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TEKKEN is one of the best fighting game franchises in the world, and for good reason. With TEKKEN 7 around the corner, it’s easy to understand why this game has been such a huge success. Its basic button layout is easy to learn but hard to master, but anyone can pick this game up and kick some ass! Thank you, TEKKEN!


He wrestles, that has to hit your heartstrings a little bit since most of us have seen some form of wrestling as a kid. King is a pro wrestler and would put all the WWE cast to shame, not even a spear from Goldberg can stop this jaguar-print wearing, underground champion, wrestling machine…yeah, baby. He wears a mask, which I assume allows him to talk like a jaguar, because of the conversation (with subtitles) he has with the armored king.



WHAT! Yes, he speaks! In fact, he speaks the language of the cats, and he is quite good at it. But there’s one thing I really want to know…how does he roar like one!? Maybe he’s not human but an alien! (Imagine that) I think, what draws people to this character is the fact he is able to catch almost everything with his chain throws, and he has a combo, which involves a running power bomb, so not only is he a beast physically but an actual beast in the ring. Can you imagine a man with all that mass charging at you while roaring like an animal! It must be terrifying! oh, wait we have an actual devil and Ogre, so that’s not so bad…


This man is one of the best – no coolest – characters ever! This is not because his hair defies every law possible to man and would make Street Fighter: Gulie look like nothing, but he made young men want to be bikers and buy a lot of biker leather.



TEKKEN 3 variations of Paul were, by far, the most overpowering! I say this because (this is all canon) he defeated every fighter in the game and without really trying, yet he lost the iron fist tournament, how that was possible I’ll never know. His infamous one-punch technique was the scariest thing to face! By the way, TEKKEN 3 Paul Phoenix started this One Punch trend, not One-Punch Man, (please don’t kill me anime people, I do love One Punch Man), Paul was already finishing people off with one punch in the 90s.


There is a Jacks in every game. From his insane design, from the first game (practically a massive drill) to his more android looking counterpart in TEKKEN Tag and TEKKEN 6, this character has always grabbed my attention, especially because he reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger from Pumping Iron, combined with a beastly animal!



Of course, the way he fights is with brute force and two shotgun pumped arms. To me one of the greatest feelings, you can get from this game, is by hitting that technique and watching the opponent fly halfway across the screen. It shows the power that this one character has.



He even has the coolest backstories in the game, because it involves him always saving someone or something, such as in TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2. He saves the world, by destroying a big-ass rock that came flying in from god knows where, and by giving up his own life! Not enough? How about when he saved the blonde girl from a giant space laser, this character is always helping people, in a way I was drawn to that, plus he was easy to use and it’s always fun to pull some of his combos.


Do you like Vampires? I don’t, I am more of a werewolf type of person, but with this new character coming to TEKKEN 7, I’m willing to make a change, just because she is the one…the chosen one! Eliza is the “bridge”, if you like, for TEKKEN and Street Fighter, which can only mean one thing…we are getting closer to that one game! TEKKEN vs. Street Fighter! It has been too long in my opinion.



She has her own low fireball and her own base drive kick. She even has the ability to sleep! I am not kidding she will be able to fall and sleep allowing you to dodge certain specials and certain move! I guess you could say she’s a bit of troll character. I can’t wait to see what the pro players will do with her! I just hope they make multiple combos with her vampire throw, “I want to suck your blood”…and then sleep.


Yes, I know that he is not a TEKKEN character and I don’t care what you say, it’s F**KING AKUMA, the demon himself, which can only mean we will get to see a devil fight a demon really soon! Plus he retains all of his moves from the Street Fighter games! Like Eliza he is a bridge, between the two games, bringing us one step closer to the one game we all want to see! Not to mention, if DLC is there, we might get to see another fighter, such as Ryu or Ken!



Anyway, point is, he seems to resemble more of the Akuma from Street Fighter 4, and in TEKKEN 7, he will have TWO bars, allowing him to meter burn certain moves to extend combos, and from what I have seen, his combos are incredible to watch. I can’t wait to pick up this game and finally play with it!

That’s it! These were my Top 5 what are your favorite characters in Tekken and are you excited for Akuma and Eliza.

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