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Let’s Fight The Führer – A Review on Supernatural

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time of the week where I review another amazing episode of one of my favorite shows! That’s right, I’m talking about Supernatural. Today, I’ll be reviewing last week’s episode, which saw the Winchesters take on a very “historical” battle.

What It’s About



In this episode, the Winchesters faced off the Thule (a group of Nazi necromancers) that sought to resurrect their Führer in the 21st century, after years of being trapped in a pocket watch. The boys find themselves saddled with a flighty young woman, who just so happens to be related to Hitler, and must try to protect her from the Thule, who want her blood.

Review Time

So as we all know Supernatural is a greatly respected TV show that commands a great deal of caution…Ok, who am I kidding, if you’ve watched Supernatural and are familiar with its fan base (on Tumblr, Pinterest and wherever else you find fans of the show), you know that despite the underlying creepiness of its episodes, the boys are simply boys being boys. Not only that, their actors are also avid campaigners for mental health awareness (although sometimes, they can get a little crazy…here’s looking at you Master Chau). So, bear in mind that now we are in the series’ 12th season, we can expect a little bit of tomfoolery (yes it’s a word, just look it up) from them!

The Good

Ok, so there are several things that they did right with the episode. The first being they don’t kill off the victim (which is the great-great-grandniece of Hitler – who’d have thought?). In the past few episodes, this season, several protagonists that help the Winchesters are blown off the map, purely because they’re not human (or in the “Chapter House’s” point of view, they’re monsters that need to be eradicated).



It’s become a pattern now and in all honesty, it’s rather predictable. However, this episode we saw no activity from the British Men of Letters, so that was a relief. I’d like to think that the great-great-grandniece of Hitler didn’t die because she was related to one of the world’s worst genocidal maniac.

The second thing they did right was letting Dean kill Hitler, and he started gloating about it. No to mention, he got a really cool line out of it!

“Heil this”

He used Hitler’s own salute against him. I mean, if that isn’t badass, I don’t know what is. Not to mention, I think Dean has some of his sass back, thanks to the “meat suit” comment he’d made before. I’m sure historians and some researchers should know what it means (if you don’t, basically the myth was that Hitler only had one testicle).


Thirdly, there wasn’t much angst about the boys in it. The episode before this one saw Sam and Dean come to terms with their mother’s abandonment (well…not entirely – she’ll definitely come back), and just dragging out what they’d already agreed on last episode would have made it more like a teenage drama fest (we’ve already had enough of that over the past few seasons – after Swan Song).

The Bad

Ok, so like every long-running TV show, there will always be a few flaws (as you’ve probably noticed, in my reviews for Once Upon A Time), and Supernatural is no different. Firstly, the fact that we were dealing with Nazis was already a flaw. After all, Marvel already has that covered, and as I was watching, I was fully expecting the whole Avengers clans burst through the door and take over the case! Who wouldn’t!



Secondly, the fact that the son of the High Command is a whiny teenage kid, who only joined the Thule to impress his father, was a waste of our time. I mean, sure, he helps the Winchesters get to Elinor and all, but it would have been a fun plot twist if he was actually helping his father out.

Thirdly, the pace of the episode was all over the place…at least that’s what I thought. In the beginning, Sam was all ready and geared up to speak about their mother, but Dean brushes him off as soon as he brings it up, and Sam just readily accepts that there is a case to be solved. If that were me, I’d probably be a little more skeptical of Dean.


Not only that, I feel like Hitler didn’t have enough screen time. I mean, his eccentricity wasn’t clear enough. If he hadn’t been shot in the head as soon as he was resurrected, he could have made a great dynamic to the episode. I would have liked to see how the writers would have encapsulated Hitler’s personality, and maybe how he would react to the modern world. It’s twisted I know, but hey, I do love me a good villain, and Lucifer isn’t showing up any time soon (plus the British Men of Letters aren’t exactly the overt type of people).

There’s No Ugly…Come On, it’s Supernatural

The verdict? It was ok, there would have been some things I’d liked to have changed, but I can’t really complain. Overall, it’s a nice episode, what with the threat of the British Men of Letters, and Lucifer being on the prowl, looming over their heads, it’s nice that the Winchesters are taking a break by hunting…seriously, this is their job and hunting Nazi necromancers and ghosts is like a holiday (not just for them but for us as well!).



Anyway, what did you think of the episode, were there some parts you liked, some parts you didn’t like? Let me know what you think in the comments below and I’ll see you next week with another review. This time, I’m delving into the ever expanding wizarding world of Harry Potter! That’s right, I’ll be watching the new movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and I can’t wait (insert fangirl squealing here)!

Catch us next week in…

Loose The Magical Menagerie

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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