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Let me tell you something gamers, let…me…tell you something!

Call of duty may have done something that we, first-person shooter fans, love and that was…they listened. It’s like being in a relationship. For a true relationship to work, you have to listen to one another and try to not completely change the character of oneself, but the attitudes towards a certain aspect of your partner, so the actual relationship between one another can become stronger.

With that in mind I am Sugar Daddy and hope you enjoy the post, let’s get to it.

Old Mistakes, New Beginnings

So let’s get this out of the way, Infinite Warfare was a bit of a disappointment, although its solo campaign wasn’t too bad and, like previous titles, had quite a few big names attached to the project. It did not compete with the massive scale of Battlefield 1, however, along with the madness unfolding in Titan Fall 2, with its battle mecha war zone. So, with the leaked release of perhaps the concept design, a steel book cover, we were given the title WW2.

The last game the Call Of Duty franchise had set, in this period, was World At War, released in 2008 and boy was that a game. In fact, for most fans, including myself, the World At War and Modern Warfare 2 was the greatest Call Of Duty games and perhaps one of the greatest first-person shooters made, just because of its massive success and feel of combat.

What Happened?

Why WW2? That’s simple for 2 years now we, the fans, have been craving a more boot on the ground game, ever since Advance Warfare. With Black Ops 3 and this future-y setting, we sort of got bored with all the people jumping around like bunnies on LSD. It almost became too much. I’m pretty much tired of running than shooting, jumping against a wall running to sliding, just for 3 to 4 kills. This is why most people didn’t like the recent games, they preferred the older simpler time of just aim and shoot and using skills to aim.


I guess what I’m saying is “there’s no school like the old school”, even though other people prefer the new style. In the end, we want to go back to a much more simpler yet thrilling Call Of Duty that made us excited to play and not mad and wanting to rage quit, because of a kid. The biggest reason is that the Call Of Duty franchise wants more money, and they know that Battlefield 1 did really well, and if they made another game, like Infinite Warfare then the fans will do something much worse than dislike a million times on YouTube.

 Learning From Mistakes

The campaign is something that not a lot of Call Of Duty fans don’t care about, they would rather just jump into multiplayer and be done with it, but when I was in secondary school, on break, we did talk about multiplayer and how we got this gun or this kill-streak. We’d talk about certain scenes in the story mode, where we thought these were the coolest thing we had ever seen. It was like Die Hard and Transformers had a child. It was truly amazing.


However, with a setting like WW2, we have a chance again to explore an era where heroes gave the lives to protect what we have now. That’s why I believe Call Of Duty should take a page out of Battlefield 1 and embrace the stories of real men, and show multiple perspectives of the biggest war in history. It will allow us to experience these historical conflicts and highlight the intense violence of what the soldiers went through. The best example of this is the opening mission in Battlefield 1. That was a powerful message.

On To Bigger And Better Things

Now let’s talk about the biggest thing in Call Of Duty and that’s multiplayer. With the experience that Call Of Duty developers have made, they can most definitely make an improved version of it, for World At War, but we don’t want that game re-mastered… Wait…Of course, I do, but only if it’s free and we don’t have to pay £70 to £80 pounds for it. I believe they should make this game more grounded; make you feel like an actual soldier, but without taking or changing the feeling of the game.

So, we need certain perks that make sense for that era and more weapons variations. As for customization, I would suggest making a weapon look and feel more personal, due to the fact that some real soldiers in history have boasted carrying that same weapon for long periods of time. It makes it a part of them in some way, or perhaps I’ve been watching way too many movies and anime.



Finally, nearly every game has zombies, which I don’t mind, but I feel as if we need more content, like spec ops, or the ability to create special matches, making the tone of the game a little lighter, and silly, instead of the usual serious gameplay. I mean, although I love zombies, I do get bored at times, So whoever’s developing it, keep that in mind.

Anyway, that was some exciting news of, perhaps, the new Call Of Duty game WW2, but most likely it’s probably because of E3 getting ever so close.

Please leave a like and comment on your thoughts of the new Call Of Duty game, it really helps me and Feather Charm out.

This was Sugar Daddy, telling you guys to keep gaming.

P.S. I hope they really do re-master Call Of Duty: World At War… just saying.


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