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League Of Legends – In Game 102

Learning The Simplicities

Hello all! It’s LL, back again to teach you more about League of Legends. Following on from the last two weeks, I will be continuing with in-game mechanics and I’ll start to go in-depth with early game mechanics, and pushing onwards into mid and late game.


Without further ado, let’s start.

Right I’m In My Lane, What Is My Objective?

Okay so, your main objectives are to alway kill your opponents, and at the same time not die while you do. It mainly comes down to your poke potential, and your timing as to when to go for killing blows. If you play too aggressive, you can end up overextending and giving your opponent the kill, but if you play too passive you can end up losing out on your CS score (minion kills). Not only do you have to play around your lane, but you have to play around your teammates as well.


As a jungler, it is important to help out any lanes that your teammates are losing, so that they can catch up. Plus, the bonus from making a successful gank is that it gives your teammates, as well as yourself, extra gold by killing their opponents. From killing them you can then push the lane towards your opponents tower, to potentially take it out as well. Therefore ganks and kills, give you a bigger gold advantage. If you can’t get the tower then you can maybe get an extra objective, such as Dragon (if you are bot side), or Rift Herald/Baron (if you are top side). It is all dependent on the timing, it is KEY to taking advantage of situations.

I’ll place you in a quick scenario. You are the top laner, your lane is being pushed by your opposing lane match up and your opponent is still in the lane pushing to your tower. You see on your map that your jungler is nearby and wants to gank your lane. What you should let happen is allow your jungler to engage first and you follow soon after to apply pressure. If you end up getting the kill, then you and your jungler should then counter push the lane, so your opponents miss out on CS gold. The only thing you should worry about, as you are low on health, is if the enemy jungler comes to your lane. That’s when you need to decide if you want to stay to keep pushing, or leave it to the jungler so you can back to base safely.

So Now I Have Dominated My Lane, What Should I Do?

So here is the best part, if you are dominating your lane opponents and have taken the first tower in your lane, you should then look at your teammates and see what options are available. Are your teammates losing or winning their lane? Can you potentially gank that lane to get extra kills? Or are there any objectives on the map you can obtain? Once you are ahead in your lane it is important to stay ahead. The term I’ve heard of is ‘snowball’. It effectively means that if you get ahead and keep gaining kills and more gold in game, then you will be so far ahead of your opponents that its just hard for them to fight against you.


Again allow me to place you into a scenario. You’re the ADC of bot lane and you’ve majorly lost your lane. The opposing ADC is 6/0/0 and you are 0/6/0, meaning you’ve let the opponent snowball. The most important thing to do, is to keep your distance and wait, for your teammates to come along to help you kill the opponent, because you are too weak to take them on. You now have your top laner and jungler with you, as well as your support. If anything, they should engage, if it is just the opposing ADC and Support as they are outnumbered. Again, still keep your distance but try and get some damage off, to help your team and prevent your opponent from getting any kills. If it is successful, then you can take a few objectives, but sometimes you can lose teammates, and then have to decide whether to gain some more CS, or just back and reset, and reevaluate your next moves.

Okay So What Happens After Early Game?

Well Mid Game is a lot of decision making. This is when the junglers should be choosing where to gank, when they should decide to take the big objectives (Dragon, Rift Herald, Baron), the lanes should be deciding about when to push lanes to take towers and when to let lanes be pushed in to gain more CS for a lot of gold. From here you see where individual champions will progress further, and item builds will really make the difference in team fights. Mid game, is when teams will start grouping up to take towers and push lanes or protect lanes. And in group fights there needs to be a lot of co-ordination, when it comes to focusing on who should be killed first, to prevent less deaths on your team.


If you are the tank in team fights, usually you need to be on the front line to take all the damage, so that you take all the aggro and your damage dealers can be safe in team fights. If you are an assassin that usually means you have to sneak into the back line and try to assassinate the damage dealers quickly. If you are the ADC, you always, and I mean ALWAYS, have to stay in the back line. Why? Well ADC’s are squishy characters that have little health and can be eliminated easily. As the Support (as it says in the title) you must make sure your damage dealers are kept safe, and make sure there is enough distance kept between them and their opponents, so that your ADC/Top/Mid laner can survive without taking a lot of damage or dying.

Final Summary

Well from my given scenarios you have a basis on when and how you should take objectives, as well as knowing what you should do in your role in a team fight. You have to make sure your decisions are made quickly and take advantage of situations that you know will allow you to get ahead of your opponents.

That wraps up this blog, next time we’ll be sticking with in-game works and move onto late game and how one slip up can change you from winning a game to losing a game. As well as this I will talk about the importance of your build in late game and why you should know the items so well. Post any comments towards the blog and what you want done in the future regarding League blogs.

Until next time, keep on gaming


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