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One Hundred Lost Souls – A Review on The 100

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Today I have a great review for you! It’s not a beauty product, or a recipe app. I guess you can tell I ran out of inspiration, in the last two reviews, but don’t worry, this one’s a doozy! Alright…let’s get to it. As you know, I have Amazon Fire (check out TVs and Fires if you want to know what I think about it), and lately I’ve been bored with the murder and crime dramas, my mom has been watching over the past few weeks. So, I decided to look for something new to watch, and I stumbled upon a very interesting show called…

The 100

Yes, I know it’s been out a couple years already, and the series is in its fourth season, but I decided to watch it now, because I can, without my sister, mom or dad telling me to change the channel! So, what do I think about it? Read on and find out!



First Aired:

19 March 2014

Stars: As Appearing on Wikipedia

Eliza Taylor

Paige Turco

Thomas McDonell

Eli Goree

Bob Morley

Marie Avgeropoulos

Kelly Hu


Jason Rothenberg

Official Rating:




Less than one hundred years after a nuclear war nearly destroyed the Earth, a group of one hundred juvenile “criminals” are sent back to the ground, to act like guinea pigs for the people living on the Ark, a space station that orbits the Earth. The reason they were sent down wasn’t purely in the name of science, or for hope, it was because the Ark is dying. The oxygen supply is running out, and the 2000 people living on that space station will die within months, if they don’t leave soon. Clarke, one of “the hundred” doesn’t just sit tight, she and a group of the criminals lead the rest, as they try to survive the dangers of Earth. Not only do they have to contend with nature and its complications, they must also survive against the survivors or “grounders” of the nuclear war.

Review Time

Ok, so there isn’t an “Initial Response” section of this review, because it’s not a film, it’s a TV series, and honestly, there are so many different reactions to each episode it’s difficult to pin it down. So, we’re starting off the review now.


In all honesty, I am hooked by this show. It’s not Supernatural, or Doctor Who, or even Sherlock (see what I did there?). It’s not even Once Upon A Time, but for some bizarre reason, I am absolutely in love with this show! Not only does it have a badass heroine, who pretty much takes care of everyone and tries to figure out a way to survive, without being too threatening; it has all the complications of humanity’s lust for power and need to be in charge. Not to mention, the heroine has a charisma and quality that makes her an unintentional leader, and that’s something that I aspire to, and probably why I love this show.


Not only that, the guys in it are pretty hot! I mean, I know they’re probably just a little younger than me (at least in the show), but come on! Just take a look at one of the leading guys!


That’s Bellamy, he’s the male leader, the one who brings the criminals in line, while Clarke does all the other stuff. He’s the one that protects everyone, and makes sure no one is killed, without reason. Of course, he’s probably the one I’m rooting for, when things go south with Clarke and Finn.


Anyway…other than the actors, acting and the general story of the series, there are so many great things about this series. For example, there’s a recurring theme behind the main plot. It’s not just a “survival of the fittest” type of show, there is a deeper meaning to it all. Maybe you can spot it, if I put down examples. Here we go!

1. Bellamy sneaks onto the drop ship, that’s taking everyone to Earth, by doing something classified as a first degree crime (well…not exactly first degree, he attempts, but fails).

2. Wells, Clarke’s best friend (sorry, ex-best friend) confesses he is only taking the blame because he loves Clarke.

3. Finn is anxious about contacting the Ark, because there is someone there that has to know he’s still alive, but Clarke doesn’t know.

4. Clarke’s mom does some terrible things, in order to get to her daughter on Earth.

5. The people on the ark learn that they only have months to live, before oxygen runs out.

Did you guess it? If you guessed that it’s all about secrets, and how they will eventually be revealed, one way or the other, then you’re correct. It’s probably not a subtle thing, but I did notice it, and it’s the best reminder for everyone. Any secret you hide will eventually be revealed, one way or another, and no matter how bad it is, someone always finds out. Of course, in real life, it doesn’t happen as quickly as it does in the series, but be patient, secrets will be revealed no matter what they are.


Now on to the not-so-great things about this show. First off, despite my apparent admiration of it, there are a few flaws to the plot. It is rather predictable, when it comes to certain aspects of the story. For example, it was very obvious that Wells was in love with Clarke (yeah…trust me, it’s not a spoiler when you see the first episode).


Another point of typical plots is the fact that there is one criminal who is so despicable you know they’re going to either die or be booted out of the camp soon. Another plot point that was predictable was the fact that the people on the Ark will find out about their home’s expiration date. I’m sorry, but these plot points aren’t very subtle. I think the writers and producers of The 100 need to take a good look at Sherlock, and find out what subtle is.


Another thing I find rather irksome is the fact that Clarke’s always being saved. Although she’s the heroine, she doesn’t do a good job of protecting herself. Granted she’s lived on a space station all her life, but didn’t they teach her how to defend herself, or survive without having to rely on a man. Surely, the human race has evolved enough to realise that men and women are equals. After all, feminist power is on the rise! Maybe Clarke needs to learn a few defence techniques from Bellamy.


The hundred seemed to have found themselves a lot of fabric, materials and containers, and it’s only been a couple of months on Earth. They were dropped in a rusty old ship, with little less than a couple of weeks’ supplies, and yet they have enough food, tent materials and bedding to sleep comfortably? Where did they get the materials from? How did they find the containers, where did they get the pillows and bedding from? I don’t think the drop ship would have had all that in its storage space.

In Conclusion

Ok, I was grasping at straws for those last three paragraphs, because honestly, I’m watching the show as an audience member, not a film production student or critic. I was bored, and needed something to get me through the night, before I fell asleep. I tried to watch Viking, The Walking Dead, and Arrow, before I found The 100 and none of those shows were appealing to me, at all. I guess, I’m going to have to watch those shows during the daytime, when I can concentrate on it properly.


So, for those of you who do like the Hunger Games, or Divergent, or anything that’s got a good survival storyline behind it, then I suggest watching this show. It’s mostly kid friendly, and has some really good message behind it, like whatever secrets you hide, it’ll always come out in the end, or humans are good, you just need to look past the bad to see it. It’s basically a message of hope, and if that’s something you can’t see, you might want to try.

Well, that’s it from me today, I’ll see you guys tomorrow when I talk about my adventures around London! Until then, it’s your turn. Let us know what you think of The 100. Do you like it? Do you not like it? What do you like or don’t like about it? Is there a character you’re fond of? What’s your favourite part of the series (without giving away spoilers please)? Leave your tips in the jar below, and we’ll see you soon!

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