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Chaos In Order

Hello Everyone!

Today, I’ll be talking about a topic, I think is rather important…Organisation. No, not like businesses or business empires, I mean the act of being organised. Many people think it’s about having everything in a certain place, and keeping it that way…well, for most of us (including me, since I work in a shop and I’m tired of people putting products in the wrong place – it’s not even a big shop!), it is. However, you can still be organised, even if you have a lot of clutter in your space.

Organisation is basically, having a system where you can plan your days, tasks or events, and go through with it. Most of the time, plans don’t work, even some of my plans don’t work (I mean, I was meant to finish the Bernat’s Sampler Blanket a few months ago, but I only finished it last week!), but there will be times that you will need to plan something out, in order to get a sense of the chaos that might happen. So, with that in mind, here are my top five tips on how to keep organised, in a world of chaos.

1. Have A “To Do” List

This one is very common, and sometimes it can be ignored, if you don’t keep an eye on it. When I say keep a “To Do” list, I mean, use this list for whatever tasks you know you need to do. Don’t use it for goals. Those come later. “To Do” lists are for the tasks you think you can do in a day, or in a week. For example, I use my “To Do” lists for tasks I need to do on my days off, so I have tasks like “Clean Hair Brushes”, “Make Meal Plan for Next Week”, etc.


You can use these lists, for either a day, or week. That way, you don’t forget about it. So, if you’ve done everything you’d planned to do one day, and find yourself at lunch time, with nothing else to do, check out your list. You might have inspiration, or energy to carry out whatever task isn’t done, and have it done that day. Why put off something for tomorrow, when you can do it today? Having said that, my inner procrastinator is screaming to be let free.

2. Plan A Day Before

I’ve recently started using my FiloFax again, and I can’t believe I haven’t done this earlier. Basically, before I sleep, I plan the tasks I want to do the next day. So, for tomorrow, my schedule includes making the next house build for you guys and editing Thursday’s post, by LL. I note these down in my FiloFax, because there will be a very high chance I’ll forget it, if I don’t, or I’ll leave it to the last minute, because I can’t be bothered. So that’s why plan my tasks the night before.


It’s not so much procrastination with this one (although that inner beast is sated, for now), it’s more of ensuring that I remember to look over these tasks the next day. Often, I forget something I’m supposed to do, even if someone asked me to help them five seconds ago. If I’m doing something, I forget, so writing it down will help me remember.

3. Write It Down, Don’t Type It Out

This one is for people like me, who don’t actually rely on their phones for organising their thoughts. Believe me, it’s difficult, for me, to remember something I’ve typed up. When I write something down, I feel like it’s more important, because the act of writing it down reminds me I did something physical (even though it’s minor), to ensure that whatever task I need to do, is important.


This is called analogue organisation. It requires pen and paper, so no phones! Writing something down may be time consuming and tedious, but that’s what helps remind you that it’s something important. More often than not, I forget a task I’d typed up on my phone or my laptop, and I never take a look at it again, until a month goes by. So, if you’re like me, and forget you’d typed up a task for yourself, try writing it down. You might remember it much more clearly.

4. Use Colour!

I am a visual and a kinetic person. What this means, I need to read, and do something in order to remember it. So, when I plan for the next day, I like to use colours. It helps me map out the page I’m looking at, and with that, I can remember the tasks I’d written down, the night before. It’s actually really very easy to incorporate colour, just use it when you’re ticking off the task you’ve completed, or use it to write the task you need to do.


Colour code your tasks. So, if you’re doing something personal, assign a specific colour to it, and write it out with that colour, and when you’ve completed it, either use a different colour, or a black pen to cross it off. I can’t tell you how much I love using colour in my work. I mean, I use colour in my posts, because it helps me section off every topic I cover. Try it out. If you’re a visual person, try colour coding, it’ll take some getting used to, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

5. Bullet Journaling

 This is something I’ve recently decided to get into. I was first introduced to it, when a YouTube video popped up on my “Recommended” screen. I was sceptical at first, because I didn’t have great experiences with journals in the past, but the idea of making the journal yourself is a great idea! All you really need is your notebook, some pens both black and coloured, and your imagination! I’ve only recently started on my practice one (yes, I’m doing a practice one), and so far, I’m using it non-stop.


Bullet Journaling, basically forces you to focus on it, well, when you set it up for the next day. It doesn’t have a specific layout, because you’re the one that sets it up. So, there aren’t specific pages set for specific days. You can use however many pages you need for a day. It lets you decide how big the space you need for your daily tasks, because it is up to you to make it up. It’s your own chaotic creative space, and an organised planner. It can be what you want it to be!

Well that’s it, from me today. I’m pretty sure, once I get the hang of this Bullet Journaling thing, I’ll be writing a post about it, but that will be a while yet. So, for now, we’d like to hear from you. Do you use these organisational tips? What other tips can you suggest? Leave your tips in the jar below, and we’ll see you soon!

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