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The Spanish Navidad – Spiritual Journeys

Hello Everyone!

It’s been another hectic day, with another early rise, but thankfully, not as early as it was yesterday. So, let’s get our walking shoes ready, and our cameras at eye level, because we’re on a sightseeing tour of Montserrat!

Cold Mornings On The Mountaintop

For those of you who don’t know, Montserrat is a mountainous city, with its monastery at the heart of the sleepy town. Now, I haven’t read up on the history of the city, and I was rather confused when we visited the cathedral, but nonetheless, I was suitably awed when I stepped into the cavernous room that housed the Spirit of the Lord (at mass).

The building itself was very reminiscent of a bygone time, where monks and nuns frequented the streets in their mass numbers. Now, however, the sacred temple was filled with tourists and pilgrims, anxious to see the Black Madonna statue, housed in a sacred chapel. We didn’t see the statue, because we were rather cranky and moody, since we didn’t have much, in terms of breakfast. So, the rest of the morning was spent, eating at the attached gift shop/cafeteria.

The food was…edible. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling all that well, so I mostly had soup, but it wasn’t hot, it was actually on its way to being cold. So, it was a relief when we started wandering around the gift shop, looking for souvenirs. Of course, I didn’t buy anything, I was still under the weather, but it was nice, simply browsing the different items.

Fairground Confusion

After going up Montserrat, we decided to take a detour, on our way back to Barcelona, and took the car up Mount Tibidabo! For those of you fans out there, you’ll already know where this is from. For those of you who don’t…brush up on your Friends trivia please.

It was a very confusing mountain. At the very top stood a beautiful, gothic basilica, which overlooked the whole city of Barcelona, but right next to it, disturbing the peace outside the sacred building, was a theme park (or what could pass as one). There were carousels, Ferris wheels, and a couple of kiddie rides that almost touched the church itself. It was a very…different sight that I was used to; I almost felt disrespected at how close it was to the church, but hey, this isn’t my country, so I can’t complain. There might have been a good reason they placed the park there.

Anyway, after exploring the sight-seeing deck, and picking up a few more souvenirs, we returned to the city centre of Barcelona, to return the car we’d rented for the day. With that done, I think it’s safe to say, our adventure today, although brief, was quite eventful.

So, look forward to the next few days where we’ll be taking our staple sightseeing bus to discover the city and its history! See you guys soon!

P.S. It seems that my attempts to upload pictures onto this website will have to wait until I return to London…the WiFi at the hotel sucks!

This is Feather, signing out!

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