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The Deal With Notes

Hello Everyone!

Many people have told me I’m a diligent, hard working person and that I’ve got a really good memory. Well, sometimes that last part isn’t always true. Although I’m good at remembering some things, it doesn’t mean I remember everything; sometimes I forget important things like birthdays or a chore someone had given me, just a second ago. It’s frustrating sometimes to go back and get whatever it is I was supposed to get, or do what I was supposed to do. So, my solution? Note it down.

You can’t go wrong with writing down whatever it is you’ve been tasked with. It’s much more likely you’ll remember it, because it’s staring at you in the face. So, here’s my top three tips on how to write down notes you’ll remember.

1. Colourful and Bold


Bright, colourful and bold. That’s my mantra when it comes to notes that I need to remember, like appointments, important tasks and deadlines. The glaring brightness of Post-It notes, or just really colourful paper, will always catch your eye. Plus, if you go over the words a couple of times, the black letters will always stand out to you. Large, capital letters or a thick pen would help with that. If you have small handwriting, it’ll be difficult for you to see what you wrote, but if you create arrows or circle the words in another colour, it might just work.

2. The Tech Age


If you’re more of a phone user, and you use it for…basically everything, you could always use the notes section of your phone. Type up the reminder and screenshot it. Then set that image as your lock screen. That way you’ll be able to always see what your next task or appointment is. I find this one difficult, since I mostly ignore the lock screen and impatiently tap the home button while the phone tries to recognise my thumb print (yes, I have an iPhone, don’t judge me!).

3. Eye Level Unlocked


Going back to paper notes, if you’ve written something down on a scrap piece of paper, because you ran out of Post-It notes, or if you can’t find your phone, then tape it somewhere that’s eye-level, and staring at you from the doorway. That way, as soon as you walk into the room, you’ll see the note, and remember what you wrote down. This is actually what we do at my work. If we have to do something the next day, we write it down before we leave and tape it to the shelf above our office table. Sometimes we even just tape it to a wall or door when we need to. Try it out, you’ll find out how useful it can be.

Well, that’s it from me today. Let me know if you’ve tried out these tips yourselves, and how useful you’ve found them! Leave your tips in the jar below and I’ll see you all soon!

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This is Feather, signing out!

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