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When Is The Next Full Moon!

Werewolves, where are you?

werewolf concept art


Hello everyone, it’s SecondBaseKnight here, with another film post. Since so many people enjoyed the concept of a “New Film Idea” of the Alien franchise, I thought I would make another one, but this time, with a movie monster that seems to have been forgotten, even though it helped many filmmakers get to where they are today. The creature we will be talking about in this post is the famous werewolf. So if you like this post, please leave a like and perhaps follow Feather Charm on all social media, to keep up to date with all the latest news, now on with the post.

The Good Old 80 And 90s

Now for me, some of the greatest werewolf films, were made in the 80s and 90s, perhaps one in the early 2000s. However, even with these successful movies, they seem to have completely disappeared. In all honesty the movie monsters have slowly been forgotten, this could be due to the poor sales in the box office, with films such as the fourth in the “Underworld” franchise or “The Mummy” not the 1999 version but the recent 2017, which was meant to be a gateway to the universal monster universe. Unfortunately, for some reason studios cannot make a trilogy anymore, they have to make a universe, this is all due to the massive success of Marvel (thanks guys!).

80s and 90s pic


So how can we fix this issue? Simple, go back to its source and make it a horror film. You see, it seems that audiences have forgotten what a werewolf is. A werewolf, or as they’re occasionally called  lycanthrope, is a monster, which gives a human the ability to shape-shift into a wolf, either purposefully or because they’re under a curse. So we have a creature, which is human in shape, but with features of a wolf, that includes razor sharp claws and teeth. So imagine this monster coming towards you, with glowing yellow eyes, drooling because it’s hungry, it is taller, faster and stronger than you. What makes this monster scarier is that your death would be brutal, unlike the vampires that would bite you and suck your blood; the werewolf would rip off your head.

It’s A Full Moon

Looking at some of my favorite werewolf movies, they all focus on one concept, either the horrific nature of the creature, or its comedic potential. Let’s start with the comedy. The way these films use it is by mocking the creature, due to the fact it has features similar to a dog. The horror aspect is completely different. They play with ideas of becoming one with nature and giving into your animalistic desires. A perfect example is “An American Werewolf in London” (1981), which combines dark humour and horror (body horror). Director John Landis wanted to create a grittier werewolf film, which in fact, to some people’s beliefs, consider this the greatest werewolf film of all time. It even won best make-up and hairstyling (Rick Baker)! The film is about two American friends, who go back-packing across England, and are attacked by a werewolf. One is killed, and other is infected with the wolf curse. Now haunted by the death of his friend, and all the other victims, this man must come to terms with the monster he is, or take his own life to break the curse.



When I first watched it, I was terrified, because of the pain he went through when transforming, but I also rooted for him, because whenever the werewolf was on the screen, it was very exciting to watch. Another werewolf film, which is by far one of the most underrated movies, is “Bad Moon” (1996), which is about a single mother and her young son, and a dog. When looking at this film you might think it’s a fairy tale, but I promise you in the first 10 to 20 minutes, we have explicit sex scenes, but what is most disturbing is that we see a bunch of people in a camp, getting their limbs torn, piece by piece, by a werewolf.  Finally, one of my favorite films, is “Dog Soldiers” (2002). This film was made for boys, and hard-core action fans. Imagine a film with multiple werewolves, and a group of soldiers fighting them. Come to think of it, it’s like Aliens but with wolves. If someone ever asked me for an opinion, on the best-looking practical effects or full-body werewolf suits used in a feature-length film, I’d choose “Dog Soldiers” and “An American Werewolf in London”. Although this isn’t exactly a character-driven tale, it is fun and your eyes are always drawn to the screen.

New Retro Filmmaking

We know that there is a good history of werewolf film, but how can we, one: get butts in seats, two: make werewolves a creature that people won’t forget. My suggestion is post-apocalypse worlds, where a strange infection starts spreading through dogs, then is transferred to humans. This could create a setting where humans have to hunt for food, without being the hunted. So, the beginning could involve a strange new infection that made dogs act more aggressively with humans, and they began to get bigger. The government begins eliminating as many infected dogs as possible, but it is too late, once the first humans are infected, they begin to be seen as werewolves ripping people apart, causing all humans to stay underground and adapt.

werewold gif 2.gif


We follow two groups, one could be a father and his son, while the other is a squad of elite soldiers, with the mission to look for survivors. Their paths will cross, however, can this father and son be trusted, and most importantly how did they survive with these monsters so close by? This adds tension, and even some thriller ideas to the film, because like a zombie film, we watch these characters survive. However, if we make it as if humans have been trying to survive for a while, then it adds more to the werewolf film, this is because we can explore all the werewolf tropes. As for action, we can have werewolves running and hunting and the soldiers using silver bullets and other weapons to hold the monsters backs. I call it “Silver” (working title of course).

This was my take on adapting werewolf movies. What would you do differently, if you could see a new werewolf film, what would it be like? This was SecondBaseKnight, telling you to keep filming.

Good night… What a lovely moon.

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