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Feather’s Reviews: The Beacon of Light that is Diana

Welcome To The Review!

Welcome back to another review from LL! As you’ll be seeing me more often, I thought that I’d switch up the style of review, so I review more than just the plot (as that’s what a review is meant to be). This week is a focus on DC’s latest film Wonder Woman in which we see some reoccurring themes but follow a different protagonist. As per usual if you wish to see it, then tread lightly, as there will be spoilers!



And without further ado, let’s begin.

The Queen of Heroes Has Hit Our Screens

Well, I can’t tell you how long it has been, since we had a female superhero movie (the last one was Elektra in 2005), but boy was it done amazingly. Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) is a prime example of your everyday superhero, but unfortunately she can be compared (quite often) to the likes of Superman, in Man of Steel. It’s quite simple actually, they both want the same goal, which is peace on Earth. As well as this, they both get into a relationship with a human. Clark Kent fell in love with Lois Lane, in Man of Steel, and Diana Prince feel in love with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). However, I am still glad that DC stuck to their roots, with a grittier and dark film pattern, in contrast with Marvel’s “family” style superhero films.



So who is Diana’s fierce enemy? Well, considering she was given as a gift from Zeus, the god of lightning, it can only be someone that has a title of Zeus’ caliber. Her ultimate enemy is Ares ( David Thewlis), the god of war, in which she is deceived into who truly is the enemy (trust me it’s a bit mind-boggling but predictable in the right spots). Considering Diana was raised on a secret island, away from man, it was obvious she would not understand the real world, in which Steve (a spy of all people) is to guide her through the war and help her understand that not everything can be saved.

A Heroine And A War To End All Wars

Now, as much as I thought the time of which these events happened was brilliant, I still believe that it can come across as uncomfortable. Why do I say this, well WW1 is when millions were slaughtered, and the fact that Wonder Woman was the heroine of a small part to it seems off-putting. But I will tip my hat to DC, they portrayed the time very accurately. Whether it was the props, vehicles, costume design, atmosphere and locations, it was immensely accurate (which can be hard to do, considering there is A LOT to take into account).



Use this scene as a prime example of WW1, as it is referred to No Man’s Land. In the war, no progression was made, as it was constantly monitored by machine guns, by hundreds, if not thousands, of men. Steve Trevor says that they had been stuck in that spot, and made barely any progress, for at least a year. Then Diana Prince takes matters into her own hands. She pushes the line forward, in order to stop the war, save lives and create peace. This shot to me is chilling, she can barely see; dirt and rubble fly all around her, bullets whizz past, and artillery is being fired on all sides, but like the Wonder Woman she is, she still soldiers through!!



Even as she watches all the suffering, and feels hopeless at times, she continues her mission, whilst helping Steve and the Brits in recovering intel, and completing their sabotage attack. I personally like Steve Trevor, even with his humour (as unneeded and cringing it was), as it added human traits to Diana’s character. Even though he did hold Diana back, he did it to ensure that she did not stray away from her path, and the fact that he cared about her shows that not all men are evil, when at war.

Lives are Lost But The Soldier Keeps Moving Forward

As much as she suffers, watching the innocent die, Diana marches on. She kills the man she thinks is Ares, to then be confronted by him moments later. And (SPOILER)  she discovers that an ally was in fact Ares the entire time. As confusing as it is, she realises that he has to die. Even after being tested with her anger towards man, she betters him with her self will and finally kills him. After watching the Brits celebrate peace, we watch as she decides to be a protector of Earth!



Here I’ll briefly mention my opinions of individual aspects of the film that stood out. The actual scenery and chosen locations, for both the Amazonian island and the War endeavours, were immaculate. They contrasted each other perfectly, to instantly prove to Diana that she’s going from a safe haven home, into a disgusting, dark world riddled with hate. The costume design and the transportation in the film, again, contrasts from barbaric (with the Amazons) to modernised (for it’s time). Finally, the sound/audio of the film was, I found, moving, considering they had to create sounds, as well as mix audio, to come across as older times (especially with the planes, cars and gunfire) – that takes a lot of time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this film deserves a lot of praise, for multiple reasons. Its time and location choice, to involve a superhero, did mesh well, but it is still a very risky spot to choose. The cast choice for the characters fitted the boots perfectly that I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were known for that role for a while (mainly talking about Gal Gadot). The whole image, mixed with the audio well but, as much as I enjoyed it, I felt like more could have been put in. What it was though, I have no clue.

Well that wraps up this review, what did you think of the film? Did you enjoy the heroine making her modern debut? Or did the war not get you on good terms? Leave your thoughts below whether they be critical or not.

And now I bid you all farewell, till next time.


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