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Guest Post: The Childhood Comeback

Hello Everyone!

Once more, my gaming partner in crime, SBK (or Sugar Daddy from CSR), has come by to say a few words! If you don’t know who SBK is, you might want to check out some of his channels, and his previous posts!

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This week he’ll be talking about his favourite games growing up. Why don’t you check it out!

What Memories…

Memories: something that the human brain can create. We have them for everything, from when we first picked up our controller, to the time we discovered our favourite character, but in most cases our memories taught us that there was more to gaming, than just smashing the X or Square button. So, where am I getting at? Childhood games, the games that got us into the gaming world we know and love.



My name is SBK or Sugar Daddy from CSR (Chat Sh*t Randomly). In today’s post, we will be discussing some classic games that I am fond of and perhaps you should play (I only owned a PlayStation One so most of the games on this list will be for the PlayStation One).

Few, But Fond Of

I once said, in my last post, that I didn’t own a lot of games, but the few that I had and played, will always be dear to me. However, there are a couple of games that I want to talk about, hopefully you know them and have played them as well.

1.     Firebug

One of the games that I played (and still love to this day) is Firebugs, which was released on the PlayStation One on October 16, 2002. I did not own this game, but one of my closest friends did. Whenever I went over to his place, all we ever played was Firebugs and Yu.Gi.Oh Forbidden Memories. To me that game was an addiction and though the character roster was small, it was the best, after all it was a futuristic racing game (which by the way, the only other racing games that I had played was Roll Cage, Formula One 2000 and Nascar 2000).



So, racing games did not pick up my interest when I was younger, but with Firebugs we had gadgets, it was fast pace and quite hard to master, due to the fact you could go on walls. This game was practically Mario Cart, set in the future…on cocaine! Plus, the controls were quite hard, for newcomers, yet in the end I would spend hours with my friend, playing this game nonstop.

I loved this game so much, that a friend of mine (Captain Asia from CSR, if you know him) said that if ever they did a remake of that game, for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, we would run to the store just to buy it, pushing and punching anyone who got in our way. I believe this game was underrated and was not appreciated as much, even though it deserves it.

2.    Beyblade

Another game that I played, even now, is Beyblade on the PlayStation one.  This game was released on December 5 2002. Now the game mechanics for this game was as simple as bread and butter, you would use the square and X button to control the Beyblade and once your meter builds, you were able to release your bit beast, which would then show you a quick cut scene of the bit beast rising for the Beyblade.



To me that was amazing because in the game we had two new bit beast specially made for it, a baby dragoon and a fire bird knight… sword…thing…whatever it was, I remember timing my bit beast release and screaming out its name, imagining I was there in the game, or maybe the show. For someone reason, I used to believe that by screaming its name the bit beast would be stronger on release, but when I look back I used to scream for a lot of things. The point is that games that are based on a franchise, were more likely to be awful to play, yet this one felt true to its source and even though there wasn’t much content, it was still enjoyable.

3.    Tekken 3

The was one game that, to me, is one of the best classic fighting games. This game, I’m safe to say got people into it, or was the first one they play in the series, I am talking about Tekken 3. Released on March 20, 1997, Tekken 3 was the fighting game to have on the PlayStation, at least everyone talked about it. Not only was Street included the Alpha series, though people loved it, some hated it, and 3D gaming was starting to become very popular to the point that Cap-Con tried to create its own version (it didn’t sell well, plus it created a hero bone man or skeleton man, one of the most hated street fighter characters ever).



Tekken 3 was smooth it felt great, it felt like you could do so many combos, plus it had one of the best opening in the series. It was amazing, so if you are looking forward to Tekken 7, then thank Tekken 3 because it was this game that put Tekken on the map.

Just A Little Bit Of Curiosity

Now you must be thinking, I’m just fan-boying on games that aren’t even that great, I should be talking about real classics like the Crash Bandicoot series Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Spyro or maybe the Legend of Dragoon, a game most people have never heard of even played its lengthy 200 hours’ campaign. However, as I said once before I never owned a lot of games, and the only way I got to play them was from borrowing them, but most of the ones I did play were from the PlayStation demo magazine.



Those are just a few games that I am very fond of, but there are so many games that we could talk about, and if we did discuss every single one, we’d be here all day. I hope you enjoyed my opinion on these classics, what were your favourites?

If I were to pick my favourite PS1 games (because there are more than one…believe me), I’d have to say Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortez Strikes Back, Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone (why not?), and A Bug’s Life (yes, it’s out there)! Of course, just like SBK, I’d like to hear your favourite games. Leave them in the comments below, and see if there are some you’d like to try out.

Well that’s it from us, join us next time when SBK gives us all a bit of advice when it comes to buying Christmas presents to all your gamer friends and family!

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Oh, and if you’d like to learn more about SBK and all his different projects, check out his channels on the links below.

No Input

Chat Sh*t Randomly

See you all next time!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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