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Top 3 Anime To Watch On Netflix or Amazon

Hello everyone!

Second Base Knight here, and today I will be discussing my top 3 anime that you can watch on either Netflix or Amazon 2018 (so far). So, I know how the anime community can be very passionate about this topic, so remember these are my opinion. If you believe another should be on this list leave a comment below, on with the list (in no particular order).

Number 3 – Amazon – After the Rain

We start off this list, with a show that had made me feeling like that friend, who wants to support his friend’s choice, even though we know that it might not work out or shouldn’t; but because it makes our friend so happy, we support their decision. That feeling is “After The Rain” or “Koi wa Amegari no you ni”. The main protagonist is Akira Tachibana, a soft-spoken high school student, who is 17 years old. Akira used to be part of the track and field club, however, due to an injury, she is no longer able to run as fast as she used to. Now, she is working part-time at a family restaurant, where she inexplicably falls in love with her manager Kondou Masami, a divorced 45 years old man with a young son.


Yes, it is a big age gap, but Akira, with all her heart, embraces his mannerism and kind nature, which to his other staff comes across as weak and pathetic. Slowly, and little by little, these two characters begin a journey to understand one another. We see Akira, throughout the series struggles, try to explain why she is falling in love with Kondou but for her, she believes that you don’t need a concrete reason to love someone. One day she tells her manager how she feels. How will he react? This series shows how love can be complex and how love has no bounds or age gap, but what makes this series good is that it explores both sides, and how they feel for one another. So Amazon has 7 episodes online for streaming, and I can’t wait to see what happens later in the series.

Number 2 – Netflix – Violet Ever Garden

This series looks like a tech demo for animation. It’s like constantly eating your favourite dessert with your eyes. It is that good! There is a shot of the main character pressing one letter on a typewriter, and that one shot took a month. One month! That is the amount of detail that went into this series. I am worried about how I am going to watch any other series, after seeing the level of craftsmanship in this one anime. Now that’s out of the way. Netflix Violet Ever Garden follows “Violet Ever Garden” and her journey in becoming a doll. After Violet heard certain words on the battlefield, which she cannot forget (I love you), which were given to her by someone she holds dear, more than anyone else, she is lost due to her not knowing the meaning.


Not one to spoil the story, but there is a war and after 4 years, this girl who is formerly known as “The Weapon” has left the battlefield to start a new life, at a postal services building, where she is deeply moved by the work of “Auto Memories Dolls” who bring to life people’s thoughts and dreams and converts them into letters. This is due to the war, and not a lot of people knowing how to read or write. So, we watch Violet journey as an Auto Memories Doll, coming face to face with many people’s emotion and all forms of love, allowing her to help people and discover the meaning of the words “ I love you” The series at some points can be slow, but watching this character’s journey, in understanding what the words mean, is best described in one word – Sweet. If you are not interested in this period drama/fantasy. Watch it anyway for the animation, because it is brilliant.

Number One – Netflix – Devilman Crybaby

This is yet another Netflix show, however, this was all produced and made by Netflix. Based on the legendary manga of the same name “Devilman” we are given this treat. Be aware this series is one of the most important series ever created, since it influenced most of the anime we watch today, the most famous being “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. The story is about “Akira Fudo” who is informed by his best friend “Ryou Asuka” that demons will be revived and reclaim the world, which means for us humans we are all going to be demon food.


Due to humanity not standing a chance against the demons, best friend Ryou suggests fusing with a powerful demon. Thus Akira transforms into Devilman. Now with the power of a devil, and strangely enough the heart of a human, can anything stop him? That is Devilman in a nutshell. Netflix brings to life a new take on this series, with much more disturbing imagery and bold colours. The story is still similar to the manga, so fans don’t have to worry. For those who want action and a certain look to their anime, this is the one. Netflix doesn’t have the best history with anime, however, since they are going to be pumping more anime content in the following years, it is refreshing to know that 2018 has them on the right foot.

This was my Top 3 anime on Amazon and Netflix, that I believe you should check out. Hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a like and follow Feather Charm and our team for more film and gaming news.

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This is Second Base Knight.

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