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The Spanish Navidad – Sightseeing At Its Finest

Hello Everyone!

We are halfway through our tour of Barcelona and its surrounding districts, so let’s see what we have in store for you guys! Today, we’ve explored the great architectural boulevards that span across the city itself, we’ve been to the heights and back, and we’ve rambled (see what I did there?) through the various market spaces that are dotted around the city centre. Despite being a little under the weather, we still made the most of the day. So dive in and see what Barcelona has to offer!

Drowsy Tour Buses

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t feeling too well, so I was barely paying attention to the monotonous voice that stated historical and cultural facts of the major city sites we passed by. There were facts about Antonio Gaudi (a local born artist, known for his architectural works, such as La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batió and many other modernist buildings). For example, did you know that Gaudi died in 1928 because he got hit by a tram. Who knew trams could be so dangerous?

Other facts included artist who walked in his footsteps, advocating for the modernist style of architecture, that dot around the city. There are many museums and foundation buildings dedicated to these artists, and I think you’ll find them really interesting sites, if you’re an artist, and are a particular fan on Gaudi and the contemporary modernist arts.

So, as you can tell there were many new things I learned about the artist, and perhaps, I might just dip my toe into the art world, just to see what it’s like to peek into the minds of such creative individuals, but for now, let’s stick to the travelling aspect of this trip, shall we? After a circuit around the southern side of Barcelona, we stopped at Plaça Catalunya to have some much needed lunch (which happened to be a burger at Burger King), and soon we were off again, to see a certain palace up close and personal.

Montjuïc And Breath-taking Views

At the top of Montjuïc Hill, there’s a palace that houses the National Museum of Catalonia Artworks. It is known as the Palau Naçional, and it overlooks the city of Barcelona. It’s a majestic sight, and if any royalty lived in the palace, I’m pretty sure they’d be rather pleased at the view. The rolling hills around them, looking out at the sea is a glorious sight to behold, and I do recommend hiking up to the palace, just to see all of Barcelona, especially around sunset (or sunrise, if you’re that early).

Oh, and on a side note, Montjuïc used to be an old Jewish cemetery, hence “juïc” in the name. Of course, we didn’t get to see the old cemetery, since we were on a tight schedule, but if you’re that much of an explorer, you’ll probably be able to find it somewhere on the hill, since part of it still remains.

Dizzying Heights

After a quick look around the Palau Naçional, we found the Telefèric, which houses a cable car ride, that takes you up to the Castell at the top of Montjuïc. Here, you’ll find magnificent views of Barcelona and the sea. Not only that, there is a museum inside the castle, which you’ll have to pay for. From what we saw, it was mostly about the military history of Barcelona.

Otherwise, if you’re not into being in stuffy old museums, you can pose with the old cannons that dot the precinct of the castle. It’s great fun, and if you have kids that find being soldiers fascinating, then I think this is something they’d want to take a look at.

Sacred Spaces To Markets

Once we returned to the low grounds of Barcelona, we turned to Barri Gòtic, thanks to mom’s curiosity about the old cathedral there. Unfortunately I didn’t get any information about the cathedral itself, but it is a very beautiful church. There are several sepulchres, chapels and alcoves dedicated to different Saints and titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her son, Jesus Christ. As always, we said some prayers and paid our respects to the sacred space, even donating a couple of coins to light a few candles.

Once we felt satisfied, we returned to the streets to look for the elusive Boqueria Market! Yes, we finally managed to step into the market, after our disappointing visit the last time. The market itself was bustling with activity and colour! It was a fun, fast blast, walking around the different stalls. There were stalls on meat, fruit, drinks, honey, chocolates, spices, and many other different food stuff. I just wanted to buy everything, despite being shoved and pushed down the aisle by other people. However, the glimpses of the food and displays were enough to make my mouth water, and I even bought myself a fruit cup because I was so tempted.

So if you’re ever in the Barcelona area, I highly recommend visiting La Boqueria Market, despite being over crowded, I’m sure there’ll be something you’ll want to buy, just to satisfy your taste buds!

Well, that’s it for us today. Join us again tomorrow, in part two of our sightseeing tour. We’ll be exploring the north of the city, and looking at Gaudi’s artwork much more closely than we did today. I’m sure you’ll be as interested as we are, discovering these hidden little gems. See you guys tomorrow!

This is Feather, signing out!

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