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Winter’s Icy Fingers

Hello Everyone!

Christmas is just around the corner, and as shop windows become even more decorated, the cold is starting to set in…that is if you’re in the northern part of the world. It isn’t too bad here in the UK, despite the occasional morning frost and the bitterly cold winds from the Atlantic. For the most part, here in London, it isn’t snowing (which is both a relief and a bummer – since a few of us would love to have snow for Christmas), but you can most definitely feel the snow queen reaching out her icy fingers here, tickling our cheeks and our hands.



So, what do you do when winter is threatening to freeze you over? Well, I have five tips for you. Just keep reading and you might get some ideas, or perhaps you’re already doing them. Either way, these are rather essential when it comes to the cold.

1.          Never Forget Your Accessories

When I say accessories, I mean hats, gloves and scarves. It doesn’t matter if they’re stylish or not (in fact if you’re one of those people who do like to keep the fashion, I don’t think you’ll get as comfortable as those of us who just buy these accessories for the sake of practicality); if you have these essentials, you’ll never go wrong.



I have the set, which coincidentally match in colour and I bought each item in different places. My mittens (which act like open fingered gloves and mittens) were bought at a vendor at a Christmas market in Belgium. My hat, also in Belgium, but at a different vendor (because I lost the one I previously had). My scarf was bought here in the UK (either at Deichmann or Primark, I can’t remember). So yes, I am rather mismatched, despite the autumn coloured theme they seem to have created.

2.        Wool or Parkas

Now I know there are many of you who swear by the thick felt or cloth type of coats and there are others who swear by the polyester parkas; whatever your preference, if it keeps you warm against the bitter cold winds, you’re set. Believe me, I love both types of jackets, and I wish I had both, but alas no money means I can’t buy the one I don’t have. In any case, having the right type of coat (not jacket) means you’ll be protected against the wind and you won’t have to suffer the cold blowing right through you.



In my case, I have a parka that’s lasted me at least 2 years, and it hasn’t let me down once. It was bought at one of the more affordable high street stores (*ahem* Primark…I think *ahem*) and I have been to the furthest reaches of Europe, where the temperature can dip below 5°C, and I did not feel the cold at all (except on my feet…I wasn’t wearing the right type of shoes at the time).

3.        If Affordable, Have A Thermos

This is for those of us who must travel at the worst time of the day (namely at dawn or twilight). Having a hot drink in hand not only helps to wake you up, or wind you down, but if your gloves aren’t doing their jobs right, at least you’ll have something to keep them warm. I would suggest investing in a thermos for yourself, it’ll last longer than the paper cups that coffee shops and cafes provide for you, not to mention you might get a discount for using your own cup.



I don’t usually use my thermos, at least not anymore. When I was at university, I did bring my thermos around everywhere I went. It was awesome, not only was I able to keep my coffee or smoothie hot or cold, and if I needed a refill on it, I could always have that 10% discount, whenever I had it. Now, I have less reason to bring it out with me, and to be honest I do miss having my thermos in hand and sipping it every now and then.

4.        Always Keep An Umbrella

This is more for those of us in places where rain is prominent (especially here in the UK). With the bitter cold comes hard rain and most annoyingly unwanted raindrops on your face. That’s why, I keep an umbrella in my bag at all times, especially when the forecast doesn’t predict that spontaneous bout of rain.



It’s always handy to have an umbrella in your bag anyway. Yes, it takes up space and might just be a bit too heavy, but I can guarantee that on the day you don’t have it, you’ll need it. Of course, it won’t keep your feet dry, but the next tip will.

5.       Wear The Right Shoes

The last and final tip for you guys is to wear the right shoes for the right weather. If it’s dry but cold, your regular sneakers should be fine. If there is a chance of snow, be prepared with your heavy boots, and if it rains, your best, durable shoes should do the trick. It’s a mess and you’ll have a miserable time if you don’t have the right shoes. Your toes start to become numb and you’ll start worrying you’ll get frost bite, so the best way to ward that off is by wearing the right shoes and socks at the right time.



Believe me I’ve been there. Just recently I had to buy new work shoes since the ones I had, had been worn out, to the point there was a physical hole at the toe. Not only was it unsightly, but on the days, it rained (there were quite a few), my toes were completely soaked! I had no choice but to buy new ones.

Bonus Tip!



This is an add on to the shoes tip. Always keep a spare pair of socks in your bag. If ever you did leave your house with the wrong type of shoes, and your feet somehow got exposed to water, you’d need a new pair of socks just so that you wouldn’t have to walk home with cold and wet feet. Trust me, if I had a pair of socks in my bag the days I had holey shoes (get it?), I wouldn’t have been as miserable as I might have been.

So, there are my tips for you, what are yours? Leave them in the comments below, and perhaps I might try them for myself!

This is Feather, signing out!

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