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The Woes Of A Writer

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time of the week, where I look at whatever else I don’t cover during the other days. So, today, I’ll be looking at what it’s like being a writer who has so many other projects going on, it’s hard to remain focused on one thing at a time.

Read on to know my top five woes of being a writer!

1. Too Much Inspiration, Not Enough Focus

This mainly goes out to writing styles and genres. You see, I’m bombarded by different inspiring sources, like Pinterest, DeviantArt and basically anything that has artists posting up random and beautiful artworks that could easily inspire different stories. However, most of these artworks are not relevant to the story I’m writing now, and yes, it does inspire other types of stories, but it’s not the one I want to focus on!



So, what do I do to tackle this? I go back to the first drafts of the story. If anything, going back to the very beginning is, in my opinion, the best option, because it reminds you why you’re writing the story in the first place. It re-grounds you and is one of the best inspirations I can think of having. So, if you’re a writer and you’re at a block try going back to your first drafts, no matter how disastrous they are. They will remind you what kind of story you are actually writing.

2. Not Enough Inspiration, Too Much Focus

I know it’s just the opposite way around, but hear me out. While I do have a lot of inspiration, there are times when you are not inspired at all. Even now, as I’m writing this post, I feel like I can’t even be bothered any more. In fact, there are times when I’m in the middle of writing and suddenly all inspiration disappears and I just cannot even continue writing.



If that ever does happen, it’s always best to take a break. Losing inspiration or your ideas isn’t all that bad, it just means you’re spreading yourself too thin. You just need to walk away, if only for a few minutes to find yourself again. I know that if I don’t take a break at all, I probably won’t be here writing these posts for you guys now!

3. What Is Real?

If I’m being honest with myself, whenever I get stuck into the writing, I completely lose myself in its world. At times, it has even gone to the point where I almost expect my characters to burst into the room and demand that I join them in their adventures! Imagine if that actually happened! It would not only be absolutely amazing, but I know I’d probably balk at the idea of almost dying just to help them fix their world.



As for fixing this situation, I’m not sure it’s possible without forcing yourself to walk out the door and forgetting the story for a bit. In fact, I’m not sure I want to fix it. While, sometimes, it is disappointing that I don’t actually go on amazing adventures or slay dragons, it does give me a break from the real world, if only for a few moments. Sometimes, the real world is just too scary and heart-breaking than the ones you find in stories, and it’s ok to sometimes lose yourself in them.

4. Too Many Projects!

This is mostly for those of us who do too many things at once. To give you an idea, imagine yourself running this blog, attempting to write a series of fantasy novels, attempting to start up a film production company with a friend, helping said friend with his mother’s jewellery business by knitting a bunch of bags for them to use, working in a shop, attempting to look for a job elsewhere and all the while trying to recruit more people to work for this blog! It’s a lot. In fact it’s taken up nearly an entire paragraph!



Once more, this goes back to the “spreading yourself too thin” category, and granted sometimes writing the novel is actually a means of escape and relaxation, but there is a downside. While writing the novel is the best thing to relax, it’s also the worst thing to forget. While you work on all the other projects that’s going on, you tend to worry about the novel and how it’s not progressing, and it adds to the stress you feel, even if it’s not meant to. So, maybe dropping a couple of tasks or delegating them to someone else is a good idea.

5. Don’t Play With My Emotions

If you’re like me, and you invest yourself into the characters you make up, you tend to think the way they do, and eventually you forget who you are, especially after a gruelling scene or chapter. I know that when I get to the parts that matter in my novels, I will need some serious downtime because I’ve just spent a gruelling few hours getting the scene perfect, or killing off someone so cruelly I’d need to re-evaluate my morals.



When you’re a writer and you know you’re going to kill off someone because it is a beat you need for the story, remember that when the time does come, you will have to close off yourself, because you will feel the heart break and the hurt. In all my failed drafts of the novels I’m writing, I did get to the point where one of my characters must sacrifice themselves and it was heart breaking I actually cried when it happened. So, if you’re like me and you invest yourself into your characters, don’t do it completely. You might find yourself broken all over the floor if you do.

Well, that’s it. Those are my top five woes of being a writer, no matter if you’re writing a fiction or a blog post, there’s always something that puts a spanner in the works. So, now it’s your turn. Have you ever experienced any of these woes, and if you have any of your own, what are they? Let us know in the comments below and I’ll see you next time!

This is Feather, signing out!

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