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Feather’s Games: The Harris Cottage

Hello Everyone!

We have another Sims 2 House Build for you! Yes, we’re finally getting a rhythm. So, watch out for another episode next Saturday! Anyway, this one is called…

The Harris Cottage

If you’d like to get into more details about the house, then read on.

About the House

This house was inspired by a few countryside cottages, here in Britain, and I thought I’d imitate them in the Sims 2. Of course, I couldn’t imitate the ceilings, because they usually have beams running across, and you would be able to see the slope of the roof, but obviously you can’t do that with the sims, so I had to improvise.

If you read the description of the video on YouTube, you’d know that the build was also inspired by the series Agatha Christie’s Poirot, starring David Suchet. While, normally the episodes take place in large, mansion-like homes, there are a few that feature a couple small cottages, and they are absolutely adorable! That’s why I decided to build something along those lines.

I really do like the old British country style, and I might just make some with a little more character, in terms of the terrain, but for now, they’ll have to settle with the flat landscape.

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Now for the Details

This house has:

One Bedroom

One Bathroom

An Open Space Kitchen, Dining and Living Room Area

A Back Garden with Pond and BBQ Patio

The Bedroom

I kept this space quite simple, yet decorated. I imagined an old granny living in here (like the ones you get in fairy-tales, the ones that send the hero on their way. I could also see a young woman living here too. So, if she wanted to get away from her past, or a life in the busy city, she could always retreat to this cottage for refuge. Actually, it sort of reminds me of the film The Holiday, what about you?

The Bathroom

 I thought that, because this is a small countryside retreat, there wouldn’t be any point having a big bathroom, with a hot tub or anything, it’s a more practical thing in the small house. So, it’s not glamorous, but it does have a few decorative points. It has a wardrobe for all the towels (of course, Sims don’t use towels, they change on the spot, but hey, I’m trying to keep it realistic…well, as realistic as I can make it).

The Open Plan Kitchen, Dining and Living Area

I love open plan spaces, you can literally just take a step forward, backward, or either side and you’re in a different room! For me, I’ve been inspired by so many property shows (like A Place In The Sun: Home or Away, and Fantasy Homes By The Sea) and most of them have open plan living spaces, and I just find it handy. So if the Sim that lives in the space decides to have a small party, or gathering, they can just simply have fun in the same space. Of course, if the party gets too hectic any Sim who wants some space can take a break in the bedroom or bathroom

The Back Garden with Pond and BBQ Patio

Now, I didn’t do much to the garden…well in terms of living space. It is a countryside retreat after all. So, having too many luxuries in it would detract from the charm. That’s why I put a pond in the corner. It added some character to the property, and by decorating it with pots and plants it made it seem like the person living here is a gardener. Of course, having a couple of plots for growing food isn’t another big hint. What I’m trying to say is that when I made this space, I imagined an avid gardener would love to live here.

Here are the last couple of shots of the house, including the floor plan. I’m pretty proud of it, considering it didn’t take too long to make. I know I did something similar before, but I thought I’d try doing it again, and this time, I wanted it to look like something out of a fairytale. Of course, the thatched roofs in the Sims 2 aren’t that very well made, so I might just make it again, when I decide to pick up Sims 4 and play it.


So what do you guys think? Do you like the house? What would you do to improve it? Would you like to download it for your Sims 2 game? Leave your tips in the jar below, and I’ll see you soon!

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This is Feather, signing out!

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