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New Book Obsessions

Hello Everyone!

Today I’ll be talking about why books and stories are one of the best inventions ever created by humanity. Yes, I’ll be rather biased about it, because, well…I’ve loved books my entire life (well…my entire conscious life that is.). So, let’s get started.

Books! Glorious Books!

There are so many reasons why books are the best thing in the world, but I’ll only focus on my top five reasons…

1. They Are Gateways To Other Worlds

This goes for any books, whether fiction or non-fiction, they still introduce you to different worlds. They can be a part of the world we live in now, or they can take you to distant fantasies where creatures like goblins and fairies live. Books not only open your eyes to the world around you, they also inspire your own creativity and imagination.



Just think about it, what world would you rather visit, if you had the chance? Would you go to the place where vampires live, or a fairly land where you could dance with them all day? The possibilities are endless. I know that if ever I could visit a different world, I’d go to Hogwarts, or Narnia or even Olympus if I could!

2. You Get To Step Into Another Person’s Shoes

Now this is a rather complex reason. You see, this is more for the introverts out there (like myself), because books allow you to step into another person’s shoes and get back to yours when you’re done. I know when I read a book, I’d like to imagine I’m the love interest or the heroine, because I get to really feel the adventure. Sometimes when the world is just too loud, reading a book and escaping into a fantasy adventure or a historical romance quietens it all.



For someone like me who has rather been unlucky when it comes to socialising and relationships, it is hard to trust anyone, especially when some situations have come too close to breaking you. That’s why it’s easier to make friends in books. It is because you are stepping into the shoes of someone else, and imagining a different life and personality for yourself that the characters really speak to you. It’s why sometimes I wish they were real, just so I could have someone I could talk to.

3. Imagination Is The Start Of Creativity

When I read a book, I always find myself wondering if I could ever write something as amazing. Granted, I’ve been working on my own stories for the past three years now, and have gone nowhere with them, but I’m slowly getting there. Books aren’t just inspirations, they’re also great references for your own imagination.



Just look at the world of art and media, they are completely saturated with inspiration from books and stories. The Lion King has roots in stories like Hamlet and biblical story of Moses. Labyrinth is based around Alice and Wonderland, and The Chronicles of Narnia (the 2005 film) is literally based on the Jesus story! It is because these stories are so fantastical, so awe inspiring, they have to be told time and time again.

4. The Journey Is Never Over

Even if you put down a book, the adventure is always there, always ready to go back to. To quote J.K. Rowling “Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home”. This can be said for any book you read. I know that if I ever wanted to return to Narnia, I could always pick up a copy of The Magician’s Nephew and read the beginning all over again.



Although it won’t have the same magic as it did when I first read it, and was first introduced to the world, it’s still just as magical, because this time I’d probably find a piece of that world that I’d never noticed before. It’s just like when I picked up Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone the second time. I had completely forgotten that Draco had met Harry in the robes shop before meeting him on the train to Hogwarts. I’d always assumed (thanks to the films) that they’d met at the beginning of the Sorting Ceremony.

5. In A Dreary World There Are Dreary Men

I think it’s fair to say that this world we live in has become so completely complex and muddled, nobody knows what’s right anymore. There are so many problems that it’s difficult to keep up any more. I know that I’ve tuned out most of them, because I can’t stand the negativity anymore. I am overwhelmed by it all that I can’t even open my Facebook page without seeing at least a post about an activist march or a protest somewhere in the world.



Sometimes it’s good to shut it all out, give yourself a break and travel to that other world, where things are a little simpler (of course if you read Sherlock or a political drama then maybe not). It’s an escape yes, but only a temporary one. At least you rest your weary mind from all that you see around you and build yourself up again. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with the times, but they aren’t going anywhere. Progress always marches on whether you’re there at the front or not.

Book Reviews Are Imminent

So, there you have it, my top five reasons I love reading books. Oh, and if you’re a young person, afraid to read a book, don’t be. You won’t get bullied for it. There are plenty of people out there just like you, ready to immerse themselves in a good book and a good story, and if you’re lucky, you might just find that one character you love in one of those people. Who knows, you might just start a story of your own.

I know I haven’t found that person yet, but my eyes are still open, I just need to step into the right book store or library, but that’s going off topic. Yes, I may just write a few book reviews on here, get myself inspired for my novel, and perhaps get some of you inspired to read too!

Well, that’s it. See you on Thursday (yeah, Sugar Daddy still has problems with his PC so he’s not going to be writing for a while, but hopefully he’ll get it fixed soon!)! I’ll be talking about a recent trip to a lovely little Italian restaurant I had; a little get together for my birthday! See you soon!


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