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Religious Reminders – A Review On The Prince Of Egypt

Hello Everyone!

Ok, so lately I’ve been obsessed with one particular movie, and its amazing music. It came out nearly 20 years ago and has inspired me on so many levels. First off, it’s a hark back to the old traditions I had when I was growing up in a Catholic school. It is also one of the greatest stories ever told, at least it’s one of the oldest stories ever told. The film I’m talking about is the Moses story in…

The Prince of Egypt



If you heard that in Ralph Fiennes voice in the film, then you, my friend, are just as obsessed as I am. So, yes today I will be talking about the film, and what I think of it. Don’t worry there are some downsides that even an amateur can spot.

When You Sing



(Sorry the quality is so dark, I couldn’t find anything else!)

So, for the longest time I’ve been obsessed with the songs in the film. Don’t ask me which one was my favourite, because as far as I’m concerned, they’re all brilliant. This is probably the best reason I can give for my love of the film. Not only are they epic, they also speak to us now. Even the titles are evident to this:

1. Deliver Us
2. All I Ever Wanted
3. Through Heaven’s Eyes
4. Playing With The Big Boys
5. The Plagues (ok, so this one isn’t clear, but the chorus is “Let My People Go”)
6. When You Believe

If you aren’t already inspired by now, listen to the songs, and I can guarantee you, you’d feel just as uplifted and inspired, to make a difference in the world. There is one line of one of the songs that I truly love, “Look at your life through heaven’s eyes”. I have been stuck to this line for a very long time now, and I have to say it’s what inspires me every day. It’s a good thing to remember, because in the end, you’re not judged by what you have or had, you are judged by what you did, and that is a powerful thought.

A Powerful Story

As most of us already know, the story of Moses can be found in the book of Exodus, in the bible. Yes, you can argue it’s just another one of those bible stories that you tell your children, but if you watch this film, you’ll be able to see it as something more. The story is an old one, but it’s pretty evident we still need it today. Yes, it’s about a man being called on a mission, by God, but isn’t that the same for us? We all have our own missions, but it is up to us to say yes to it.



What with this turbulent time, I think the message at the very end is very important “There can be miracles, when you believe”. It is a powerful message and one we must embrace, if we are to be the light in such dark times.

Mismatched Voices

One of the qualms I had with this film was the fact that the voice actors were predominantly “white” Americans or Europeans. Yes, you can argue that Danny Glover was in it, as well as Ofra Haza and Brian Stokes Mitchell, but apart from those two, I can’t seem to find any diversity in the cast.



Yes, I admit their voices are nice to listen to, and add a degree of authority to the film, but I thought it would have been nice to have a little more diversity. After all, this was a film set in the Middle East, with Middle Eastern characters, names and cultures, it would make sense to have a Middle Eastern cast.

Not So Seamless After All

Ok, I know I’m just nit-picking now, and that this was during the time animation and CGI were still being explored, but Disney had better quality pictures by this time, so it’s difficult to not notice how 2-dimensional the animation was. Granted it reflected the hieroglyphics in the tombs in the real world, but I think the animators could have done better.



Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not a Disney production (it’s a DreamWorks one) and I know the company doesn’t have the resources Disney does, but there were some patches where the Computer Graphics and the actual drawings were noticeable. For example, in the beginning, when Rameses and Moses are racing one another across Egypt, in their chariots. It’s very noticeable and hard to un-see, when you’ve seen it.

Last Thoughts



So, this is where the bias comes in. I do love this film, not only because it appeals to the musical theatre fanatic in me, and my religious belief. It also has that message of hope: even in the dark, there is always a light. It’s a powerful message, one that we have to remember, because it’s easy to be complacent and just let the world go on as it does, but that’s not what we are designed to do.

Now, it’s your turn. Have you seen the film? Did you like it? What were your favourite songs? Which characters did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below and inspire your fellow readers to watch the film too, or if not, something similar!

I’ll see you all next week, maybe then I’ll actually do a book review!

Oh, and one last word. Sorry about the lateness of the post, things got busy, and I got lazy, that’s all there is to it, and as for the layout, I kinda forgot that I had a specific layout to these posts, and I didn’t want to redo it…again laziness, but I promise, the next time I do, it’ll be the right layout.

This is Feather, signing out!

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