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Distraction And Me

Hello Everyone! So, over the last two years, I’ve been sporadic with my blog activity. There are points in the year where I’m more consistent; other times, I haven’t been as active and sometimes, I’m on hiatus. Last year, getting back into blogging wasn’t so much of a struggle, I had the motivation and the… Continue reading Distraction And Me

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Feather’s Stories – The Long Road Ahead

Hello Everyone! I've got another snippet of a story for you! This time, it's like a story about two friends, who are off to battle, and it's almost killing one of them to go to war. It's different to what I usually write...maybe. Basically, instead of having a female character directly involved, it's about two… Continue reading Feather’s Stories – The Long Road Ahead

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Annihilation Review

Hello, Secondbaseknight here! It's time for me to give you my review on Netflix's Annihilation. So, before we start this post please leave a like and follow Feather Charm on all our social media, to support what we do, anyway on with the review. More Questions Than Answers? Annihilation. From the writer and director of… Continue reading Annihilation Review

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Feather’s Stories: The Quiet Before The Storm

Hello Everyone! Today’s post is yet another script, since my crochet and knitting projects have been put on hold. This one stems from a Beauty and the Beast plotline I found, in one of the fanfictions I’ve read, and a few other places. It’s quick and simple, but I like the subtlety in this relationship.… Continue reading Feather’s Stories: The Quiet Before The Storm

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Feather’s Music: Development And Progression

Happy Friday music nerds! I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of freedom, for the next 48 hours! Welcome to ‘Part II’ of my little series that I put together, to show you how I like to add contrast in a piece, and some of the different ways I usually develop my themes. Since part one,… Continue reading Feather’s Music: Development And Progression

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League Of Legends – In Game 102

Learning The Simplicities Hello all! It's LL, back again to teach you more about League of Legends. Following on from the last two weeks, I will be continuing with in-game mechanics and I'll start to go in-depth with early game mechanics, and pushing onwards into mid and late game. Source Without further ado, let's start.… Continue reading League Of Legends – In Game 102

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Feather’s Stories: A World Apart

Hello Everyone! I've not been up to much crochet projects recently, since I've been busy at work, so I've decided to grace you with another story. This one isn't a script, but a beginning of what could be a good side project, once I'm done with my knitting ones. So far, it's just a snippet… Continue reading Feather’s Stories: A World Apart