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League of Legends – The Champions

Learning The Simplicities

Hello all! It’s LL, back again to teach you more about League of Legends. Todays topic couldn’t be more relevant, with the game developers announcing a new champion that is currently on their PVE server, called Kai’Sa the daughter of the void. So with that in mind, I’ll be teaching you all about the champions (in short) and what they’re typical roles would be.


Without further ado, let’s start.

So Many To Choose From, But Why?

So, currently there are 139 champions, soon to be 140, but why are there so many? Well, each champion has completely different play styles, abilities, base stats and looks. All of these champions sit into different categories for specific lanes. Yes, it may be true that you can play any champion in any lane, however, each champion is designed to fit certain roles and lanes.


Now, I previously mentioned that there are 5 roles, mostly named as Top, Jungle, Middle, ADC and Support. Each champion fits one role perfectly, and even some champions fit two or three roles very well, as a bonus. I’ll give you an example, this picture above is one of the splash arts of the champion ‘Nidalee.’ Her main role is a jungler, from her move set, but she can also play in mid lane and is sometimes used in top lane, thanks to her champion abilities. However, the extra roles she can play in are not as strong as other champions, so it is usually best to stick with champions that are strong in their specifically designed role. After a while, when you get extremely good with a champion, you can try them out in other lanes but that comes with experience.

What Are Their Differences?

With each champion comes a different play set. There are a lot of basic stats that will be different, but one thing you should know is if a champions power resides in Attack Damage (AD) or Ability Power (AP). This determines what items you should buy and runes you should choose. From before, Nidalee is an Ability Power champion that resides in the jungle role, and the champion in the picture further up (Kha’Zix), is focused on Attack Damage that also is best played in the jungle. While both of these champions are used mainly in the jungle, they each have different damage paths. This is from their abilities being different and their stats at the start of the game, as well as when it scales up while you level up in game.


Another thing to then take into account is whether you’re champion is melee or ranged, with their auto attacks. If it is ranged then you have a slight advantage, when getting damage off opponents or minions, but when you are extremely close to a champion then it is in favour of the melee champion. One last thing before we move on…In order to sometimes prevent taking as much damage, a champion is to build items in one of two categories. Magic Resist or Armour. Armour is used to prevent as much Attack Damage and magic resist is to prevent as much Ability Power damage.

Okay, So Who Should I Use/Main?

Well that all depends on multiple occurrences. First, it depends on your play style from previous MOBA games, and what you prefer. Each champion ranges in difficulties to play, but once you get the hang of one champion, you can then expand to see how they vary. Secondly, it depends whether you want to play for fun, or seriously and try to get into a high division/rank. If you are playing for fun then go with anyone. If you are going seriously, then look to see which champions are currently strong in the current meta. Learn them, their runes, scaling paths and item building. From there, it is then a lot of in game decisions that you’ll need to react to. Lastly (if this matters to you) the  look of a champion. TO ME, this doesn’t matter. I play for fun, and see which champions would be a laugh to play, however, I do have my go-to champions and characters that I do enjoy more from experience.


My main role is in the Jungle, but I don’t mind where I play, as long as I attempt to do my best. But in the jungle one character that I played for a long period was ‘Master Yi’ (as seen above), who is an Attack Damage jungler. Technically, he is classed as an assassin from his abilities, item builds and base/scaling stats. He is also one of the easier champions to understand so you can pick him up really quickly. After playing more games with the same champion, you start to understand who he is strong against and who he is weak against. With that in mind, you then adapt as to how to overcome different scenarios, in game, to try and win. The last reason why I enjoy playing as Yi is from how he looks in game. With every other MOBA game, there are ‘skins’ which are different looks for your champions (of course they cost so don’t bother doing it if you want to keep your money) that changes his look and can potentially change his voice in game, his particle effects and emotes.

Final Summary

So, now you know: champions are meant for different roles. You cant put any champion in any role, otherwise your teammates won’t be happy with you, plus you might end up losing a lot. Look into what champions you like the look of, go into bot games/custom games to further understand their kit. If it still interests you then, take him in game and start learning how to use that champion. Then go through the process again and again…and again. Or you can just learn a few and hope they don’t get banned.

That wraps up this blog, next time we’ll move onto in-game works. I’ll show you how the flow of games change as it gets longer from laning against your opponent to map objectives. Post any comments towards the blog and what you want done in the future regarding League blogs.

Until next time, keep on gaming


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