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Feather’s Games: Nintendo Switch – A Review

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It’s already been a couple of days since the recent release of the Nintendo Switch, and my god, is this little box fun! So, first things first, this console was designed to be an all in one console; meaning, it functions as a traditional home console, a portable system, and a tablet, with two wireless controllers.


Now, let’s have a serious talk about consoles as a whole, though Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox ONE have the biggest specs and are more famous for their unique games and characters and multiplayer landscape, they don’t do something that Nintendo does. Change! When Nintendo announced the Wii, it was one of the best selling consoles of all time. If I am correct, it is the best selling console, of all time, with a sale figure of £1.8 million, every month from its release. However, the design of the Nintendo Switch, though impressive it has its flaws in some areas.

Let’s Talk Specs

One of the qualities that will strike users first is the overall look and feel of the Switch. This could be due to its neon blue and red colours, or the grey/black version. They are very interesting to look at and catch the eye, wherever they are. As for the console itself, the tablet is small and thin which surprised me, because I was expecting it to look much bigger. When my friend and I place it next to the other consoles, it looked tiny! Of course it was Nintendo’s goal to create a machine, which was portable but still pleasant to look at, unlike some other consoles (Steam and Nvidia we’re looking at you).


The Nintendo Switch display is a 6.2 inch multi-touch screen with a 720p resolution. It’s beautiful colour production is bright enough to be played, nearly everywhere, including well lit places and in places where the sun shines brightly. The touch system is better than its older brother, the Wii U.


It feels like the tablets we’re used to, like the iPad and the Google Pixel, the only problem is with consoles, pushing to the 4k market and even 5k, it’s worrying that the screen can only produce 720p in resolution. I wish they made the screen a little bigger, so it could allow perhaps the 1080p resolution, because when testing the switch, with Breath of the Wild, I see it struggled, sometimes, to keep 60fps and the quality would drop every now and then. Even though the price is £279.99, I believe the Switch is not a waste. Personally, if I could make some changes, it would be to create a bigger screen and use a 1080p display. Who knows they may release a Switch XL.

The Usefulness of Portability

Being outside and heading to work or meeting friends, with the Switch, was indeed an experience of a lifetime! After long uses, I was able to continue playing games, without my hands feeling any pain or the battery dying out too quickly. The issue I found was that playing Breath of the Wild, in handheld mode, caused some frame to drop, such as distort the particles or the physics of the game, or certain objects would appear and disappear on screen. Also, when playing the game on the TV, and playing on the go, I thought it was a little bit lacking, almost like it was less impactful, just my opinion.


Speaking about battery, let’s say this, though it is portable, I would suggest not to play it as your main portable console without its charger. This is due to the fact it is bigger than a 3DS XL and a PSP Vita. It won’t fix in your pockets, and the battery life was short when playing demanding games, lasting almost 2 and half hours.

It was a bit shocking, going home to see that the console was almost out of battery. So, if you have a portable battery charger, or a plug and cable, you may be able to play couple of hours more, but without these gadgets, you’re only looking at 2 to 3 hours of gameplay. As an example, my journey on the train, to meet friends, while playing Breath of the Wild, and coming back home, basically  took almost all the battery life. On the flip side, when I arrived home, I was able to charge to 100 percent in just under 3 hours.


Last Thoughts

Finally, the last issue that I have with this console was the fact it lacks onboard storage. It only has 32GB; meaning your going to need to invest in a good SD card, for future games and digital releases. To put this in perspective, Breath of the Wild is about 13GB and the 1.2 Switch system is 1.3GB, with other games being around 3 to 5GB. Meaning most of your storage has been taken with one big game and 2 smaller games.


So with that in mind, the console itself is not the standout we all think it is, but we can’t deny, what Nintendo has created, is something unique and different, and with PlayStation and Xbox watching, we’ll know where they got their inspiration from, if they ever decide to release a portable console. Although we can’t really talk about the functionality of online and video streaming, internet surfing and etc. (because it only has the Nintendo store), I think it’s safe to say this will change over time. However, Nintendo delivers a small but very fun packaged home entertainment system. So, if you don’t mind living with these small issues, then this is one of the most enjoyable consoles I have played, and I am looking forward to what else they do in the near future.

Special thanks to Captain Asia for allowing me to play and test the Switch, so I could give my thoughts and opinion on the Nintendo Switch.

Have wonderful day guys!

This was Sugar Daddy giving you my thoughts and don’t stop gaming. Bye.


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