are. Share them in the comments below, and I’ll see y’all next time!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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