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Like “ukulele” and “update” in one word..
Like “uku-date” but just “uk”…

Good after evening, and welcome to a short one.

Short because I haven’t got much of anything going on, in all honesty.

Firstly, however, shout out to PRS for reading last week’s sad little post, actually enjoying it and even offering me a place on their recruitment list, and keeping my CV in mind for things that may come up. I’m honestly beyond… words, in fact. Over the moon doesn’t even describe it. I know I haven’t actually got a job with them just like that, but as I had said, there isn’t really a lot going (specifically, there isn’t a lot that I actually qualify for in terms of background and experience). However, I’m still so amazed and grateful for them to pick me out like that. I’m like “Jack of all trades, master of none”; I never really seem to shine at any one thing, in my opinion of myself, so this is a pretty big deal to me.

Anyway, I shall stop gushing over a job I don’t (yet) have and continue along.

So, the next point is that you’ve all now met my betrothed, Orrie. Ok, we’re not actually engaged, but we’re already the scene of an elderly couple. I hope you’ll enjoy his more practical approach to the music section, while I continue aimlessly documenting the clouds as and when they pass me by. Treat him well. Or don’t, he’s a big boy. I’ll hear about it either way.


I’ve been doing some ukulele work here and there. Much like the guitar, you can kind of just learn some basic chord shapes and you’re pretty good to go. I’m not very adventurous with stringed instruments, so I’ve no real desire to learn any kind of fancy finger-work on either sized strumming apparatus, but I’m getting the hang of it now.

Chord shapes are, of course, different to what I know on a guitar but only note-wise; the finger placements on the strings are the same basic idea, even if some chords seem to require that I stretch and bend my fingers in way that they never expected they would, after years of piano. However, my lack of dexterousness isn’t the biggest drawback – my nails are.

I can hear my piano teacher now telling me, “I know you like to have pretty nails, but they’re inhibiting your ability to play properly. Look how flat you’re resting your fingers against the keys…”.

Ok, maybe he didn’t quite say it like that. He always had a funny way of saying things, so it’s hard to accurately replicate an authentic sentence after 5 years of never seeing him ever again. I feel that’s a lie. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again. I’ll probably do it on purpose, because why not?

Sometimes I amuse myself with the idea he may be reading these posts in secret.

And then embarrassment of several degrees waves the thought away.

My digression is out of this world.

So, to play ukulele better, I really need to cut my nails shorter. Not completely short, because I don’t play often enough to warrant such a disservice to my manicure. It is getting a little out of hand now, though (no pun intended? was there a pun there? hand? manicure? no idea).

My ukulele repertoire as of… the other day, is as follows:

I Have Friends In Holy Spaces – Panic! At The Disco

Always – Panic! At The Disco

Do You Know What I’m Seeing? – P!ATD

Wonderful Life – Black

The Default Alarm Sound – Android

So that’s a pretty solid setlist, right? Mostly (entirely) covers. Of Panic!. But that’s fine, right? That’s what people generally want to hear isn’t it?

I knew you’d agree.

In the future, I fully intend to record and upload musical endeavours I feel to take an excursion on, but until my boyfriend and I can agree on what camera I’m allowed to buy, I’ll just sit here writing about how great my ukulele playing is going.

You’ll just have to believe that I’m amazing and one day it shall come true.

That’s how this works, doesn’t it?

Good. I’m glad.




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