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Feather’s Games: Quake Champions

 Hello, my gamers!

I am excited to tell you that Quake Champions is actually looking good. I mean I have been wanting an arena shooter like this for decades. Since my days on the PlayStation One, with Quake 2 and playing multiplayer with Quake 3, there has been a piece of me missing and that was a badass arena shooter; and now we may have one. So let us get on with the post.

Quake champions logoSource


This is not just any FPS shooter, it’s an FPS filled to its limit, with oil then set on fire, and none stop action; a timeless formula for fun. The only difference is that, in this game, they also added an extra element of hero’s champions. After viewing the gameplay, on the IGN website, all I can say is that my mouth dropped to the floor, and my legs began to shake out of excitement, because it looked like a Quake game, but most importantly an arena shooter.

quake champions_3


So what does this game have? Everything you know and love, about a Quake game. It seems like it’s all there, weapon pick-ups, Quad damage, and fast pace jumping…everything we are used to an arena shooter is here. Plus, it returns to its original form with new Quake Champions. As for the seven weapons that are shown or mention, they are all in the game, with one purpose: to kill and troll…almost. It has weapons such as the rocket launcher, lightning gun and your standard shotgun and machine gun, but my most favorite weapon: the tank/rocket gun. There are going to be many tools to hurt and boost your kill streak quickly, but with gory class, of course.


So far, the developers are only showing off three maps, and each one has quite a range of depth to them. It means more intense matches, but with enough space to move around, especially with your chosen hero/champion. Speaking of champion, each one has their own unique look, feel, and power. The active ability, perks, and stats, can even change the style of your play. Some ability’s change the gameplay itself, in small balanced ways, or just help you create a bloodbath (which I love deep down). Now, these perks can range from higher jumps, to wall running, or even sliding, and although they don’t sound that big of a deal, with the way the game plays out, and as fast paced as it is, these small changes can mean life or death.



Some people may get angry with the concept of having heroes in a game, like Quake, but the heroes in this game are not meant to be similar to Overwatch or Paladins with certain character types. The heroes are there, more in sense for picking a style of gameplay you prefer. In this game, it’s not about which character you pick, but how you play it, the best example of this is when you see team deathmatch where it’s about your reaction and skill to aim and shoot, while managing your pick-ups and when to get them, or defend them from the opposite team. So, thinking about picking a certain hero, to counter another hero, in this game, is something you don’t have to worry about, which means you should pick a hero that helps you play better and enjoy the game.

FREE OMG… the damn loot box

So, I think it’s safe to say, with a massive smile on my face, that this game seems to play more like a Quake game than a hero champion game, becauseI can just blow people up, with a rocket launcher! Most importantly, the game will be free to play, allowing consumers to rent, or get certain champions until later. However, you can buy the game, and also you can buy loot boxes, that have items you could use to change the appearance of your hero and guns.

This breaks my heart because if I am going to buy a game to get all the characters,  to then spend more, just so I can look like a demon/angel badass, then, of course, I am going to buy it, but have mercy on my friend Mr. Wallet! I still need to buy two more games with him, and those are most likely going to have the same thing as well. Damn these boxes! Anyway, the developers are also saying that the game will be heavily supported for rank modes, meaning it would not be surprising for big tournaments to be held for this game, just because Quake has such a loyal fan base.

Overall my thoughts on the game preview have been a positive one, and all I want to do now is play it. I can’t, however, because I have not been sent that elusive game code that will enable me to play it…So, all I can do is just read what is out there, and judge the gameplay, which is shown to us. However, you can bet I’ll be one of the first in line to get my hands on this game!

If you are excited buy Quake Champions, and if you enjoy this post, leave a like or a comment, and we’ll try to response to you as quickly as a rocket can fly. Perhaps subscribe to us, and you’ll be notified of any posts Feather Charm, LL, Fenwick the Grape or I make.

So have a wonderful time and keep gaming. 


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