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Redefine The Heat

Hello Everyone!

It has been HOT here in the UK! Of course, I’m pretty sure it’s even hotter in other countries too, but because we are used to the dreary cold and wet weather that crosses our path very often, this heatwave has really hit us.

For those of us who aren’t used to the weather, here are a couple of tips to get you through (trust me, I used to be a cold blood myself, but I’ve been really craving the tropic heat lately). So, here are my top three tips for tackling this hot weather.

1. Always Keep A Water Bottle At The Ready

Doctors, nutritionists, newscasters, your parents…basically everybody will tell you, at this time of year, to keep a water bottle ready. Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Alright, for those of us who don’t trust them, let me tell you…I have had my fair share of near fainting spells, purely because I got too hot. In fact, I almost had one recently, when I was at church. It grew too hot for both my sister and I, we had to leave for the cooler air of the porch, by the end.


If I had a water bottle with me, I probably would have been able to last longer. So, trust me when I say have a cool water bottle near, when you start feeling hot. Chances are, it’ll save you long enough, so you don’t have a heatstroke in the middle of an important meeting or event. Also, for those of us who can afford it, have a thermos with you, and no, don’t fill it with your morning coffee, or tea. Instead, fill that thermos with cold water. That way it’ll be cool for the rest of the day. In fact, I have my own thermos I use sometimes.


It’s from a brand called Pylones and (OH MY GOODNESS!) it is a lifesaver. It keeps your drinks hot or cold throughout the day. My sister bought hers first, and she used it in the winter, to keep her teas hot, and I cannot tell you how useful it is! It truly keeps your drinks hot or cold. I know I’ll be using my one, which I bought recently, for my water, when I go to work. Oh, and did I mention, if you have a thermos, you’ll be able to add fresh fruit to it too! That way, you can get all the nutrients you need throughout the day!

2. Less Clothing Is Great, But Loose Clothing Is Better

Now, in the case of summer, yes, less is more. However, there are some of us who feel rather constricted with the tight tank tops and the short shorts. So, the solution? Loose clothing. I don’t mean the heavy knitwear that’s baggy enough to wear to the corner shop. What I mean is light clothing that can sway with the breeze. If you’re used to wearing jeans, and you can’t run out of the house without them, try jeggings, they’re a good substitute. Yes, it feels like you’re betraying your jeans, but trust me, your legs will thank you if you do.


If you’re more up for comfort, try khakis, and capris, or quarter-lengths. Yes, they might not be too fashionable, but at least you won’t feel so uncomfortable you need to find the nearest café or green spot to just lie about on. If you’re rather busy, and actually need to be active, these trousers/shorts will let your legs breathe enough for you to keep working. For those of us who prefer fashion, try wearing a dress, or a long skirt. When I say long skirt, I mean those maxi ones you find in shops, in the summer section. They’re fashionable, and they’re practical.


Ok, yes, you need to hold up the long skirt when you’re walking up the stairs, but a nice sundress is a great way to battle the heat, especially if you’re working throughout the summer. Otherwise, a “pirate’s top” as I call them. You know the sheer ones that look like a pirate’s shirt? These ones are the best for summer! I love these tops, especially if I’m just hanging about and want to work on…you know…this blog, or my novel, or the short film Sugar Daddy and I still need a graphics designer for (if you’re able to work for free, let us know!). Never underestimate the power of loose clothing, you can look professional, while being comfortable in this heat!

3. Cold Showers Do Wonders

Not only is it great for your skin and hair, it’s also a handy way to keep cool, for a few minutes…hours…the whole day…Trust me a hot shower in the middle of summer can really do some damage, but a cold shower is like a blast of fresh air. If you’re used to taking hot showers, then by all means, go ahead, but as you do, slowly change the temperature, lower it throughout so that by the time you’re almost done, you can just blast it on cold and let it wash over you for a couple of seconds.


 I’ve been doing this recently, and it feels like going to the pool, on holiday. I even stand under that stream of cold water for a few minutes, purely because I want to be as cool as possible. On days when I am too hot to even function, cold showers are the only things that can help me cool down. My house doesn’t have air conditioning, and we rely on electric fans to keep us cool, but sometimes, those don’t even work. I’m using one now, as I type this post, and It’s only keeping one side of my body cool, while the other is suffering in this heat.


If I could, I’d run the water the entire day, at least when I’m home, so that I can just quickly jump in and soak myself in that cool water, before returning to whatever task I’m doing. Of course, my water bill will be too high, so that’s a no for now. In any case, I suggest taking a cold shower in the morning, especially if the night had been hot too, and if, at the end of the day, you feel icky again, just blast that cold water on you for a good couple of minutes, and you’ll be right as rain!

So, there you have it, my top three tips for keeping cool in the summer. Of course, I do have other tips, but they’ll just be the same things as the advice you get from those newscasters, doctors and your parents. Now it’s your turn. Other than these three pieces of advice, what are yours? Are there any tricks you guys would like to share with us (especially for those of us who don’t have air conditioning in their homes)? Leave your tips in the jar below, and we’ll see you soon!

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