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Feather’s Charm Is Going On Hiatus!

Hello Everyone! We’re very sorry to have to say this, but Feather and all her friends, Fenwick, LL, Sugar Daddy, and Orrie are all going on hiatus. There are many reasons Feather has decided to take a break, and one of them is because she’s become so busy, it’s difficult for her to track all… Continue reading Feather’s Charm Is Going On Hiatus!

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Questions in the Air 2

Good after evening and welcome to the second part of this unnecessary question time that no one asked for. Hurrah! Some of the later questions were also interesting so I'll try to keep my answers a bit more concise that I may be able to get through them all in this second sitting, lest there… Continue reading Questions in the Air 2

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Must-See Movies: Star Wars Rogue One

Welcome To The Review! Welcome back to another review from myself, LL! This week has been very hectic for myself and I have struggled to find the time to watch any of the latest cinema releases so we are doing another move must see! This ones a little more recent but I decided that it’s… Continue reading Must-See Movies: Star Wars Rogue One

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Feather’s Games: PS1 Games Remade?

Hello everyone, it's Sugar Daddy here! I'll be giving you my thoughts on the gaming industry, especially on re-mastered games, today. With the wild success of Crash Bandicoot, it's safe to say that it was a fun game, and it was incredibly hard. However, there are other games that I would love to see remade… Continue reading Feather’s Games: PS1 Games Remade?

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Guest Post: Emotions and Realms

Hello Everyone! Today's post isn't one from me this time, as you probably guessed by now. This one is created by Orrie! Yes, Orrie has come back to play! So, what has he created for you? Read on and you'll find out! Hello all! After yet another terrible 24 hours of ‘that Monday feeling’ what… Continue reading Guest Post: Emotions and Realms

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Feather’s Stories: Early Drafts

Hello Everyone! Today’s post is another story one. This one is one I wrote a while ago. It was actually one of the first few drafts of the novel I’m currently working on. I thought that the story would move in this direction, at the time, but as I kept writing it, I kept hitting… Continue reading Feather’s Stories: Early Drafts

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Questions in the Air

Good after evening, and welcome to I still haven't got anything worth writing about. So I thought I'd find a nice long Q&A to entertain you with my opinions. Without further ado, let's go: 1. Do you play an/several instrument(s)? If so, what instrument(s)? I'm sure I've answered this before but here's the list of… Continue reading Questions in the Air