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Guest Post: Racing with F8

Welcome To The Review!

Welcome back to another review from LL! It’s good to be putting up another post for all of you. This week we return to the action thrilled, race busting franchise of the Fast and Furious with their eighth instalment. Again I will say if you have not seen it and intend to, then I suggest you tread lightly as there will be spoilers here!


And without further ado, let’s begin.

It’s All About Family

Back into the fray with the furious family, we witness as Toretto is forced to split off from his family and work for Cipher (Charlize Theron). In the beginning we wonder why Dom has done this, considering his righteousness and love towards the family, from all the previous films. Well, unfortunately, he is having to fight against his family, to regain another side of his family…(what?). After a lot of scheming and planning, Toretto eventually rejoins his family, knowing that an old friend is in charge of protection of the rest of them. It seems that this instalment was also a goodbye towards Paul Walker (from his tragic death) as the theme of F8 was (you’ve guessed it) about family. Whether it was Toretto’s old family, new family or even the Shaw family, it all circled around the idea of trust and love.


Watching this cast and group of characters become a family is funny and touching, as we watch new members slot in, like they were a missing piece to the puzzle. The main interest, for me, was watching how Hobbs and Shaw went from bitter enemies to two guys, with mutual respect for one another. Hobbs shows compassion towards Shaw, when he hears the news that he was left behind, on one of his jobs, by punching a metal wall and leaving an indent. From the previous film we realise Shaw is a mental, aggressive bastard but after watching this film, we see how family can change a man’s personality.

More Horsepower, Firepower and Gunpowder!!

With every Fast and Furious film, there have been some wild chase scenes, escape plans and fights. But so far this one takes the cake. First off, we get to see Toretto’s darker side, as he goes rogue on his family. As much as we don’t want to see it, it’s good to show him in the other light. Following this we get to experience Dom and his Dodge Charger go up against five other cars when they attempt to pin him. Still thinking about it, as Shaw says, there had to be close to 5000hp under the hood to escape that situation he was in.


And of course the last battle of the film, the climatic ending was insane, but insane is one of the elements that this franchise thrives off. I mean you’ve seen a tank, a jumbo jet it was only right to see a nuclear SUBMARINE as their final opponent (I mean Jesus!). Trying to outrun one of those, as well as avoiding missiles, gunfire and the actual ice from breaking underneath you, is a DO or DIE scenario! You’d think pure speed would get you out but no. Roman proved that wrong as a bright orange Lambo has no grip on ice, leading him to losing his car. Perfect!


However my favourite fight scene had to be between Hobbs and Shaw. Although we don’t actually see them hit one another (which is rather disappointing), we experience Shaw’s attempt to escape, and Hobbs attempt to stop Shaw escaping. Shaw’s strategy was to get to the exit, with the smallest amount of attention drawn to him, whereas Hobbs drew so much attention from being an ex-cop that nearly every inmate went for him as he pursued Shaw. It worked very well, thanks to Dwayne having such a big build, it would make sense that he would have to fight his way out, whereas Shaw can slip past.

Adrenaline Pumping, Realism Slumping

Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying that missions and international jobs like this do not exist. All I am suggesting is that the scenarios are getting more unrealistic, as they progress through the films. Yes, it is true that this franchise thrives off of it! But I do wish that there was more of a sense of realism, towards the action sequences. They put in so much information towards God’s eye, and all the tech they have in store for Hobbs and his crew/family. Plus on top of that their plans are always in detail and there is, to an extent, a lot of factual points made. But there was one scene that really got to me, when it came to being real. The first race!


The source itself links you to the scene, and what annoys me is that the whole time he races with that engine on fire. I was waiting for it to combust/explode due to the fuel catching said fire. But no, instead he manages to win the race, bail out of the car and watch it take off and land in the ocean. I don’t know if it’s me being petty but that would not happen, instead either one of two things would happen. Toretto would bail from the car, before it exploded, or the car would combust, killing Toretto (since he’d probably still be in the car). But this is a film after all, and it’s meant to have elements that escape reality, so I’ll let it slide…Universal.

Final Thoughts

As the eighth instalment of this franchise, it’s clear to see that they still have plenty of horsepower under the hood, for plenty more films. What direction they’ll head in, I have no clue, but no doubt it will be just as looney as this one. Universal keeps raising the bar with action/car-a-holic films, with this franchise, and no doubt they’ll have rule over this genre for years to come. Let’s just hope they don’t steer too far away from a good plot otherwise they might burnout!

Well that wraps up this review, what did you think of the film? Did you get behind the wheel of this film? Or did it sink with Roman’s orange Lamborghini? Leave your thoughts below whether they be critical or not.

And now I bid you all farewell, till next time.



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