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A New Breed Of Alien

Hello, everyone, it’s SecondBaseKnight, here to bring you an idea for a film.

In fact, this is a message for 20th-century fox and Ridley Scott. I believe that it is safe to say that SBK has seen a lot of films; I know this because I recently went through a list of Empire’s top 100 films and scored 97, to my surprise I have always been a big film maniac but even I was shocked. So when I asked myself what my favourite film of all time was, I couldn’t find the answer, however, if I were to have a top 10, then Alien and Aliens would be in it. I am a massive fan of the Alien universe, so it pains me to see the way that it is heading now. In my opinion, there are worse films than good films in the franchise. So I’ve thought of an idea for the next one, one that would probably help the franchise.

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When we focus on the story, we have an Sci-Fi/Horror film, revolving around an alien, or to be put simply, “Jaws in space”. So, with the first Alien film, which was released in 1979, we are introduced to this creature. We learn it is an insect-like creature and it has acid for blood, and takes on the features of whatever the host was, this is why in Alien 3 we have the runner alien, because the face hugger attached it’s self to the dog (poor thing). It was only in Aliens did we discover there was a much bigger version of the xenomorph – The Queen, like an ant colony. The xenomorph operates to serve this one queen. To some of the fans, this was a complete turn-off, due to the fact, they were taking away elements that made the xenomorph frightening. To me this was a step in the right direction, as it allows us to learn, and even study, what the behaviours of these creatures are like, and why they do what they do.

Future In Comics?

That is correct, Alien and Predator had their own series, which was published by Dark Horse Comics, in the late 90s with moderate to massive success. Some stories in the comic series are so good, that Sci-Fi/Horror fans claim it to be some of the best stories written. However, only two come to mind, with the directions that Alien Covenant took. I believe this would be the perfect time to bring these elements into the big screen. Since some of the stories have only four issues, we would have to combine two of them, but, if done right, they will be a match made in heaven. So SPOILERS WARNING. David has taken over the ship and we see him flying it to its original destination. In the film, we discover that he created the first xenomorph. With that in mind, we have one option and that is to make David the main villain, and to jump into the future. Since David is an android, this can play well, due to one of the twists in the comic story.

alien stronghold cover


The two comics that the film script should be focused on are: Alien Labyrinth and Alien Stronghold. Ok, so Stronghold was written and drawn by John Arcudi, the same person that gave us Hellboy. The story is about a married couple that are technicians, summoned to help a lone scientist and a group of synthetics, in a hidden base that is working on a way to eliminate the xenomorph with bio weapons. Later, however, we discover is that the scientist is in all kinds of shady deals, but what sells the story is two characters, one is called Jerri, who is a synthetic that looks exactly like a xenomorph, and Dean, who is a synthetic that is made to protect the scientist, and to also kill all xenomorphs; so imagine this machine is Arnold from Commando, while Jerri is like Starlord from Guardians. So we have one that looks like a monster, and the other kills monsters. It is a perfect match. This is where we can have comedic moments in the film, but the reason why this comic would be perfect is that it explores the human-like qualities of the synthetics and the 3 laws of robotics. We can use this to learn more about David and his take on the 3 laws and who wouldn’t want to see, a talking alien, with a cigar in his mouth.



The second comic they can use is alien Labyrinth. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a horror show, not because of what characters do, but what happens to them. The story is about a high-ranking army officer, going on a mission to discover what is happening in a secret army base. What he discovers is that there is a mad scientist, who runs tests on xenomorphs behaviour and biology. The officer has to make some extreme decisions, and has to figure out if the scientist is a genius or insane. The A plot of the story is interesting enough, but it is when we discover the origins of the scientist that story becomes a horror show. It’s almost as if we are entering hell; we see what extremes xenomorphs are willing to go to, to save their nests. Some of the disturbing images we have seen are thanks to this comic; the pregnant woman in Alien Vs. Predator Requiem was thanks to this comic. This comic shows the brutality of the alien’s species makes it even uncomfortable.

Alien-Covenant concept art


So with those two stories we can begin to blend this concept, by perhaps having David become a scientist who lies about what happened to his crew, which allows him to live 100 of years, thus giving him enough time to study, and even breed the perfect alien (aka the alien we know). This can introduce us to Jerri and Dean who will work with David. The conflict could be that in this space station, 30 or more people have gone missing, causing the company to send in a crew to see what is going on, allowing David to study the behavior of the xenomorph when ill. This leads into the maze and labyrinth section of the story. Some crew members (Married tech couple) escape thanks to Jerri, leading them into the final fight with David. Just for fun throw in an alien queen, making it a 2 vs. 4, i.e. David and The Queen vs. Jerri, Dean and the couple. Dean with two pulse rifles fighting a queen and Jerri stabbing wherever, in order to help the couple escape.

Alien Rebirth

Not the best title, but since we are starting a new chapter, which could link with the first Alien movie, I believe this can bring new life and introduce fans and horror lovers to new characters. 20th-Century Fox would make so much money on the Jerri and Dean dynamic alone, I’m surprised that they haven’t done it yet. This is what I would make, as a filmmaker. Anyway I hope you enjoy this Alien concept. What would you make?

Have a wonderful day, and keep filming.

P.S – Please don’t go putting your head into strange egg-shaped things.

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