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Feather’s Day Trips: Episode 5 – Italian Birthdays

Hello Everyone!

So, recently I had my birthday (well, I say recently, it’s been a few weeks), and I decided to treat myself to a nice evening out at a restaurant with a few of my cousins (and my sister). This time, we went to a lovely little place in Westfield, called…


It’s a great Italian place, and granted I’d been there once before, but I absolutely adored their food! If you’d like to see what makes this place great, keep reading!

What A Lovely Night Out

The evening started off as you’d expect, waiting for the motley crew to arrive, and while we waited, the service asked if we wanted any water, any sides to keep our hunger at bay, and was, in general, good service. Of course, if you go to a restaurant like that, the sides cost, as well as their water (it was mineral water from a bottle, they don’t serve from the tap). Now, if you buy a la carte, yes you’d expect some meals to be more highly priced than others, but they do have special deal menus, like the lunchtime special, or the dinner time special, depending on what time you go. These menus consist of 2 or 3 courses, and costs £11.99 or £13.99 respectively.

The Set Menu

I, myself went a la carte, and despite costing much more than the set, it was totally worth it. I got the Prawn Marinara as a starter, and the Sea Bass in Padella for the main, which was absolutely divine. Now, when it comes to portions, I know there are people, who are a bit fussy; some want a small plate, others want a mountain. I wanted something in between, and when the plates came, I was more than satisfied with what I got, and let me tell you, the food was cooked to perfection!



Ok, so the picture above isn’t what I took (because it’s too bright and let’s be honest, I would never be able to pull off that kind of picture with my phone), but it was similar to it. If you aren’t a big fan of meat, and don’t mind fish that much, I suggest going for this main. It’s both light and filling. It doesn’t stuff you to the brim, and it’s enough to last the day, if you have it for lunch, not to mention, if you aren’t feeling up to eating, it’s quick and simple, and there are no bones!

Let’s Pick Off Your Plate

Now, if you are honest with yourself, you’d associate Italy with pasta, so, it would only make sense if you order the pasta dishes. That’s what my “aunt” went with. She ordered the Penne Giardiniera, and by the expressions she made while eating, I think she fairly enjoyed it, so much so that I had to give it a try.


Trust me, this special dish was really something else, and it almost made me wish I had ordered that instead of the Sea Bass. You know what, I think you need to look at the menu to decide for yourself what you’d like. This menu is available throughout the day, and will probably break your budget, if you have one.

The Carluccio’s Menu

Even their desserts were amazing! I think I just wanted to stay that extra minute longer, because I wanted another helping of dessert. I had the meringue and it was to die for! For someone with a very sweet tooth, it really is a treat. I suggest for those of you who are adventurous, try it, it’s worth the go.



If you want to check out the dessert menu, click the link below.

The Desserts

I Don’t Wanna Go!

Well, in all I’d say that it was a great birthday treat to myself and to my family, because it had been a while since we saw each other, so it was a great evening out. I suggest, if you’re ever in the UK you do try it out. There are many branches out there, so you shouldn’t be too far from one. When you do, let me know what you thought. How did you like the food? What about the wait service? Leave your comments below, and I’ll see you next time.

This is Feather, signing out!

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