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Fairytales Going Wrong – A Review On Once Upon A Time

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time of the week where we review something! This week was a particularly hard one to find something to review. I haven’t bought anything new recently, nor have I watched any new movies or TV shows, so it was rather difficult to think of something. However, just as I had begun to write this review, I realised there was one thing I could review…If you guessed from the title, you’re probably correct, because today I’ll be reviewing…

Once Upon A Time


That’s right, I’ll be reviewing the latest episode from Once Upon A Time, so if you haven’t seen the newest episode, or haven’t been keeping up with the series…


Now that that’s over, shall we begin?

Daddy Issues

So, what was the main story this time? Well, for the most part, we focused on David and Hook, and their adventures to find out what happened to David’s father, when he died all those years ago. On the other hand, we watched the slow dissolve of Regina’s hope in finding “her” Robin, in the Robin that came back with her from the “time that never was” (as I like to call it).


Ok, so in the trailer that led up to this episode, it’s no surprise that we’d all expect that Hook killed David’s father (after all, David threatening Hook was a very highlighted scene), and I think we can all assume it’s a legitimate assumption. However, what the writers did, for the actual episode was not cool. First, they tried to convince us that Hook didn’t kill David’s father, and then at the very end, when you thought it was all over, the worst reveal ever happens. I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to pretend that scene never happened.


For someone who loves a good plotline and a good plot twist, this was the worst I had ever seen. Not only does it make you groan out of frustration, it just shows poor taste. I mean, the story is complicated as it is, and involving a mess that really shouldn’t be there, in the first place, just makes things so much more ridiculous. After all, Hook is on the mend, from being the villain to actually being a decent guy. I don’t want to see him getting his head chopped off by “Prince Charming”, just because of something that happened years ago. Not to mention…I WANT A CAPTAIN SWAN WEDDING SOON!

Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Is it just me, or is everyone else tired of Regina getting the worst luck possible. I mean, come on! She lost one Robin, don’t make her lose another. I am sorely tempted into writing my own story for her, and giving her a guy who doesn’t die on her watch. First, it was Daniel, now it’s Robin, and this one doesn’t seem to be giving her a chance.


I’m all for the “Regina finding hope in a new chapter” thing but please don’t make it end in heartache. She deserves much more. ARE YOU LISTENING HOROWITZ AND KITSIS! MAKE REGINA HAPPY, FOR ONCE! I just hope after all of this hoopla between Emma and Gideon, we can find something that won’t tear Regina apart and make her into the Evil Queen again. That would be very poor character development

Hope and A Future

Ok, so enough with the criticism and the rants, I think this is one good point I can touch on…A CAPTAIN SWAN WEDDING IS IN THE FUTURE! I can’t believe it! Finally! After FOUR SEASONS we’re getting a Captain Swan wedding! I mean, they’ve been through too much together, with Hook dying, then coming back to life (twice), and Emma going from Saviour to Dark One and then back to Saviour, in the blink of an eye, and now this! These two really need to get going with their baby plans, if they want to keep the flame alive.


It’s been long overdue, and I truly believe that it’s not just Regina that needs a happy ending, and I mean NEED, Hook does too. Although he stole Milah from Rumple (and he technically stole Emma from Neale/Baelfire), he has changed, a lot, and the fact that he stopped David from exacting revenge against King (ex-king) George, shows just how much he’s changed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I wasn’t invested in the episode. Yes, we got to see Pleasure Island, and we got to see August/Pinocchio as a kid, and we got to see what happened to David’s father, I think the ending just ruined the whole episode. I am willing to pretend it never happened, but my OCD and curiosity wonders what will happen if David finds out. I really hope he takes Hook’s advice, and forgive him, because that would just not be right, especially for a hero.

Well, those are my two cents. What did you guys think of the episode? Did you get any closure from the story? Are you sold on the “Hook did it” twist? Leave your tips in the jar below, and we’ll see you next time!

This is Feather, signing out!

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  1. I never looked into watching this series. However, I did watch a few seasons’ worth of Grimm. I stopped only after having a season interrupted by the Olympics for a while. Since then, I just never caught up and so gave up.


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