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Meditation – A New Dimension Of Peace

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Well, this is a different post isn’t it? Yes, today, I’ll be talking about mediation, and its benefits. I’ve recently taken up the strange practice, and trust me it’s much simpler than you think. It just requires a few minutes of your time, and you can practically do it anywhere.

So, let’s start with how to meditate.

Step 1. Find A Quiet Corner

Find somewhere quiet to do this. Meditation requires you to be still and away from the hustle and bustle of the world. So, go to a quiet corner of your office, a library, a park, or if you’re at home, go to your room and shut the door.


If you’re in a noisy environment, you’ll get distracted by everything and everyone. You’ll want to listen to the different conversations around you, and your focus will be distracted. Thoughts will start to invade, and that’s not what meditation is about. So, find a quiet corner, sit yourself down, and meditate.

Step 2. Put Away All Distractions

There are ways to distract yourself, even if you’re in a quiet room. Your mind will put you off the practice and you’ll want to play with whatever is around you. Put them away, or hide them. That way you won’t be tempted to grab them and be distracted.


If you’re in a place where computers are present, cover them with a blanket, hide your phone in a drawer or put it in your bag, shut it and place it somewhere you can’t easily reach. Without these technological distractions, you’ll be able to focus on your breathing and you’ll be able to empty your mind even more quickly.

Step 3. Control Your Breathing

This step is an optional step, but it really helps if you’re constantly tensed up. Control your breathing, count the seconds you breathe in and out, and breathe fully. When you inhale, count to 5, hold it in for 3 and exhale fully for 7. It’s less about helping you breathe, and more about focusing and emptying your mind.


When you focus on your breath, and the numbers, you forget everything else and simply just be in the moment. If any invasive thoughts about your work, or the day, start creeping in, force them to the back, focus on the numbers and the way your chest expands and contracts.

Step 4. Listen To Your Surroundings

Even in your own room, there are sounds, there is no place that is completely quiet; even outer space has noise, as science can explain. Listen to your environment, concentrate on the distant whirring of machines, or the sound of cars or nature outside your window.


Try to focus on the sound and let your mind simply figure out what it is. It’s a good idea to affirm what it is by telling yourself what you’re listening to. If you’re listening to a conversation outside your door, don’t focus on the words that are being said; instead, tell yourself you’re listening to two people talking. Ask yourself who is speaking, what they sound like, and if they’re voices are familiar in anyway.

Step 5. Close Your Eyes

This is for when you truly want to immerse yourself in your practice. Closing your eyes can help you focus on grounding yourself. Practice controlling your breath, or listening to your surroundings while your eyes are closed. It’ll reaffirm where you are, despite not being able to see, and you’ll feel a lot more connected to the space.


Closing your eyes takes away one of the most important senses you use. In fact, I think other than touch and sound, sight is a very important gift. Remember, some people aren’t given that gift, and when you’re done meditating, don’t forget to appreciate the gift. It’s how we recognise our parents and loved ones, it’s how we know what dangers and comforts look like.

One Last Bonus Tip

There’s no need to chant when you mediate. That type of thing is mostly for a different practice. Meditation only requires you to focus on your breath, and on your thoughts. As long as you feel a oneness with your surroundings and you’re not distracted by the things around you, then you are meditating.


The only thing you need to remember about meditation is that it’s about relaxing yourself and stilling yourself to re-centre your thoughts and to de-stress. There is nothing you need to do but to sit down and basically stare at nothing, or close your eyes and doze off. Don’t fall asleep, otherwise that becomes a nap; instead, doze off to the point where you can feel the solidity of the ground beneath your feet.

The Benefits


There are several benefits to meditation. The first is, of course, de-stressing yourself, as I mentioned in my previous posts. By meditation, you learn to put your troubles and worries into perspective. You’ll realise that there is no need to worry about your problems too much, and that eventually you’ll find the solution to it, and if you can’t do it on your own, meditation will probably help you find the courage you need to ask for help.


Meditation isn’t just for everyday problems. Sometimes you can use meditation for prayer. Many people think prayer is a set of lines to say over and over again…well…it is, but you can also use meditation as a helpful guide to prayer. For some people, saying a prayer over and over again isn’t their cup of tea.


Sometimes, using meditation can relieve you of the strict format that prayer gives. I use meditation myself, when I pray, and it really helps me connect with my God, and bring Him closer to me, when I need His presence most. You can probably find some guided meditation sessions on the Internet, or you can make it up for yourself. Simply imagine you’re in your favourite place, and talking with God. You can talk to him about anything, your day, your worries, your fears, anything.

Better Sleep

You don’t need to use meditation to find solutions to problems, all the time. It can simply help you relax before you go to sleep. Sometimes, your mind will continue to whirr, even after you’ve accomplished a major task during the day. The buzz of that accomplishment and the activity will still linger even after a couple of hours have gone by. Meditate before you go to bed and you’ll find yourself drifting off in no time.


The way I meditate is usually crocheting or knitting while I clear my mind of the worries that invaded me throughout the day. I also use a relaxation app that plays relaxing sounds, so I can relax even more. For example, if I want to feel like I’m meditating in an Asian garden, I play the sounds of a fountain or a small waterfall, and couple it off with wind chimes and birdsong. Sometimes you can be doing something while you meditate, as long as it’s something that focuses your mind while you settle yourself.


You can meditate to increase your concentration. Throughout the day, your thoughts can stray, and you’ll forget what you’re working on. In fact, sometimes, you’ll probably procrastinate if you can, even if you have an important project coming up. Meditation will help you re-centre your priorities and remind you what you need to do.


Meditating when your mind and body don’t want to do what needs to be done can help reorganise your thoughts and bring you back to the task. Whenever I have a post that needs to be done, and I don’t feel like doing it, I take at least five minutes out of my day before I do attempt the post. It gives me the strength and determination to at least attempt it and soon, I find myself actually finishing the post.

What Is Your Favourite Method?

Now, there are much more benefits to meditation, just search it up on the internet, and you’ll find that meditation can help with a lot more, these are just a few that are rather important to me, and I think are important for you too. So, why don’t you try it out! Try it for about a month, and it only takes at least 5 minutes in your day. Let us know how it’s helped you, and if you have any, leave your tips in the jar below, we might even try it out!

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