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Feather’s Stories – The Long Road Ahead

Hello Everyone!

I’ve got another snippet of a story for you! This time, it’s like a story about two friends, who are off to battle, and it’s almost killing one of them to go to war. It’s different to what I usually write…maybe. Basically, instead of having a female character directly involved, it’s about two men, who are discussing the life choices of one of them. Maybe one day I’ll write a scene that doesn’t involve a woman, but hey, what’s the world without them!

So, I call this one…

The Long Road Ahead

It sort of makes sense, because you can see they have a long way to go, to get to this war, and the two men have a decision to make that could make for a very interesting story.

Lush green hills surrounded the soldiers as they marched further away from the city. The sharp clang of metal a stark contrast to the peaceful valley. Doldrien paused, turning back to see the castle’s spires almost shrouded in fog. Gone were the days where he’d train with his brothers beneath the watchful eyes of those towers. Now he was all that was left of that memory.

“Keep moving,” Callen urged. A good friend and fellow soldier, Callen was Doldrien’s strength. When he’d lost his brothers, he had helped him grieve. Callen never asked for anything, and silently kept watch as Doldrien withdrew from the world, almost becoming an empty shell of a man, until Callen slapped some sense into him, literally.

Doldrien sighed, “There’s no going back, huh?”

Callen cast a sidelong glance at his friend, as he kept pace with him, “There’s nothing to go back to.”

“Perhaps not for you,” came the cryptic reply.

There was a hard glint to Callen’s crystal clear blue eyes, “If we do return, alive, I cannot guarantee anything would be the same.” He turned to Doldrien, forcing his companion to return his gaze, “Adriana may not be as faithful as you believe.”

Sighing again, the soldier looked away, uncomfortable with the intensity in those eyes, “You know nothing, my friend.”

“Really? Then please, enlighten me?” Callen scoffed, returning his attention to the marching group ahead.

Doldrien hesitated. There were some secrets best left unsaid, otherwise the wrong decision could be made, but he wondered if he hadn’t already made it. Jaw tense, and eyes turning cold, he replied, “She is with child.”

This took Callen by surprise, and he halted his horse to simply stare at his friend, who had stopped with him, “You jest, surely.” Doldrien didn’t say anything, nor did he do anything. Under the scrutiny of his friend’s gaze, he knew he could not lie to him, “Your wife is with child, and you choose to leave them like this?” Callen shook his head, trying to comprehend the situation, “What were you thinking!”

Looking around, to ensure no one else was listening, Doldrien hissed, “I had no choice.” Once again, he searched their surroundings, before pulling his horse closer to Callen, “He threatened me. He threatened her. I could not disobey when our own king holds my family at ransom.”

Eyes wide with shock, and disbelief, Callen backed away, “You speak of treason Doldrien. I suggest you tread lightly.”

Hurt and sadness flashed across Doldrien’s honey coloured eyes as he spoke, “I would not lie to you my friend.”

Alright! I can’t wait to see what you guys make of this one! If you do create a story out of this, please send them to us! Either link us below, or send us an email! We’d love to read your creations. Well, that’s it for now. Leave your tips in the jar below, and we’ll see you next time!

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This is Feather, signing out!

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