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Guest Post: The Christmas Gaming List

Hello Everyone!

Once again, it’s time for Feather to hand the reins over to SBK for his bi-weekly post! Today it’s about your present lists! If you have gamer friends or family, I think this post will definitely help, when you’re looking for something to buy them.

Let’s Start The Journey

It’s hard to believe but we are here. It’s December 2016 and with that, we have more games to play and waste our lives with. However, with the birth of Christ, and all, coming up, here are my top five video games you should buy for someone for Christmas, or maybe just your self, up to you honestly.

Number 5: STEEP

Released on 2nd December 2016, on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, this one’s by Ubisoft. It’s an open world game, which is based on extreme mountain sports, like snowboarding and gliding and anything extreme which involves snow.  To be honest, I don’t know what to say about this game, the last snowboarding game I had was SSX on the PlayStation 2.



However, there was a beta version of the game and a while back, a friend of mine told me, “it was fun, reminds me of SSX”, so if you like this type of fast pace game, then enjoy it. After all Ubisoft is going a different route with this game, by giving an experience of actually being a pro/freestyle/snow god. Kind of want to try out the actual sport for myself now…

Number 4: Space Hulk Deathwing

Do you happen to have a gaming PC lying around? Do you have a thirst of being a space Marine, wearing what look’s like a StarCraft 2 hulk buster suit? Then SPACE HULK: DEATHWING may interest you. Released on 9th December 2016, the game is set in the War hammer 40.000 universe.



You play as one of four soldiers, in a first-person gameplay style, with big guns and big metal swords, that light on fire, or an electric chainsaw and you get to kill aliens/monsters. There are perks, skills trees and a good level up system, and if that does not sound badass to you, then I don’t know what does…maybe a unicorn mega zode with a giant Chinese dragon ray gun? But the point is, if you like games such as Left For Dead 2 and Dead Island, with a fast pace feel, this is for you, so get out there marines and kill some monsters, like the bad-asses you are, hell yeah!


By teal tale games, the Walking Dead Season 3 game comes out on 20th December 2016. If you love, The Walking Dead, like I do, and you happen to have a partner or mother, who also happened to like it, then give her or him this game.



It’s set four years after the second season, and we’ll see our favorite little girl move on in this world, with a new friend, by her side. The story seems to be getting closer to the comic, making it closer to the cannon storyline, so there has never been a better way to get into the lore of The Walking Dead. Plus, season one and two should be on sale, so you can get three games with such rich stories…or I guess you could just get batman, up to you.

Number Two: DEAD RISING 4

So, zombies is becoming quite popular this Christmas, what with The Walking Dead Season 3 coming, and this one! For some people, the Dead Rising series is one of the best zombies game franchise despite being fairly new. With its returning main protagonist “Frank West”, and with over the top gameplay, like a flaming dinosaur mask, that blows fire and a mech suit…talk about being creative with killing zombies, it’s not that hard to see why.



It looks like Dead Rising is taking a step back, however, and following the style of Dead Rising 1 and 2, it’s probably not a bad idea. Maybe getting back to the start might be a good change for the series (not saying that Dead Rising 3 was bad…but…). It will be released on 6th December 2016, so enjoy smashing zombies with mad weapons… that only a mad man can think of!

Number One…

Let us take a moment, after so many years and delays, it was finally released on 6th December 2016, on the PlayStation 4. The people that brought you Shadow of Colossus and ICO finally released…

The Last Guardian

This game is more puzzle base, with little combat gameplay. However, the game is looking beautiful, and it has one of the weirdest animals I’ve ever seen!



It’s still cute (BIRD DOG), so I guess it can be excused. Not only that, it also happens to be its own character, adding a new dimension to the gameplay. Guys if you love games, or anyone in your family or friendship circles do, then you have to give it a shot, because there must be a reason to why people waited so long! After all, this game was meant to be on the PS3, so let’s experience it! No matter the cost…just don’t look at your bank balance.

These are a few games that are coming out in December, and of course, it will make any gaming lover happy!

Honorable Mentions

Of course, there are a few games that also get a mention, because they may be just as great as the ones we’ve listed.

Pokémon Sun and Moon
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Battlefield One.

So, now’s the time to start saving and pray that Santa has a trick up his sleeves, because these games are going to sell like crazy!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

This was SBK.


Feather’s Last Words

Well, that was interesting, in all honesty, I can’t wait for the new Kingdom Hearts game, that’s my favourite franchise…of course I still have to get a PlayStation 4, but we’ll worry about that another time.

So, if you enjoyed that post, please don’t forget to like it, and subscribe to receive notifications of our newest posts, and if you’re interested in SBK’s works, the list below will tell you all you need to know.

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That’s it from us, here on Feather’s Charm, check out all the other sections here, I’m sure it’ll be very interesting. See you guys soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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