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Feather’s Games: PS1 Games Remade?

Hello everyone, it’s Sugar Daddy here!

I’ll be giving you my thoughts on the gaming industry, especially on re-mastered games, today. With the wild success of Crash Bandicoot, it’s safe to say that it was a fun game, and it was incredibly hard. However, there are other games that I would love to see remade on the PlayStation 4. By the way, if you enjoy these post how about you leave a like and sub for more great content on Feather’s Charm.

Anyway on with the post.

Spyro the Dragon (1998)



The 90s were very important to me, because most of the games that I played, on the PS1, are considered one of the best games, or would lead into one of the best gaming franchises of all time, and Spyro is one of them. He is the dragon of a generation and he deserves more love, and what better way to show it, than a re-mastered version from the ground up. This cute purple dragon helped shape a lot of gamers’ lives and styles, in some cases he was the first game people played. Now, Spyro the Dragon was released in 1998, and in his debut adventure, he must free his fellow fire-breathers from their crystalline prisons that were located throughout six worlds. He had to jump, glide, shoot fire, and head-butt his way through all 36 levels. It was a simple game, aimed at beginners, but it was so innocent and fun to play, with that I just feel like a new generation would really enjoy playing it, if Crash was able to do so well, why not Spyro, after all he also had 3 games.

Dino Crisis (1999)

Dino crisis attack


Now I believe this game was highly underestimated, due it being another Capcom survival video game, which played a lot like Resident Evil, the only difference was that it involved dinosaurs, instead of zombies. However, it was still a scary game, instead of Nemesis we had a T-Rex, and most of the zombies were replaced by Raptors, which is by far, a lot scarier than a slow moving zombie, after all, they are smart and they’re big. Overall, Capcom had another winner on their hands with Dino Crisis, which was still disturbing and similar to the Resident Evil formula; the storyline was enjoyable, and for the time it was released, it had good graphics. blending some CG and 3D elements. Capcom to some fans have always been the king of survival-horror, and with remakes of the original series on the PlayStation doing so well, I think it’s time we brought back this classic. Can you imagine a Resident Evil game such as Resident Evil 7, but with the latest graphics and Dinosaurs? I am telling you, it’s going to be scary but in a good way. I also need a game that will allow me to say the “clever girl” (Jurassic Park “quote with out feeling like a pleb).

Metal Gear Solid 1 (1998)



Created by the legendary designer Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid is one of the franchises that have always been well loved. Of course, its games have been getting better in quality and plot, but there is one game, which I would love to play, but on my PlayStation 4, and that’s the first one. It could be a blend of Metal Gear Solid – Ground Zero, but we will be able to see a detailed version of the young snake and his team. After all, if you look at the character models, they had very unique looking faces. So imagine it, better performance 4/5k Metal Gear Solid 1! This will also be good for newcomers to get into the gaming lore, and how Solid Snake got his start. I think it would be a love letter, to both the fans and to the gaming industry as a whole. This game on release blew expectations, and it exceeded its goals in many ways so let’s bring it back.

So these are my top three games, which I believe, should receive the Crash Bandicoot treatment and get remade as a whole, with better graphics and better controls. Which games do you want remade and why, leave a comment below and till next time, keep on gaming.

This was Sugar Daddy.

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