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Feather’s Games: New Controllers – A Helping Hand

Hello, gamers it’s Sugar Daddy here!

Well, it has been a while, but I am back to answer a question that a lot of gamers ask, should I invest in a better controller to help me play better? The answer is yes AND no. This comes down to your play style and how much you play, for example, if you want to be a Tekken 7 champion and win EVO, or perhaps you want an edge, in Call Of Duty, when it comes to aiming and crouching, then the answer yes. So these are my Top 3 controllers to help LEVEL up your game and help you enjoy it EVEN more.

I’m Sugar Daddy and here are my Top 3 controllers.

Number One: Mad Catz Arcade Fight Stick Tournament Edition 2

So, whenever you watch a stream for a fighting game, or maybe you go to a tournament, you always see that giant controller on the player’s lap, that’s the Arcade Stick. Now to explain, this controller is quite simple. Imagine one big analog stick and six big buttons next to it, this controller allows us to move and execute our character’s special moves with more precision and better aim. Of course, it’s quite hard to transition from a normal controller, to the arcade stick; however, once you make the change you will see and feel the change instantly, especially with games like Street Fighter 5, Tekken, Guilty Gear and other fighting games, such as Injustice 2 and Marvel vs Capcom.



Mad Catz is a well-know company for its gaming hardware. It has been in the hearts of the fighting game community, for almost a decade, and with its quality components from a Japanese company, called SANWA, it has delivered and has helped many gamers reach the finals of many gaming tournaments. So that’s good to know, especially when your almost paying £200 for it! It’s also because of the structure of the hardware that people are rather drawn to it. It’s so well made, and it lasts a long time.

In the end, the only drawbacks of the Mad Catz TT2 is the price and the lack of unique designs for it. However, we know that Tekken 7 will be getting an exclusive design soon. This product is targeted towards people looking for high-end equipment, and who are looking to use these controllers for serious online brawls and tournaments. So, if you’re willing to pay, and train, you will have an edge. It’s so much easier doing the Jin Wind God Fist on the stick than the pad, in my opinion.

Number Two: Nacon PlayStation 4 Pro Controller

Now, out of the two pads, this one is the cheaper, by about £60. With a price tag of £90, it is still heavy on the pockets, but if you are willing to pay, you will have a great experience. It allows you to control and make multiple settings for different games. For example, if you are playing Street Fighter 5, you can map a button to do special moves with ease. Another benefit of the controller is that you are also able to change the weights of controller, to match your taste. The weights come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 to 20, and you can mix and match them. For my preferences, I would use a heavy controller, so that I can feel the controller in my hand.

Nacon Controller


When you pick up the controller, one of the first things you will notice is that the pro controllers look very much like a Xbox One controller. So, it naturally feels good in your hands. Also, this controller looks dynamite! In the centre, you have a PlayStation home button and touchpad, and the layout is much simpler than the Xbox One, with the top left being a doom regular length, while the bottom right is a long concave stick, which is very helpful for shooters, especially when you are going to make quick changes.

So, the run down of this controller is that you will get improvements in functionality, and feature sets, but you will have to compromise on the price and some connective, because the controller isn’t wireless, nor does it have any Bluetooth function. It’s a wired controller, which, for me, is not a big issue, since, at least in my opinion, wired connection is much better for games that I play. Anyway, going back to what I said earlier, it will come down to how much you are willing to spend, but if you are a competitive gamer, then having one of these controllers will absolutely give you the edge. Remember it’s the player, not the controller that makes a game, although these tools can help you improve.

Number Three: Scuf Impact/Infinity Controller

This is the most expensive pad out of the list. If you decide to make your own unique looking design, and add your own features, from £150 to £200, this controller is famous for being used in Call of Duty and Battlefield tournaments, with prize pools of almost $200 000. So, this is what the pros use when playing, and to be honest, it’s quite easy to see online who has one. When I was playing Infinity Warfare and Black Ops 3, I saw how some players were playing so smoothly and fluidly, I could tell who had what. Even with a better load out on my PS4 controller, it was no match.



So what makes a Scuf controller special? It’s the paddles on the back, which are longer, and much bigger, making it easier to press buttons, at the most important moments. Let’s compare, shall we? With the Impact, you have 4 paddles, while the Infinity Pro has 2, like the previous models (you see what I mean?). Now, the only difference between these two, is one looks more like an Xbox controller, while the other looks more like a Ps4 controller.

Why the price? This is because it was made for pro players, with modular adjustments allowing you to control how fast you can tap the trigger. So this is good for semi and bolt action guns. You also have grips on the bottom, meaning your grip will be even better. Overall, the Scuf is a great controller, but even I have to say that the price ruined it for me. Of course, you are paying for a good quality build, with great components in it, so you can play how you want to. Also there are ways to use it for fighting games (not just shooters), you just have to play around a bit.

Well those are my Top 3 controllers, which could help you improve your gaming experience. If I had to pick one of the 3, I would go for the Nacon, due to the fact that I play mostly shooters and fighting games. Plus, I can simply map or create a pre-set for multiple games. Who doesn’t want to press a button to do a special move? It’s so much easier! Not to mention, it’s the cheapest out of the 3.

Hope you enjoy my points, and if you liked this post leave a like and subscribe for more weekly content.

I am Sugar Daddy asking you to keep gaming.


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