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Feather’s Stories: A Flowery Start

Hello Everyone!

Today is another story post, so no crafts today. Check it out below!

By keeping her silence, she kept her wrath in check, but she knew it would only be one small thing, one small action that would trigger that inevitable explosion.

“So how many bulbs are in this pack?” asked the elderly woman. She wasn’t so elderly that she couldn’t read, but rather she was too lazy to read, and expected the young woman to do the reading for her.

Sighing for one last time, Karina looked out the window, still attempting to keep a tight grip on the strings that were slipping from her fingers, “Ten, ma’am, it says it there on the front.”

The elderly woman nodded, as if that piece of information was interesting, and not something that she would have seen right in front of her. She turned the pack over, pretending to skim over the miniscule details that were printed on the back, biding her time, before finally placing the package on the counter top, “I’ll take them.” Holding back a sigh of relief, Karina grabbed for the pack of tulip bulbs and scanned the barcode, ready to be done with the ordeal as soon as possible. As the black and white numbers popped up on her screen, she recited the price. The elderly lady looked up at her, offended, “How much?” she asked, a bit too loudly.

“It says it on the basket ma’am,” Karina replied, leaning over the counter to point at the clearly labelled price on the front.

Feigning shock and indignation, the elderly lady shook her head, re-placed her purse back into her handbag and waved away the young cashier, “Oh, no that’s far too expensive. No, no, I’ll leave it for now. Thank you.”

That was it, the final straw, and Karina rolled her eyes with frustration, “All right,” she murmured under her breath, setting aside the now mangled pack of tulip bulbs, as she readied herself to serve the next customer. Plastering a friendly smile onto her face, she looked up to find a well-dressed man standing in front of her. His fedora sat pristinely atop his head, and his long beige coat fluttered as he moved towards her. A well-groomed, silver beard peaked out from under his hat as twinkling blue eyes sparkled at her. In her mind, Karina remarked upon the strange beauty of the man, despite his age. Trying not to blush, she continued to smile, “Hello sir, how can I help?”

“Ah, yes, I was wondering if you could find for me a rare flower, I’m told you sell them here.” His rich, baritone voice echoed around her and Karina vaguely noted how it felt like a warm blanket in the middle of winter.

“We sell many kinds of flowers, which one were you looking for?” she asked, determined to help this man, regardless of the many eyes on her, demanding her attention.

“It’s called a moon rose; blooms only once every hundred years, and this year is the peak of their bloom cycle.” The man’s request finally struck her as odd. Of course, with an immaculate fedora and coat, he didn’t seem like the local visitors of the small town.

Karina attempted to keep her friendly smile on her face as she tried to tell the man the bad news, “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t think we stock that. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a moon rose before. Are you sure that’s what it’s called. Maybe you could describe it for me.”

The man looked up at her with those sparkling blue eyes, and nodded, “Oh, no, I’m sure you have them. Here, let me show you where I saw them last.” He turned towards the back of the store, with a curious Karina in tow. The man took her to the back of the store, where there were very few patrons mingling about, and pointed to a display that showcased many different and rare flowers, “I saw it here last,” the man said, his eyes trained like an eagle on the young woman.

Karina turned to the display and saw nothing but the potted violets, white lilies and bluebells, “I don’t see any roses,” she noted, hoping the man would take a hint.

She looked at him, but his eyes were now focused on the plants in front of them. He nodded towards the display, “Look again,” he said. His voice was quiet, almost reverent, and Karina wondered if he knew that he was talking about a plant.

Pushing away the disturbing thoughts, she turned back to the display and noticed a flower that hadn’t been there before. Her eyes widened with surprise and intrigue as she gazed at the strange thing.  It was buried in a small, delicate, blue pot. The stem was unusually blue, with streaks of glowing silver racing up and down the thin arm. As she bent lower, to take a closer look, she noticed the white-blue petals of the rose. The delicate petals curled outwards as if reaching out for the light, and at the edges, diamonds sparkled in the dim light.

Lost for words, Karina raised a hand to her mouth, “That’s impossible,” she breathed, her eyes fixed on the strange flower.

“Not improbable,” the man interrupted. Karina turned her gaze towards him, ready to bombard him with questions, but the excitement in his eyes gave her pause.

Straightening, she asked, “How…what…”

The man finally turned towards her and a smile as bright as a thousand suns lit up his face, “My dear, it seems that a grand adventure has called for you.” He reached out and grasped both her hands in his rather large and rather warm ones, “I pray good fortune smiles upon you.”

Karina frowned in confusion and she turned back to the rose, loathed to look away from the man, “I…I don’t understand…how is this possible?”

“That is for the fates to decide,” he replied, and as she returned her attention back to him, he had disappeared, and Karina was left alone, her hands held up to the air as if waiting for someone to take them. Feeling foolish, as a patron shuffled past her and gave her a queer look, she dropped her hands to her side. While the man had gone, the flower hadn’t and Karina couldn’t stop staring at the alien thing, wondering what was going on. Little did she know; the man was right. A grand adventure was calling for her.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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