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Feather’s Music: Dal Sengo

dal segno
dal ˈsɛnjəʊ/
adverb & adjective

(especially as a direction) repeat from the point marked by a sign.

Good after evening and welcome to… The above definition.

So, to be honest, as I write this, I’m at the beginning of a new, old musical endeavour. I’m managing to type coherently but verbally it sounds a lot more like what you’d expect from a caber toss tournament (that’s not ok…).

I’ll explain.

In the midst of my degree, the exact date I can’t pinpoint, one of the lovely singers from my course had approached me with the request of depping for his BV (backing vocalist for those not paying attention in class), who couldn’t make it to an upcoming gig. I, having learnt from many a tutor, who were also working musicians, in the wide world of scary record labels and 5 star artists, to say yes to every opportunity that came my way if it meant I’d have work and experience to add to my ever growing repertoire of musical skill, gracefully obliged and we scheduled when to meet for our first rehearsal, where I would meet the rest of the band.

Let me tell you, that was the best band experience of my life.


But as with everything in life, nothing lasts forever, and due to circumstances, for all members of the band, making any kind of meet up became logistically impossible, our time together came to very sad and somewhat abrupt end.


“As the flower wilts, so too does its seed fall so that it may bloom again”
– Me, just now, trying to sound poetic, deep and wise.
Are you enlightened yet? No? Ok, we’ll continue.

So for the past two years, I’ve been mourning the loss of that band and those gigs by playing the music to myself and other people hoping for a reprise. Our lead man and songwriter, Jazz, had promised me that he’d be working on his stuff meanwhile, and when he was ready he’d call on me again. My friends, that time is now.


I honestly cannot tell you how excited I am to finally, FINALLY, be able to work with him again. I have a list of songs, some old but never fully finished, some new that I’ve yet to explore, and I can hardly contain myself sitting here typing this out. We have a rehearsal tomorrow (Saturday), with a new guitarist who we’ve known for years, and a BV who is also a good friend of ours. And, this here, is the beauty of having friends, in the same field as you. You personally know them, so not only will it be an even more enjoyable experience to work and play together, but from a business perspective, you already know their strengths and weaknesses, when it comes to what they can do musically, and in terms of their attitude towards rehearsing and pulling their own weight, to get their parts down in their own time, to help the process along.


Making music is a team effort, even if you’re not the one doing the songwriting. That in itself is a lot of work, even if it’s something you enjoy doing. So, if you’re not the one leading the direction, you sure as hell shouldn’t find yourself being the one keeping it behind. You gotta keep the tempo. Groove with the band. Other cheesy musical terms merged with motivational speech.

So, to summarise: I’m excited because my favourite band that I’m in is coming back from the dead and you should be excited too because ISN’T IT EXCITING??

Anyway, must dash; new sexy music awaits my listening buds.


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