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Feather’s Fashion: The Luxury Of Bathing

Hello Everyone!

As promised, another beauty post for you, while my creative juices are still taking their naps. This time, I’m going to talk about bathing, and I don’t mean taking a shower (that’s for another time). Now, I only occasionally bathe, when showering is much faster and much more environmentally friendly. However, on the off chance, when I feel like I need a long soak, I do it with style.

What I’m talking about is using bath bombs, ones by Lush, in particular. Ok, so you can guess where this post is going, there’s no real need for me to explain it, so let’s get started!

1. Intergalactic


This bath bomb is out of this world! It’s (as one of the sales assistants that served me once said) aesthetically pleasing, and no doubt it is. When you put this bad boy into the water, you not only get the uplifting scents of grapefruit, cedar wood, and peppermint, you can even travel into the stars with the rainbow coloured water you get as the bomb fizzles into your bath.

More details here.

2. Big Blue


If you want the definition of comfort, Big Blue is the best. With the lavender, seaweed, sea salt and lemon extracts in the bomb, you’ll feel like you’re miles away from the city (that is, if you’re a city person like I am). In fact, you’ll probably feel like you’re at the beach, getting that suntan, and listening to those calming waves. Actually, the next time I use this bomb, I might just play some ocean wave sounds, just to enhance the experience.

More details here.

3. Fizzbanger


The name of this bomb is actually appropriate. This little ball of energy fizzes like there’s no tomorrow! I love the scent of this bath bomb so much that this bomb, and the next two on my list are practically tied for first. The cinnamon, ylang ylang and petitgrain just gives you that kick you need if ever you’re feeling down. Fizzbanger is actually one of my staple buys, every time I go to Lush. When I’m shopping for bath bombs, Fizzbanger is one of the very first I go for.

More details here.

4. Guardian of the Forest


This bath bomb is a relatively new buy, for me. The fact that it has the image of a tree carved onto it, coupled with the name, I just had to try it. The earthy tones reminds me of a warm spring day at the park, or the smell of freshly cut grass, I absolutely love it! It’s one of the reasons why it’s becoming one of my favourites. The lime, oakmoss, cypress and rosewood scents just give it that earthy feel, it takes me away to a mystical forest and makes me want to connect with nature.

More details here.

5. Frozen


Not to be confused with the Disney movie, this bath bomb is my absolute favourite! The reason? I love the smell of rose. The astringent scent clears my nose like there’s no tomorrow. I feel like I can breathe again, because of it. This shimmering bath bomb really takes you to another world. Every time I use it, I feel like I’ve been taken to the clouds, or sent off to a magical kingdom, I can’t even describe it. Just as Fizzbanger is a staple, Frozen is the first bomb I go for. I will not lie, it is my absolute must have, whenever I feel like a luxury bath is in order.

More details here.

So, those are my top five bath bombs, and I’m sure I’ll be buying them again, in the near future. Oh! And here’s a fun tip, mix those bath bombs together! I do, especially Fizzbanger and Intergalactic. The funky colours just brightens up my day if I’m ever feeling blue. Well, that’s it from me today, share your thoughts on these Lush bath bombs. What do you think of them? Which one is your favourite? If they’re not on the list, maybe you can suggest some for us to try! Leave your tips in the jar below, and I’ll see you soon!

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This is Feather, signing out!

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