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Guest Post: Emotions and Realms

Hello Everyone!

Today’s post isn’t one from me this time, as you probably guessed by now. This one is created by Orrie! Yes, Orrie has come back to play! So, what has he created for you? Read on and you’ll find out!

Hello all!

After yet another terrible 24 hours of ‘that Monday feeling’ what say we sit down, relax and enjoy a new snippet of film style music that I have composed especially for you.

I wanted to use this piece to see how many emotions I could get out of you, in only one short minute, but also to show you a good example of what just one musical idea starts out as, before it gets fully developed and expanded upon, almost like a quick pencil sketch before the artists cleans up all the lines and fills out all the colours, shading and finishes with blending. I was once told by one of my great composition mentors that I’m rather good at orchestration (assigning particular bits of music to various instruments within the orchestra) and writing vertically (layering one theme/melody with lots of little bits playing at the same time to make it sound full and rich and fat and several other words to describe Pavarotti after a good meal…), but I still need ‘to work on developing my themes’. So what does ‘developing my themes’ even mean? That’s what this piece is going to show you.


So let’s look at the main theme or melody itself. I made it easy to figure out what that is, just listen out for the piccolo (essentially a midget flute) after the horns play at the beginning. This is my main theme, and though I’ve built around it in this piece, by layering it appropriately and giving other instruments a turn with it, it doesn’t really go anywhere. Why? Because that’s just the initial idea I’ve thrown into my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and played with it enough to know how I’d like to expand on it for the full piece (…should I decide to finish it). And that, ladies and gentlemen is where I struggle as a composer, what’s next? Where do I want it to go? Do I want it to change? Do I want it similar yet perhaps with a different feel? If you have the answer to that you let me know. Cheers!


I think that’s part of the beauty of scoring for film. Although it is the music that brings the emotions out of you, the changing pictures can be what helps the composer decide what might need to happen musically in the new scene. For example how does this piece make you feel? Heroic? Sad? Setting sail on a pirate ship? Like you’re flying alongside Peter Pan? Perhaps you just won a race? Or ready to go on an adventure? Horseback riding? Maybe you just said your final goodbyes to your friends after a crazy gap year? I’ll stop there. It could be any of those things, probably even more, depending on what is moving in front of your eyes at the time of hearing it. So I suppose I should call this piece ‘The Raw Development’. Though that sounds terrible so then again maybe not. Let’s call it ‘The Realm of a Thousand Emotions’. Because after all, isn’t it just?

Until next time, keep flying with the flutes 😉



So, what do you think? Personally, the piece reminds me of The Lord of the Rings, or The Hobbit, like when Gandalf visits Hobbiton. What about you? What does it remind you of? Can you think of a good film you could see this piece in? If you’re a musician, or a composer, what would you do to expand on this, or improve it? Leave your tips in the jar below, and we’ll see you soon!

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This is Feather, signing out!

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