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Exhausting Humour – A Review on Running Man

Hello Everyone!

Today’s review will be on a TV show I’m currently watching, and will probably be watching for a while yet. It’s an Asian show, so if you don’t want to read subtitles, then I don’t suggest this show for you at all. Anyway, for those of you who don’t mind, I can guarantee you’ll be laughing yourself to the hospital because it is that funny. The show is called…

Running Man

Some of you may have heard of it, some of you might not. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, here’s the breakdown.

What Is Running Man



Running Man is a Korean variety show. The main cast and their guests will be put through a series of games and challenges to get to their ultimate prize. Most of the time the prizes will be gold, or a valuable trophy. The first couple of episodes had punishments for the losing team, but as the show progressed they dropped it and a golden prize became the incentive for the Running Man cast.

Who Stars In Running Man

There are seven principle characters on Running Man, one woman, six men. Their names are…

Song Jihyo

Kang Gary

Ji Sukjin

Yoo Jaesuk

Lee Kwangsoo

Ha Dong Hoon

Kim Jongkook

In most episodes, they are joined by guests. Some notable names that have appeared on the show are:

Jackie Chan

Patrice Evra

Park Ji Sung

Ryu Hyun Jin

There have been several guests who have frequently been on Running Man, even from the start, such as Jung Yong-Hwa and Park Ji Sung and Nickhun. However, the cast has largely remained the same. Recently, in October 2016, Kang Gary left the show, to focus on his music career.

The Highlights

There have been many different themes on the show, such as a prison break theme, a camping theme, and even a hunter’s theme. However, none can top off the recurring James Bond theme. The usual suspect of the James Bond theme is the MC himself, Yoo Jaesuk, or “Yooruce Willis” or “Yoomes Bond”. These are just a few of the nicknames that he has been assigned to because of his penchant for betraying his team members in what seems to be a plot twisting style.



Another running gag that is evident in the series is the “relationship” between Song Jihyo, also known as Blank or “Mong” Jihyo or Bad Jihyo (especially when she gets angry or annoyed), and Kang Gary, or “Mr Random Capable”. The “relationship” started at the very beginning of the series, and has been a running gag on Running Man, dubbing the two members as the “Monday Couple”.



Lastly, my favourite highlight of the show is the way in which Kim Jongkook has been portrayed. Even from day one he is known to be the muscles of the group, showcasing his love for fitness and physical training occasionally. He has been dubbed “Mr Capable” or “Spartakook” or “The Tiger”. His knack for taking down his opponents like a predator is what colours his character, despite sometimes also showing his weakness for women, in which case he is dubbed “Cookie Kook”.

My Thoughts

I love this series. I absolutely love it! The cast don’t take the challenges too seriously, and you can always find them laughing about something or other, from a certain way someone says something to a body gag that someone has done. For example, every time Kwangsoo or Gary tries to lie, everyone can tell, or whenever Ji Sukjin says something that seems old fashioned, the whole cast (even Sukjin himself) laugh with a lot of gusto.



I think, if you want to waste away a good couple of hours, say for example if you’re waiting for someone, and it’ll probably take them a couple of hours to get to you, you can watch this show while you’re waiting. It’s also a good idea to watch it if you’re ever feeling down or depressed. I’m pretty sure their body gags and their jokes will get a few laughs out of you.



In short, if you’re a fan of Asian entertainment, this show is for you, along with hosts of other shows, such as Infinite Challenge or We Got Married or X-Man. There’s always something that will make you laugh, with these shows, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me, when I say that they lift your spirits, even when you think they might not.

Well, that’s it from me today, I’ll see you next time! Please don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment your feedback. We’d love to know what you think about our daily updates and posts, and we can’t wait to make more content for you guys. If you have any suggestions, or would like to request a review or a post, we’d be happy to take that challenge on!

This is Feather, signing out!

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