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Let’s Cross Over To The Other Side

Hello Everyone!

Forgive me for the blackout, I’ve been very busy lately, thanks to the increase in hours at work, the pickup of the short film project with No Input, and a few requests, from my friends and family, to crochet for them a few items. So, my first post back from this blackout, is about that film project I just mentioned.

Alright, here’s the gist of it. I’m the co-producer of the film, and we’re well underway to raising a few thousand pounds, so that we can actually film this bad-boy. The reason I’m writing this post in the first place is because we need as many of you guys to help us out, but first, here’s a little more detail about us and the project!

Don’t Be So Grim

As some of you from my Facebook page already know, I’m working on a short film, with a very good friend of mine, called…

Crossing Over

It’s literally like five minutes long, and it’s a conversation a poor, sad, little fellow has between himself and the Grim Reaper. That’s right, he’s looking Death in the face, and isn’t happy about it. So, the name of our sad, little man is Adam. He’s your average guy, who wants to get a head start in life, but doesn’t have the means for it, so he tries to take the shortcut…by taking drugs. Of course, he overdoses, and unfortunately no longer has time to regret his decision, for who comes knocking at his doorstep, but the Grim Reaper himself.

The conversation moves along, as you might expect it, the Reaper rears his ugly head, raises his scythe and is overall generally terrifying, until Adam notices something strange about him. I won’t give away what’s so strange about the Reaper, you’ll have to find that out when we make this film.

Whose Faces Are Behind This Film?

Well, now you know the plot, here’s the more technical side of things. Of course, I am the Co-Producer, so that means I’m helping organise, arrange and set up this film, for the next round of film festivals, and for the No Input brand (which we haven’t actually made up properly, but hopefully with this film, we will).

So far, I’ve helped set up a Promo Book, which will have all the details you’ll need, to know about the film. I’ve also helped cast the film, so we now have our actors standing by, until we can tell them the date and time of the shoot, but my work doesn’t stop there. I’ll also help out with the production, as the continuity director, and as 1stAD (meaning Assistant Director – again my job is mostly to maintain a sense of organisation and peace).

Next, we have our Executive Producer, Simon Pires. He is the brains behind all of this. Simon has participated in a number of different film projects, such as Men Can’t Fly, Voyeursand The Power Of One Coin (you’ve already read his post on this film, after all he is SecondBaseKnight). He’s our head honcho, and is the man I am working closely with, when it comes to this film.

He will also be the director, so basically the success of Crossing Overwill rest on his shoulders. It is his vision that you will see on the big screen, and I can’t wait to see it too. After discussing the film over and over again, I have a fairly good picture in my head, but that will be nothing compared to what he can achieve on camera.

Our Associate Producer, Yoana Nesheva, comes next. She is one of the newest members on the team, and is a rather busy cookie herself. Yoana has been both runner and producer in many student films, and other short independent films, in Lancaster. She’s also an avid gaming fan, so expect a Twitch account in her name soon!

On Crossing Over, Yoana has been helping us create the necessary documents we need in order to make this film as authentic as possible, so there won’t be anyone to complain about whether the plot and other creative rights are our own or not. She has also helped us get the word out, by managing the film’s Twitter account!

The composer for this film is none other than Anselmo Mancini. He’s still studying at university, but not for a bachelor degree. No. He’s working on his PhD! Anselmo has been accumulating his own experience to create a unique and modern sound. So watch out for his name in film scores and some independent EPs!

Mostly working with the digital side of music, Anselmo has combined both the modern electronic sound of technology and the classical elements of an orchestra, to create the soundtrack to our film. Of course, it’s not quite fine-tuned yet, but once we get the film edited, his musical skills will definitely shine.

As an art director, of course, we’ll need an artist. Working on our concept of the film, is Nicholas Georgievski. He’s still a university student, but surprisingly has time to help us even with his busy schedule. Nicholas has not only helped us with the theme and look of the film, he has helped us create the whole atmosphere for it. So, the logo, the storyboard and even our promotion video has been made by him!

Nicholas has worked in a number of fields in the creative industry. He has worked with graphics design programs, photography, and even film itself. So, if you keep an eye out for him, you’ll definitely see some high quality work!

It’s Time For The Hard Part

So, now that you know our faces, it’s about that time I sit you down and talk about the most boring thing in the world…


Now don’t worry, I’m not asking you to pay up now. All I’m asking you to do is to check out our Indiegogo campaign. Take a look at the Promo Book, that’s linked below, and see if you like the look of the film, or at least like the idea behind it.

Promo Book

So far, we’ve raised £378.

Our goal is £3000.

Basically, we’ve raised 13% of our goal. Not too bad, when you think that we’ve only had the campaign up for the last 10 days, but it isn’t enough. If anything, we’d love to raise the £3000 and more, if possible, but we understand that things are looking tight for a lot of people (I know my wallet’s been mined dry for the last few months).

So, we’re not asking you to donate outright. What we are asking you to do, is to like, share and follow our social media pages. That means our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. You’ll find links to them on our Indiegogo campaign, and in the Promo Book. If you can donate, we would very much appreciate it. If not, why not get your family and friends to take a look at it, and hopefully get them to donate! Every penny raised, won’t go to waste, and I promise you, you’ll see the fruits of our labours (and yours) come to full bloom, when the film is released.

Well, what are you waiting for! Get to clicking!

Don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow for more content like this!

This is Feather, signing out!

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