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Distraction And Me

Hello Everyone!

So, over the last two years, I’ve been sporadic with my blog activity. There are points in the year where I’m more consistent; other times, I haven’t been as active and sometimes, I’m on hiatus. Last year, getting back into blogging wasn’t so much of a struggle, I had the motivation and the drive. This year, however, it’s been a little more difficult. Not only do I have to contend with my regular hours at work, and my projects, but lately I’ve been too comfortable to even attempt to write anything. The cause of this?


Lately, I have been highly distracted by everything else around me, I’ve lost my motivation to do anything. That’s why, I have a few tips on how to battle being distracted. Now, while I’m writing this post, I know I may not keep to some of them, but that’s only natural. I’m only human, after all. Hopefully, one day, I can fully concentrate on this blog, without the distractions and without the need to feel so lost and unmotivated.

So, here we go! Here are my five tips on how to reduce distractions in the environment around you.

1. Limit Yourself

This one’s been said and done before. If you limit the amount of games, TV shows, music, films and other forms of entertainment around you, then maybe your focus can return to your work. I know that if I’m in a quiet room, I don’t have access to the Internet, or my phone, I would easily concentrate on my work.


I know that, working on my laptop, I have access to many forms of distraction. The internet is one swipe away, and I’ll be able to watch YouTube, or catch up on Supernatural, and the post I’ll be working on will be left forgotten. If I deprive myself of that source of distraction, I know I can get more things done, and if I leave my phone in the other room, who knows what else I might achieve.

2. List Out Everything

I picked this up from work. Break down what you need to do for that project, or task, and it won’t seem like a mountain of work. So, say for example, you decide to reorganise your wardrobe (sometimes it takes a lot of thought), you’ll need to start somewhere. That’s where listing things down will come in handy.


Decide where you want to start, and then work your way up to the main bits. This goes for everything else. Just because you decided to do something, doesn’t mean it’s easy finding the starting point. Sometimes you have to take a closer look before diving head first.

3. Comfort Is Key

When you want to concentrate on something, comfort is key. I don’t mean have fluffy pillows and blankets all around you. Nor am I saying you need to sit on a cold hard floor, to be able to work. While either extreme will work for some people, it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Sometimes, you need a balance of both.


Find a place to sit (or stand, if your project requires you to stand), make it as comfortable as you can make it, and then add a little bit of discomfort. So, if you’re sitting on your bed, make it so clean you don’t want to disturb it. If you’re sitting on a chair, have a few pillows on the seat and behind you; if your project takes a while to complete, chances are, the chair will start to get uncomfortable (no matter how comfortable it is).

4. If You Wander, Take A Break

I am a dreamer. I like daydreaming and imagining up different stories and places I could be. I love fantasy, and all things adventurous. So, when I have no motivation to do anything, I simply sit in my bedroom, look out the window, and daydream about going on grand quests, slaying dragons, falling in love with a king, and leading an army into battle. Sometimes, I can daydream for hours, and in the end nothing would get done.


In these situations, it’s best to simply pause. Close your eyes and breathe. Return your focus to what you were doing. It’s a pain, yes, and you’d much prefer to daydream, but if the project is important, there isn’t much time for that. So, just take a few moments to re-centre yourself. Remind yourself about what you’re doing, and hopefully a little bit of that motivation you lost, will come back to you.

5. Change The Environment

I’ve left this one for last, because it’s actually a good way to get rid of distractions. While everyone has a place they’d prefer to be, when studying or working, sometimes the environment itself can be distracting. I remember being in my mom’s office, as a child, and studying there for my exams. I could concentrate, because it was a stark and minimalistic room. There was a large desk, an office chair, a filing cabinet and a couch. Nothing more. However, my concentration wouldn’t last long, and I’d start daydreaming again.


Now, it’s a different story. I work in many different places, and if I’m feeling a little too distracted at home, I leave the house. Yes, it’s a pain to get up, get dressed and organise my things. What with all my notebooks, laptops and pens, I have to carry a large and heavy bag around (ah yes, those memories of school come rushing back), but it is well worth the discomfort. A change of scenery and a change of pace is one of the best ways to rid yourselves of distractions. Go to a café and order a coffee, or go to your local library and spend an hour there. It’s up to you. Changing the environment you work from can help with decluttering your mind.

Well that’s all the tips I have for now. It’s your turn. What are your tips on handling distractions? Have any of these tips helped? Which one worked for you the best? Leave your tips in the jar below, and we’ll see you soon!

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